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Dog back pack

22 Oct, 2019
This is very well made. I would definitely recommend this for your dogs or cats. It is very sturdy and has pads on the back for comfort while in use. #rankboosters #legendog  read more »

Carry on backpack

30 Apr, 2018
I do like that I can keep my items in the bag and be able to charge them with the usb charger adapter in the backpack. It is very convenient while traveling. I wish the backpack was a little wider. #r... read more »

Quick charger

30 Apr, 2018
I like that fact that I can charge two things at once on a fast charger. This makes it so much easier in the car when you have several things to be charged. #rankboostersreveiew #sponsored #poweradd read more »

Mermaid blanket

30 Apr, 2018
This blanket is beautifully made by crochet. It does keep you warm just wished the hole where you put your feet was wider so I would be able to move more freely. The fragrance that is put on it smells... read more »

Power pack battery

30 Apr, 2018
I love it. It was bigger than I expected and is almost the size of the phone but it chargers the phone several times in one battery charge. Definitely better than the other batteries I have. #rankboos... read more »

Night light

25 Mar, 2018
I like it. It lights the room up good just wish all the mushrooms changed colors not just one. read more »

Multi purpose kitchen scissors

25 Mar, 2018
Omg I love these. The best kitchen tool I have. I had a bad hand and arm and it's hard to cut things and this makes it so much easier. I just wish they make it left handed as well. There is so muc... read more »


28 Jan, 2018
This is so much easier to use and read the actual temp when cooking something. Haven't had any problems with it not reading or malfunctioning. I also like the fact it has a magnet on the back of i... read more »

Music stand

28 Jan, 2018
I bought for my grand daughter for Christmas and I got to say I wasn't sure how well made it was going to be. I was pleasantly surprised that it is made very nice. It's easy to unfold and adju... read more »

Kitchen Scissors

28 Jan, 2018
I absolutely love them. They fit nice in the hand. They are easy, comfortable, light weight and don't hurt your hand when using them. I don't think I can use any other pair cause the don't... read more »

Tent lantern

17 Jan, 2018
I love these for the tents. You can also use them as a light in the dark to see where you are going . You can hang them in a tree to make it look festive or romantic. Lightweight for children to be ab... read more »

Cocktail shaker

17 Jan, 2018
Everyone loves a great cocktail and now you can make your own anytime you want. It is made out of very good steel that is rust free. It comes with some recipes to make some drinks for friends and fami... read more »

Stroller bag

17 Jan, 2018
I like the fact that you can use this for several different things besides a diaper bag. You can use it as a purse, a medicine bag, snack bag etc. It's well made and light weight and a great size... read more »

Foot insoles

04 Jan, 2018
I bought these for my husband. He is on his feet for over 9 hrs a day and these he get some comfort to ease the pain or discomfort he has on his feet when having these in his shoes. They come in diffe... read more »

Phone cord

04 Jan, 2018
These r always nice to have. They last longer and are able to bend more at the connector so they don't damage or pull apart. I also like that they are longer than the one you get with your items s... read more »

Bug repeller

04 Jan, 2018
I love these I just plug them in and turn them on and they keep away any tiny insect like ants, mosquitoes, sliver fish, spiders, fleas, roaches, that can sneak under the door or crack ect. I recommen... read more »


04 Jan, 2018
It is nice to be able to charge 2 items at once. It is compatible with almost everything with a usb port. I can have the phone, tablet,  charging while traveling or just sitting at home. #rankboo... read more »

Dog harness

18 Dec, 2017
I love how well made the harness is made. I ordered the small harness and it was to big for my min pin. It needs to be more adjustable for different size dogs out there. The quality of the product is... read more »


18 Dec, 2017
I love the set. It has 4 cute little shot glasses that go with the flask. My only problem with the set is I wish the flask was bigger cause if u want to give shots out with the shot glasses u only get... read more »

Lamp light

18 Dec, 2017
I love this little tool. You can hang it anywhere or stand it up anywhere. It's bright enough to see what you are doing. You can also use it as a flashlight to see in the dark camping, or around t... read more »


18 Dec, 2017
It's a nice headlamp. I like that you can charge it instead of batteries. The charge doesn't last that long depending on how much you use it. The charge can last from 4-8 hrs depending how oft... read more »


18 Dec, 2017
I like the costume but I was expecting it to fit better than it did. My lab walked around with it but it was easy for it to fall off or to get it off when his head was down to the ground. It still is... read more »

Winter gloves

16 Dec, 2017
The are comfortable and keep your hands warm without the hassel of you having to keep taking your glove off to use phone. Then having to put back on to warm hand back up. Great for camping. #rankboost... read more »

Power Inverter

30 Nov, 2017
I took this to NASCAR and it was nice to charge my phone without having a generator on. I could charge my phone with just a car battery and I would last several days. I didn't have to charge the b... read more »

Corico backflow insense cone

16 Nov, 2017
The insense came in a cute little sack decorated. Great for a gift. They do not over power you on scent. They smell great. You get a great selection of 110 which is 10 of 11 different ones. I love the... read more »

Dishwasher magnet

10 Nov, 2017
Yes finally we know when looking if clean or dirty right away instead of asking everyone. Lol very helpful in my house. Thx #rank booster #dishwasher magnet  read more »

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