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Great Containers

14 Sep, 2022
These are great! I love that they have an area to keep track of the month and day you put stuff into them. I am currently using them for fruits since I eat a lot of fruit, but I am sure they work equa... read more »

Keeps me cooler

31 Aug, 2022
With the high temps of summer, I was really needing a way to cool down. This little handheld fan really packs a punch. I keep it in my bag for times I am out in the heat either walking, waiting in lin... read more »

Cute key holder

18 Aug, 2022
It is made well. It holds my keys as it should. I don't use the mail organizer, but I am sure it would come in handy for anyone that needs one.  read more »

Perfect for concerts

17 Aug, 2022
I bought this for using at concerts with clear bag policies. It works great for that. I have now started using it often for other activities, like shopping. It's a decent size, holds plenty o... read more »

Low quality

14 Jan, 2022
It is smaller than I thought it would be,  very thin, with low quality graphics printed on it. I couldn't use it outside because it would have blown away in a light breeze and it slides... read more »

Cute little chopper

09 Jan, 2022
Works even better than I thought it might. It is easy to use, chops up my veggies quickly, and is easy to clean. What more could I ask for? As a bonus, it is a pretty color that looks nice in my... read more »

Works great

09 Jan, 2022
This mouse works wonderfully. No lagging, freezing, or skipping around the screen. It had a sleek and modern look that fits well with my decor.  read more »

Works great

30 Nov, 2020
The Plumbing Drain Snake Hair Clog Remover works just as it should. I have long hair, so my shower gets clogged often. I keep this handy to use every time I shower so that I no longer have to worry ab... read more »

Looks great

09 Jun, 2020
Good quality desk pad. Looks great on my office desk and keeps my laptop from sliding around. Should fit in well with any decor.  read more »

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