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Apr, 2017

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Early Christmas o

09 Nov, 2017
Bought this for my son for Christmas but broke and gave it to him early. The sound is good loud and clear no fuzz . The size is the best he takes it with when he’s playing with friends. This is... read more »


09 Nov, 2017
I bought these to share with my son for our dogs . They love the toys off course there made of good quality my dogs 145 pound mastiff hasn’t chewed through it yet. Clicker and whistles are m... read more »

Smooth feet

30 Oct, 2017
I’m so happy I bought this! Worked on my heels in no time .  So easy to use . I love it  read more »

Great product

29 Oct, 2017
Bought this for my niece she loves them . Great sound beautiful color to them  read more »

doughters love it

24 Oct, 2017
So i recived this yesterday and it's a big hit!  Has a nice design it's a good size and easy enough for my 11 year old to use it. read more »


25 Sep, 2017
BIG HIT WITH THE KIDS  read more »

Home coming

21 Sep, 2017
This peice is very suttle it is smaller than it looks online but it's not to small. My daughter is wearing it to homecoming it goes perfect with her black dress.    read more »


29 Aug, 2017
My teens daughters love hanging these on there walls . It really adds a nice change to there room without the pain an cost of painting the walls .  read more »

Broke 10 min after putting it on my phone !

24 Aug, 2017
 This broke 10 minutes after putting it on my phone. Is the key part stuck to the phone in the hook detached from the sticky part and could not be replaced read more »

more of a pain

23 Aug, 2017
Not very usefull moved around way to much for me to just focuse on the run . read more »

Busy kids

03 Aug, 2017
My kids love playing with these it keeps them very busy and i love that it's not them watching tv or staring at the phone but actualy stimulating there brain. Movement is smooth and the colors a v... read more »

Pretty Pink

31 Jul, 2017
Wow even prettier in person the color of the opal is just perfect. The stone is a good size not to big or small it is a ring that can be for used many ocasions.   read more »


31 Jul, 2017
These are a fun really a must if you build with any brand blocks . The price is very resanoble offer for a set of 4 quality is good i really have no complants. read more »


13 Jul, 2017
I loved this but one of my teen daughters stole it ! Now she loves it she shares sometimes lol. Beautiful full color in one application no need to go over an over it to get a solid color on your lid t... read more »

Little pick me up

13 Jul, 2017
My hand bags love this ! I keep my bag in the drivers seat when i can but having 5 kids someone is usually moving it onto the backseat floor. With this i can keep them clean an out from under dirty li... read more »

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