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Aug, 2017

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I am a mother of 3 boys of age 2,19 and 21.They are all into the latest technology and even my 2 year old is pretty good on a computer.I also have a daughter in law and she is about to be a new mum in about a month time.
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Gaming headset for Pc,Xbox and PS4

31 Oct, 2019
This headset is for Pc,Xbox and PS4.It has a really good sound with volume control on the cable.The design and colour is nice and has a mic on the headset.The cable is quite long so you don't have... read more »

beautiful solar light for outdoors

19 May, 2019
At first I didn't think this lantern worked as I had it outside for a few days and it didn't light up at all then I realised that you had to open it and switch it on.The time I bought it,it wa... read more »

educational toy egg set

19 May, 2019
These are well made and in a lovely strong egg box.My son really loves this set and it helps with his co-ordination and learning.There are 12 eggs in the set and they have different shapes and colours... read more »

3 x fabric storage boxes

19 May, 2019
These are really well made and a good size but I don't understand how to put the middle section in and there is no instructions.I personally don't want to divide the box so I was happy to not... read more »

Colourful backpack

31 Aug, 2018
Lovely colourful backpack and very well made.I used it yesterday for the 1st time and has lots of compartments.Also has front pocket which is very handy.Will be useful for all ages from about 3/4 upwa... read more »

Toilet training bed protecter

29 Jul, 2018
Very useful mat for when you are toilet training your child during the night.can be washed and used again and again.A good size too. read more »

Computer swivel gaming chair

29 Jul, 2018
Very comfortable chair and has mesh at the back which can keep you cool on your back whilst you are sitting in front of your desk.Also has a headrest and arm rests.very strong chair and easy to f... read more »

22 piece ice cream toy set

29 Jul, 2018
Sweet little ice cream set which my son loves.the 2 tiers are a little bit unsteady but my son really loves this toy and plays with it for ages.It comes with stickers to go on the lollies. read more »

Pruning cutters for the garden

03 Apr, 2018
My mum received these today and she told me that they were hard to open at first but once open they are very sharp and cut the branches really well. read more »

Mobile/tablet stand

27 Mar, 2018
This is a great stand for your mobile or tablet but i think only the small tablet.7/8 inch size, any bigger then i think it would tip to one side.I personally use it for my mobile sometimes horizontal... read more »

15 a4 size plastic wallets for papers,magazines etc

13 Feb, 2018
Disappointed in the quality of these.poundshop quality, too expensive for what they are.definately not worth the money. read more »

play fishing set

21 Dec, 2017
lovely fishing bath set for a young child.its a little tricky to pick up the fish but fun to do so even i have fun.It  Contains 3 cute fish, 1 octopus, 1 duck, 1 whale, 1 fishing rod a... read more »

12 piece skittles set

21 Dec, 2017
i have given this a 2 star because the skittles are too lightweight and keep falling needs a hard floor to stand on and not a carpet.i have to lean them against something large for t... read more »

42 piece hair styling accessories

21 Dec, 2017
this set has 42 pieces in it.i have shoulder length hair (bob) and my daughter in law has hair to her waist.we will be sharing this contains: 1.Black rubber band *10 2.Black bangs paste *2 3... read more »

bath brush and sponge

08 Dec, 2017
This is a set of 2 which contains a bath brush and sponge.The sponge is brilliant for lathering up your shower gel or soap in the bath or shower.The brush is well made and has a round brush on a woode... read more »

food grade silicone non stick dishwashing brush

08 Dec, 2017
this comes as a set of 3 and lovely colours.They are pink,blue and green and well made.They are fantastic for cleaning the dishes and very hygienic.I even wash them now and again in the dishwasher and... read more »


08 Dec, 2017
At first I found it quite hard to play but grasped it quite quickly.Its well made and comes in a nice case. read more »

ear warmer

08 Dec, 2017
I would say the ear warmers are more for a small child up to a teenager.It fits my 2 year old son perfectly and me just about when fully stretched.They are warm but quite tight fitting.Wish they were... read more »

