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07 Feb, 2018
 These are perfect size to go with your phone. Small and light and will give it at least a full charge. Very well worth it!  read more »

Love it!

16 Jan, 2018
 I was very happy after I received this in Oakland it. It feels very solid, and well-made. It is great that it has so many different tools  on here, I love that whatever tool you have up loc... read more »


12 Jan, 2018
 This is a very nice set. I have recently taken up drawing,  and these help color things. There is a good variety of colors and I like having both points. To be able to roll them all up and... read more »

Nice lanterns!

11 Jan, 2018
These are very nice lanterns, quite bright for battery operated. I really like the magnetic base, it has come in handy.  Just slide the lights up from the base, partway if you want some light, al... read more »

Nice, Soft, and absorbent

09 Jan, 2018
 This is a nice bathmat, just what I was looking for. It is nice and soft and absorbent. It looks nice as well.  I would definitely buy again.  read more »

Pretty cool

31 Dec, 2017
 It may not be the prettiest part there is but it is definitely fun to play with. Just walking by touching the plant is cool. If you like things that you can play with and have some function this... read more »


30 Dec, 2017
 Very nice, bright colors. I love that it has two tips on them.  Are use them for a couple of different whiteboards, one is on the fridge, and the other one just on the wall that kids c... read more »

Very nice,

22 Dec, 2017
 This is very very nice necklace. I wanted to get something on the special sign for my son for Christmas. I think he’s going to love this. It came in a nice purple cloth bag. I have no... read more »

Clean teeth and gums!

22 Dec, 2017
This water flosser is great.  It really gets stuff out from between your teeth and below your gum lines. My dental hygienist was quite happy. She said that if you use a water floss or you do... read more »


22 Dec, 2017
This is a  Great massaging unit. I have had problems with my back especially in my knees as well. It really has helped me especially on my back. It is easy to set up in use, just a matter of minu... read more »

Very nice!

20 Dec, 2017
 Wow, I was quite surprised with this I am happily so. It is well-made and very nice looking. You will be in style using this strap on your musical instrument. I highly recommend this.  read more »

Full of air..

20 Dec, 2017
 This is a good foot pump. It inflates and deflates your larger things like air mattresses in a jiffy. Even if you have an electric pump, having this on hand  is handy just in case. Forget t... read more »

Nice cool mist...

20 Dec, 2017
This is a very nice essential oriole diffuser. I love the way it looks, and even more so with the lights on. I like to have the lights Run sequential, but you can choose just one color.  The... read more »

Great set!

15 Dec, 2017
 This is a great set of artists charcoal pencils. The case it comes in is very nice, keeps everything wrapped when you’re on the go. There’s plenty of pencils, tools, etc. all you wil... read more »

Very nice!

15 Dec, 2017
this is  Great violin, especially for the price. My son is enjoying it every day. This is a very good brand and they are great with customers. I highly recommend their products  and you will... read more »


11 Dec, 2017
 This is a nice heating pad. You can use it almost anywhere you want be it on your neck and back, knees, feet, wherever. The three settings are nice to have even though I mainly use the high... read more »

Great necklace!

10 Dec, 2017
 I was happily surprised when I received this necklace. It is very nice looking, has a good clasp,  and doesn’t tangle. I needed something fairly strong for the pendant that I have and... read more »

Light it up!

10 Dec, 2017
 This is a very nice later, I love it. Not only is it fun to play with but it’s functional as well. You can even take some leaves or some paper and start a fire with it. I love all the safe... read more »


06 Dec, 2017
it is small but nice. Clip it on and tune away! Very nice! read more »


04 Dec, 2017
 These are very cool covers. Fill them up with your preferred stuffing.  You can brush all the sequins one way or the opposite way for different color, or use them almost as a drawing pad by... read more »

I’m charged up!

28 Nov, 2017
I love that you can charge different batteries, especially 9volt. it charges batteries quickly, and that it goes to trickle charging is great, and hey who doesn’t like a nice display showing the... read more »

Very nice!

26 Nov, 2017
I have three different voice recorders, this one is my favorite! The multiple microphones realy pick up the sound. I have used it in many places to record things, always happy with it. Can be used as... read more »

Not Hot....but hot!

26 Nov, 2017
I just moved into a new place by myself. This is perfect for me. I had to buy pans anyway. To have it heat up fast, yet not having it get hot is ;) Pleanty of power and seettings, I wou... read more »

Great kit!

26 Nov, 2017
I was very happily suprised with this survival kit. The backpack itself is what I wanted as much as anything. To have emergency rations, water, something to eat (who knows how yummy it is), blankets,... read more »


25 Nov, 2017
Very nice! Just what I was looking for. Excellent quality lamp, with 10,000 mah to charge up your accessories, very bright, I love It! read more »

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