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Sep, 2017

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I'm Natalie. I'm a single mom of one. I do a lot of reviews on Amazon and Ebay.. I'm in part time work but have plenty of time to spend time with the family.
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Worth it for then wicked photos

14 May, 2018
It gives a nice crisp image in the center, the edges are a bit blurry, but that's to be expected from a lens for a phone... It doesn't really work with a case at all though, I have an iPhone... read more »

Amazing stuff for kids and adults

28 Apr, 2018
This is a very good Air Dry Clay,set, and comes with many different colors, and it has most importantly easy containers to put the clay right back into once you are done using them, my kids loved thes... read more »

Really worth the money .

17 Apr, 2018
These look extremely classy on my rose gold iPhone, definitely not tacky like some of the ring holders for sale, they look far more expensive than they are sold for. I have one on my iPhone 8&nb... read more »

Great storage

15 Apr, 2018
Love this organiser! Feels really sturdy and well made. Loads of room for your kit and the clear design makes it easy to find things. Hold all items that’s needed. Making it a lot tidyer&nbs... read more »

Wow bigger then I thought

15 Apr, 2018
This is actually bigger than I thought, therefore holds more than I have expected which is a nice surprise! It is easy to assemble, with simple picture instructions on the side of the packaging box. T... read more »

Wow amazing

02 Feb, 2018
The photo tent is a very useful and easy to use product - Once you figure out how it opens! In the box you'll receive: White plastic photo tent A small drawstring bag to store it away 4 co... read more »

wow amazing

25 Jan, 2018
This is one of the better firming products I have tried, especially for the price. The silicon face belt is necessary to keep the cheeks and chin tucked in while the product is doing its magic. I'... read more »

Glass glass phone protector

30 Dec, 2017
Good and easy to put on. Phone. Comes well packed, you get 2 in a pack.  read more »

Nice and convenient solution for keeping car windows clean

13 Nov, 2017
I was looking a glass cleaner with spray for my car that can be kept in my car boot so I can clean my car windows anytime conveniently. With this hot rainy season means my car is always washed with ra... read more »

great funny rubber washer upper haha

13 Nov, 2017
I had seen these advertised and wasn't overly convinced but now I have used them I love them! When it arrived and I opened the package, one major thing stood out to me: This sponge is the weirdest... read more »

brilliant charger

08 Nov, 2017
I recently purchased the new Apple watch. The charging cable you receive with it is a 0.3m cable. I wanted a larger cable and also wanted another charger for use when travelling, as I wanted to fix my... read more »

Strong bag, love disney

20 Oct, 2017
This is a really lovely and strong tote beauty and the beast bag, Picture of beast and Belle dancing on one side and then Lumiere and Cogsworth on the other. The detail in the bag it self is amaz... read more »

Brilliant insoles

20 Oct, 2017
Hlyoon Sports Gel Insoles and shoe I bought it for my mother-in-law. Its very soft and comfortable. She is so happy to get this insoles. Why I like this Insoles- - Light weight. - very soft and co... read more »


25 Sep, 2017
This is a brilliant product and was perfect for a craft project, making little brooches. Each block seemed small when I opened the pack, but actually went a long way and there was more than enough for... read more »

Soothing on the face

23 Sep, 2017
This is a really good mask for the face of many ages. I love it as well as my teenager sons. They have seen many other men online using these masks to treat there skin, so I thought this was the best... read more »

black is the new white.

23 Sep, 2017
I bought this expecting it not to wrong I was as I saw results from the 1st use. Ok here is the reality of using the product, you have to adjust to the powdery feel in your mouth, but it i... read more »

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