4 line cube puzzle

19 Nov, 2017
First time i've seen a 4 row cube puzzle and I love the colours which are bright yellow,blue,green,orange,white and red.Its not easy to complete the whole cube but keeps you entertained for hours.... read more »

shizak silicone dish scrubber

17 Nov, 2017
I love these silicone dish brushes.They are so hygenic and have thrown away all my other type of sponge cleaners.They can be used for cleaning dishes,cleaniong worktops,scrubbing vegetables like carro... read more »

smallest wireless headphones with mic

17 Nov, 2017
The bluetooth wireless headphones are so small they fit inside your ear.Nobody can see whether you are wearing them unless you hair is short and your ear is fully visible.You can connect to 1 or 2 sma... read more »

waterproof wireless bluetooth speakers

17 Nov, 2017
These speakers are quite small and the sound is not too loud even on the highest volume but enough to hear properly.They are waterproof and has a built in charger.It will give you about 5 to 8 hours o... read more »

soft cotton guitar strap

17 Nov, 2017
This is well made and is made of soft cotton.Its 5cm wide and has an adjustable length from 95 to 153 cm.Both ends are made of leather.Its comfortable on your shoulder and no digging in.One... read more »

cordless power cleaning scrubber set

17 Nov, 2017
The cleaning set comes with 5 attachments which can be used all around the home,in the garden,bbq or for the car/caravan/van comes with an extension handle which is handy for reaching places wh... read more »

cordless handheld car polisher/waxing and buffing

17 Nov, 2017
This set comes with 3 accessories,one for polishing,one for waxing and the other for buffing.It takes about 3 and half hours to charge and should give you enough time to clean the car which is about 6... read more »

multi powered cleaning scrubber

17 Nov, 2017
I love this set its brilliant it takes less time in cleaning and enables you to do a fabulous job in minutes.It comes with 8 interchangeable brushes and is waterproof.It also comes with a rechargeable... read more »

Mechanical gaming keyboard

14 Nov, 2017
I cant write a review about this keyboard as i cancelled my order due to the keyboard not having numbers on the side which im use to. read more »

Large gaming mat

14 Nov, 2017
The mat is quite large in size and is brilliant quality.It has a non slip rubber base and is waterproof.It arrives rolled up in a box.The dimensions are : 27.56 X 11.81 X 0.08 inches. Worth... read more »

Leak proof bpa free water bottle

14 Nov, 2017
The bottle has a volume of 1 litre and is bpa is made of eco friendly plastic.Its handy for the gym,running,at home,travelling etc.There is a handy wrist strap for ease of carrying a... read more »

Ultra bright led lantern

14 Nov, 2017
Great lamp to take camping,use in a garage or simply use at home.It comes with a hook to hang up and has an adjustable light (dim to bright light).The lamp uses 4 batteries and is well made.very handy... read more »

Toddler musical magnetic set of 4 toys

14 Nov, 2017
Lovely little set of 4 toys.each toy comes in 3 parts which fit together with a can mix the pieces and make different kinds of toy cars,plane,train and little toddler doesnt li... read more »

hand Strengthener and finger exerciser

08 Nov, 2017
i have been using these on my hands for about 50 presses on each hand for a couple of days.I will build up to more presses as the time goes on.For the last few years I am very often in alot of pain an... read more »

touch screen gloves

08 Nov, 2017
unfortunately i cant write a review as i never received the gloves.waiting on refund. read more »

handheld mini vacuum cleaner

08 Nov, 2017
Absolutely love this little vacuum cleaner as its quite quiet and does its job well.Its so handy to pick up and hoover wherever you need to as its cordless and very lightweight at 0.6kg..You have to p... read more »

kitchen grater for cheese,citrus fruits,garlic,ginger,chocolate etc

08 Nov, 2017
This is a nice grater and easy to use.It can be used for cheese,garlic,ginger,chocolate,citrus fruits like lemon and lime rinds,it has sharp stainless steel blade with a soft non slip handle.There is... read more »

shizak silicone dish scrubber

08 Nov, 2017
I love these silicone dish washing scrubbers.they have raised silicone pieces to clean dishes or anything you wish to clean.They are also very hygienic and clean really well with little effort.They ca... read more »

