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Oct, 2016

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I love reviewing items. I will do social media reviews. Things I like:
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Great soft hair ties

20 Jan, 2023
I bought these hair ties to use for myself and my daughter. They are soft and had no snags - very similar to some that I already have. My only thing is they are very small and thought they would be la... read more »

Great Decorating Tips

26 Jan, 2022
I bought these cake piping tips for my daughter's upcoming birthday but we tried them out before I bake her cake. They worked wonderful! They made pretty piping designs on the cupcakes we baked. I... read more »

Super cute sunglasses

27 Jul, 2021
I wanted to love these sunglasses so much since I'm totally into vintage glasses. When these arrived I was so excited, they were so well made and super cute out of the package but just didn't... read more »

Great little dino cars

17 Jul, 2021
I got these for my nephew's birthday - since he's a fan of dinosaurs. These cars are super cute, you pull them back and they zoom across the floor. There are 8 little cars in the box and they... read more »

Love these beach toys

17 Jul, 2021
I'm planning on going on vacation with my toddler and picked pu these beach toys. They are great, come packaged nicely and are nice and bright so you can't lose them at the beach. My toddler l... read more »

This Neck Fan is Great!

13 Jun, 2021
At first I thought neck fans were completely a waste -- UNTIL I GOT ONE! I was proven wrong. When I tried the Aobor Neck Fan I couldn't believe it. It was quiet, comfortable and the intitial charg... read more »

So comfortable for workouts

22 Apr, 2021
The running shorts by Haowind are the best workout shorts I've tried in a long time. The length is just right, they are not see-through and the fabric feels great. These are my new favorite workou... read more »

Great Scratch Art Set for Easter

19 Mar, 2021
My daughter and I are big into arts and crafts and have yet to try rainbow scratch art until I got this set for Koogel. It's a great set that has everything you need to make easter egg artwork, th... read more »

Great fidgety toy

15 Feb, 2021
I'm leaving a review even though this seller is no longer on Amazon. What a fun little fidgety toy - I got it for my daugther and am stashing it away for her Easter basket but before I put it away... read more »

No more paper towels

15 Feb, 2021
I was turned onto Swedish dishcloths by my co-workers daughter who gave me one to try when paper towels were in short supply. I have to say these are great...and save me from running to the store and... read more »

Great Cake Toppers for the Price

12 Feb, 2021
  My daughter is turning three in a few weeks and I got this cake topper for her cake - I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised by how well made it is. The sign that says Happy Birthday i... read more »

Awesome for Zoom Calls!

29 Dec, 2020
I had the chance to use this for a family Zoom on Christmas and it worked perfectly. I wasn't sure how large it was going to be and while it was larger than I thought I worked great and lit up our... read more »

Cute little bags - great for birthdays

08 Oct, 2020
I recently used the LovesTown rainbow paper bags as I was delivering treats for our friends They were a great way to brighten someone's day. The bags weren't heavy weight to hold anything that... read more »

Very Sticky Tape

21 Sep, 2020
I always go through a ton of tape - so when I was invited to try the #MEMX tape I was happy. I like the tape overal but it was really hard to cut in with my plastic tape dispenser. I probably need to... read more »

Fun Stretchy Toys for Kids

30 Aug, 2020
I had the chance to try the Amor stretchy string fidget toys recently and loved them. Before I gave them to my child I used them when I was on conference calls while working at home and absolutely lov... read more »

Cute and festive

30 Aug, 2020
I picked up these koozies for our annual Thanksgiving dinner. They are super cute and will make a great addition to our table. I already used a few to test out and our cans fit in perfectly. I can'... read more »

Puzzles are a fun item when stuck in quaratine

18 Aug, 2020
I bought this puzzle to start on a rain day and it was exactly what I was looking for to keep my family busy. The puzzle being 500 pieces is tough for kids becasue of the number of pieces but great fo... read more »

Eye Masks are a Lifesaver

18 Aug, 2020
Ever since I'be been working at home my under eyes get really dry for some reason. I've been using these under eye masks for a few weeks now and they help not only with the dry skin but help t... read more »

Satin pillowcases are the best

08 Mar, 2020
I received the sleep zone satin pillowcases recently and absolutely love the benefits of thse pillowcases - they help with hair breakage and things like your skin. I love they stay cool in the summer... read more »

Electrionic Drawing Boards are so versatile

28 Jan, 2020
I had the opportunity to try the Zippem electronic drawing board yesterday and I absolutely love it. The size is small and fits in the palm of your hand yet big enough to write on and take notes. It&#... read more »

So many stickers = so much fun

20 Jan, 2020
I recently got this sticker assortment for making cards with my daughter. We had so much fun. What I like about them is that there are so many different options to use. I love the variety and you get... read more »

FAAY Macrame Plant Hanger

24 Sep, 2017
recently purchased a few macrame plant hangers to hang our outdoor plants inside for the winter. I recently tried the FAAY Macrame Plant Hanger and I have to say it was really easy to use, I just put... read more »

Enjoynight Women's Cotton Sleepwear

24 Sep, 2017
t's getting to the point here where the weather is really cool at night and nightgowns like this are the absolutely perfect thing to wear to bed. This nightgown is not only comfortable but the pri... read more »

Like KongMing puzzle games - SO FUN!

07 Sep, 2017
When I first recieved the Like KongMing puzzle, my first reaction was that I thought I'd get bored of this in about two seconds flat. I am SO GLAD I was wrong. This little wooden cube is so much f... read more »

Love these sheets

05 Sep, 2017
If you know of anyone who is a having or about to have a baby, you'll know crib sheets are an important item to get the new parents. I recently received three sets of TillYou crib sheets and I hav... read more »

great sheet for a new baby!

05 Sep, 2017
If you know of anyone who is a having or about to have a baby, you'll know crib sheets are an important item to get the new parents. I recently received three sets of TillYou crib sheets and I hav... read more »

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