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Perfect for Christmas

15 Nov, 2019
  They were bigger than I thought which was a bonus, They have very traditional and attractive designs and are of an excellent quality. There are also two other designs to choose fro... read more »

Scented Candles

20 Sep, 2019
This set came in a beautiful gift box, nicely packed. Fragrances were lemon rose fig and lavender and on opening the tins I could see they were full and ready to light up which I t... read more »

Mermaid tail

15 Jun, 2019
Bought  for Christmas presents for my grandchild who absolutely loves her mermaid tail. It is thick, soft and colour as shown in picture. read more »

Shower Curtain

06 Jun, 2019
It brightened up my bathroom, it has a lovely soft feel to it. It fitted well and the clips were stronger than the normal flimsy plastic ones. read more »

.Pet water bowl

06 Jun, 2019
Easy to setup  really simple and works well. My puppy has fresh water at all times, you do need to have access to a socket and supply your own USB plug, I think most people have one of those in t... read more »

Winter warmer

16 Oct, 2018
I bought this scarf for my husband whose old one had worn out, he loved it. It is soft and warm and a lovely colour and a good length.  read more »

Great product

02 Mar, 2018
Great for using up all those bits of wax that get left in the bottom of the holder as well as for all your crafting needs. There are 3 different lengths so can be used in a number of different size co... read more »

Nice and neat

12 Dec, 2017
I bought this because I was fed up with the large beaker that we were using. It wasn't very hygenic so when I saw this I thought that it would be ideal to use instead. I wasn't wrong it holds... read more »

A good little scrubber

12 Dec, 2017
These are very good for washing up, not so great for scrubbing dried on food, but for washing up these are perfect,They are sturdy and look as if they will last for a good while They are sturdy a... read more »

No more smelly hands

11 Nov, 2017
  Peeling was always a chore but now the silicone peeler takes the hard work out of it, it makes my cooking so much easier and quicker. I like the size and design and very easy to take apart... read more »


11 Nov, 2017
Just the thing to keep youngsters hands busy, smooth, sleek and fab looking read more »

Lovely Bag

11 Oct, 2017
What a gorgeous bag the colours are so deep and defined . It seems durable and I belive it is washable so that is a bonus. I shall enjoy carrying this around with me to the shops it'll certainly b... read more »


04 Oct, 2017
I got this because I like to change my cover regularly, it fits well and makes my phone look as good as new.  read more »

Great Cover

04 Oct, 2017
Got this for my son, he's always dropping his phone, he said it fit well and now has no worries when he does let the phone fall from his hands. read more »

Great canvas

01 Sep, 2017
Bought this for my grandaughter who was very pleased with canvases. It arrived well packed and undamaged. Would recommend. read more »

No more hairs

17 Jul, 2017
I have a Westie and to be honest it can be a pain when he sheds, it gets everywhere. this lint roller does a great job in lifting hairs and is so easy to clean, just run under the tap and away you go... read more »

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