anti slip moisturising gel socks

01 Nov, 2017
i was quite surprised when these arrived as i haven't seen socks like these but I love them.When you first put your feet in these socks you will feel cold but they soon warm up within seconds... read more »

set of 2 dry hair towels

01 Nov, 2017
These are a set of 2 hair towels.I have had previous ones from the poundshop but these are so much better quality so i will be throwing my old ones away and using these.I would wash them first be... read more »

silicon non stick dish scrubber

01 Nov, 2017
These are made of good quality silicon.They have many uses,like cleaning dishes,mats for tea/coffee cup,washing fruit and vegetables.They are easily washable in a dishwasher or justt rinsing unde... read more »

10m roll of luminous tape

01 Nov, 2017
This comes as a 10m roll and is 1cm wide.I have put on my stairs bannister,and side of stairs floor.also surrounding my hallway mirror and above the bathroom toilet.It needs light to shine on it for a... read more »

set of 10 ten ml atomiser glass bottles

01 Nov, 2017
Nice little set and easy to carry around one in your bag or pocket with your perfume inside.Its a set of 10 with 5 being with silver lids and 5 gold lids and base being clear.Ideal for holiday,go... read more »

fidget ring stand for mobile

01 Nov, 2017
This is made of high-quality Zinc alloy steel and plastic, the dimensions of the ring is 1.6 inch(4 cm), suitable for most sizes of Smartphones.The rotating part is between with the revolving ring and... read more »

10m globe led lights

01 Nov, 2017
These lights are so pretty and there are 100 lights on a 10 metre / 33 feet cable.It has 8 modes and comes with a uk plug. 1.Combination  2.In Waves  3.Sequential  4.SLO GLO&... read more »

led gaming mouse pad

01 Nov, 2017
I was so pleased when this arrived its amazing.I love the colours surrounding the can change to multicolour,multicolour flashing or have yellow,green,red,pink,blue,turquoise or off mode.I... read more »

set of 3 silicone body cups

01 Nov, 2017
This is a set of 3 cups which comes with a storage box.They are of medium size 5.5cm.They are used for Reducing Cellulite & Stretch Marks | Boosting Circulation & Relieving ... read more »

fruit infused water bottle 650ml

24 Oct, 2017
This bottle is made of grade pc and silicone and really good quality.At the bottom of the bottle there is a lemon/ citrus fruit squeezer which is so healthy and a alternative to get you to drink... read more »

set of 6 silicone food lids

24 Oct, 2017
This set is fantastic and a really good comes as a set of 6 and all different sizes.Its really good quality also feels really strong and will last years.there is always left overs when we have... read more »

set of 2 with loofah back scrubber and soft bath body brush

24 Oct, 2017
Absolutely amazing bath brush the bristles are super soft.The best i've ever seen.Really well made.looks expensive.the brush is made of ultra-fine charcoal fibers with 19 massage heads for massagi... read more »

led makeup mirror

22 Oct, 2017
I received this mirror last week and it looks lovely but unfortuantely the lights don't work.Its a good size with one mirror in the middle,which is slightly bigger than the 2 side ones.I would hav... read more »

4 bird deterrant shiny tapes

22 Oct, 2017
This set contains 4 tapes,2 of which are red and silver,the other 2 are red.All are shiny.They are very strong so won't tear in the wind. Also when its windy they make a slight noise which scares... read more »

bluetooth splash proof wireless portable speakers

22 Oct, 2017
This is amazing crystal clear sound when listening to music or making and receiving calls.On occasions I have taken to the bathroom to listen to music whilst having a long soak in the bath.There is a... read more »

bluetooth wireless headphones in ear waterproof with built in mic

22 Oct, 2017
I connected these easily to my mobile phone and the sound is amazing when listening to songs on youtube.They can be used for iphone and android mobile phones.They are wireless but have a cable attache... read more »

single ear rose gold Bluetooth earphone

13 Oct, 2017
small comfortable rose gold single ear bluetooth earphone for hands free calling from your mobile.It is designed to be used in your right ear.It can be used for all ear sizes and has noise reduction b... read more »

small fidget toy for anxiety or adhd/add

13 Oct, 2017
This is a nice little cube for people who have anxiety/add/adhd,stress problems.I have a teenager who is always fidgeting so this is handy and my little toddler also likes to play with it. 6 Sided... read more »

beauty skin face and body cleanser portable 4 in 1

13 Oct, 2017
This beauty skin 4 in 1 is good for exfoliating and cleaning your skin.It is a waterproof unit and is ideal for use in the bath or shower with 4 exchangeable attachments.Its compact and easy... read more »

