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Jul, 2018

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I am always very interested in electronics of any type. My interests vary greatly, from power tools to crafting. I also have many pets and love to see them enjoying new things. I speak French and English fluently.
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Practical to carry around

28 Sep, 2019
  The value on these are amazing! You get a lot of picks for the price. All are conveniently individually wrapped so a fantastic choice to carry around in case one is needed or to offer to guest.... read more »

Very nice!

28 Jun, 2019
I am very happy with my purchase of these bamboo toothbrushes. Not only do I feel better about using no plastic they perform much better than my regular toothbrush. I always buy soft bristle brushes a... read more »


26 Jun, 2019
  This little milk frother is simply amazing! It works like a charm and can make various foams. Hot and fluffy, hot and dense, just hot milk and cold froth are simple to achieve with a simple pre... read more »

Great product!

11 Jun, 2019
Fantastic outdoor hubless smart plug! Build quality is great and it feels like it could take some abuse. It looks quite heavy duty. This smart plug can handle higher wattage than regular indoor smart... read more »

Love it!

16 Jan, 2019
Really nice pet bed by fluffyfur. Materials are all top notch and look very pretty. Super easy to clean as the cover comes off and even on the bolster part. My dog loves to chew her bones on this beca... read more »

Very practical.

14 Jan, 2019
What's more practical than a portable power bank? One that heats your hands at the same time! This thing will heat on high for 4 hours+! Perfect for frozen winter fingers.Heats up very quickly as... read more »

Very nice

13 Jan, 2019
How practical is this thing! Message alerts, phone reminders, pedometer, alarm, heart rate, weather and of course time. Every functions works great even on an apple device. Not too bulky either and qu... read more »


03 Jan, 2019
Such a cute little kit! Perfect for a little girl time with your favorite princess :)Safe and non toxic as well.  read more »

Very nice picture

01 Dec, 2018
This little ip camera rocks! So easy to set up too. 5 minutes and you are up and running both for local viewing and remote viewing. Range is great and picture is very clear and high definition. It als... read more »

Easy to set up

27 Nov, 2018
Another fine product from Floureon! A solidly built camera that can take pretty much anything the weather throws at it. Super easy to set up, just download the app and scan the code on the camera. You... read more »

Echo dot upgrade!

21 Nov, 2018
Simply put wow! I love Alexa and all the fun things it does but one thing that had me disappointed was the lack of portability in all the echo line. Also the echo dot just sounds bad and listening to... read more »

A game changer!

20 Nov, 2018
With everything being smart and having an app why not a food thermometer? Truly is a game changer right there! How many times have you been cooking while having people over and forgot to go check the... read more »

Easy to set up

20 Nov, 2018
If you have something you want to keep an eye on without the need for complicated setups the Floureon 1080p outdoor ip cam is a perfect solution. Sets up in minutes and provides a clear image. With th... read more »

Practical and well made

20 Nov, 2018
Over the last couple years I have encountered so many instances of "hmmm a heat gun would do the job" but did not have one. These little buggers are so darn practical for so many projects ar... read more »

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