Activated Charcoal coconut shell facial mask

13 Oct, 2017
i love natural products and this is 100% natural.Its a bit messy and can stain clothes and sink/floor so that's why i put 4 stars.Its good to draw out toxins,treat acne,draws out blackheads a... read more »

Dermo medico activated charcoal powder

13 Oct, 2017
i liked this product and felt very clean after using it but as i use an electric toothbrush it was very messy for me so i gave it to a friend to use as they like it.Its good for a manual toothbrush. read more »

pack of 2 waterproof cases

13 Oct, 2017
these are really good and a large size i would say they would fit nearly all mobile phones.they can be taken in the water up to 100 feet /30 meters or on the beach to prevent sand from getting in... read more »

8 liquid gold chalk markers

13 Oct, 2017
these arrived dried out so could't use them. read more »

3mm liquid chalk markers

13 Oct, 2017
these arrived dried out so could't use them. read more »

Electronic facial pore cleaner for blackheads and acne

05 Oct, 2017
This is rechargeable and good for blackheads and acne.It comes with 4 heads for different suction pressures on your face.Clean your face with your usual products and best to use after a warm bath or a... read more »

Body brush

05 Oct, 2017
This is made with boar bristles with a wooden handle.Its best to soak it in warm water to make the bristles soft before using it.The brush is round and can easily reach all parts of your back as it ha... read more »

Professional multi functional cutting kitchen scissors

05 Oct, 2017
These scissors are multi functional and can be used to cut food like fruit,vegetables,garlic,ginger,meat etc.They are also a can opener,herb scissor,vegetable peeler,screw driver,bottle opener and nut... read more »

usb chargeable childrens hair clippers

29 Sep, 2017
Nice usb rechargeable hair clippers which come with a comb,apron,sponge,cleaning brush,usb charger and 3 attachments.The hair clippers have a lovely little monkey design on the front.The 3 combs... read more »

Foldable comfy bluetooth headset

28 Sep, 2017
I received these today and they are very comfy on your ears as they have soft spongy earmuffs.It paired quickly with my bluetooth on my phone.i listened to some songs on youtube and it was a clear sou... read more »

smart nightlight with bluetooth speaker and bedside lamp

27 Sep, 2017
This was very easy to set up with my phone.It instantly paired together.i tried it out firstly with some songs on has a really loud sound compacity.I then received a phone call on my p... read more »

Great stainless steel louse/lice removal combs

23 Sep, 2017
This is a lovely little comes in a nice little zip up make up style lucky enough not to have suffered with lice but i have a young child who goes to playgroup so is at risk of getting it... read more »

Soft fluffly sock/slippers

23 Sep, 2017
I received these yesterday and have been wearing them today as I was feeling cold.they are very soft,warm and comfy.on the bottom there are foot treads so it stops you from slipping over.they would ea... read more »

power scrubber cleaning handheld rechargeable brush

14 Sep, 2017
i received this item last week and its fantastic.when i first looked at it i thought the brushes looked quite rough and would damage my work surfaces but it didnt it cleaned my kitchen very well.its r... read more »

huge double walled laundry basket

13 Sep, 2017
i received this laundry basket just as i was washing clothes which came in very handy.its large in size and very strong.has really good strong black handles and is grey all over with white words down... read more »

rechargeable shoe polish cleaner

06 Sep, 2017
I received this item last night and was very excited to try it out.The set comes with 3 attachments.First one being an oil brush,second being a polish brush and the last one is a microfibre brush.thes... read more »

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