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We love this

06 Oct, 2020
It fits our large lab perfect. Would also fit smaller dogs since you tie it yourself. Nice material as well. read more »

Halloween decorations

06 Oct, 2020
The big spider is really nice. It also comes with a lot of small plastic spiders. The only issue is the spider web is a pain to put up.  read more »

Very pretty

06 Oct, 2020
We used this to put on our windows. We have two big dogs that were costing us a fortune in buying new blinds. This is holding up really well. read more »

I love these

06 Oct, 2020
Nice fabric. We love having these instead of using a towel when we get out of the shower. Very absorbent as well. read more »


06 Oct, 2020
Super helpful in making masks. Great quality. read more »


06 Oct, 2020
Bought this for my husband and he loves it! Seems really well made. read more »


06 Oct, 2020
Nice decorations. Only downside is it's a pain to bend them all and put the stickers on the back to stick them up. read more »

Super bright

06 Oct, 2020
Nice little flashlight. Super bright and rechargable. read more »


06 Oct, 2020
I bought this for my SIL who had a hunting accident and can't get up very easily now. So when she is home alone and can't make it to the potty she has this. Works great! read more »


09 Dec, 2019
Nice quality. Fit well and seem to be very sturdy. read more »

Cord ties

09 Dec, 2019
Good quality. Strong, durable. read more »

Bathing suit

09 Dec, 2019
Ended up being to small but was very cute! read more »

Nice vest

09 Dec, 2019
Bought this as a gift. Was told it's great quality and convenient with all it the pockets.  read more »


09 Dec, 2019
I ordered this for my husband. It is awesome. Extremely bright and comfortable on your head. Charge lasts a very long time. read more »

Pan set

09 Dec, 2019
I bought this to use as a Bundt pan. It's a little smaller than expected but I'm very happy with the quality. You also receive a lot of accessories with this as well. read more »

Cat sweatshirt

09 Dec, 2019
Very cute top. Design is nice and is true to size. The only issue I had was the material. It's not normal hoodie material. It's a really soft material and lightweight. Not a big issue but if y... read more »

Nail trimmer for animals

09 Dec, 2019
Was surprised at the quality of this. We have large dogs and it wasn't so loud that we had to fight to hold them. They were pretty calm during the experience which is always great. This comes with... read more »

Christmas shirt

09 Dec, 2019
I bought the green Christmas tree option. The material is really soft t-shirt material. Looks amazing and fits true to size. Wearing it tomorrow to be a little more festive at work. read more »

Insulated cups

23 Nov, 2019
These are really nice quality. I've only used for coffee but with how long these keep hot things hot I would imagine they would keep cold stuff cold for a long time too. Doesn't leak out of th... read more »

Cute bathing suit

23 Nov, 2019
Bought this for my niece for a beach trip. Fits perfect and sized correctly. Held up really well in the ocean and pool. Hopefully she can wear it again next year. read more »

Card reader

23 Nov, 2019
Needed something for my husband to take with him in the woods to check trail cameras with his tablet. Works great for what he needed it for. read more »


23 Nov, 2019
My husband has a huge problem losing his keys so I thought this would be a great idea. Works good and is easy to set everything up. Has everything you need to attach it to your porch. read more »

Christmas tree

23 Nov, 2019
I bought this as a decoration for my living room. Unfortunately my daughter had to have it. It sits in her bedroom now. You can either use batteries or plug it up. We use batteries because she uses it... read more »

Very pretty

23 Nov, 2019
I bought this as a Christmas gift but when my daughter saw it she had to have it. We hung it in her bedroom window and when the sun shines through it looks so beautiful! Definitely recommend to buy. read more »

Super cute

23 Nov, 2019
Super cute socks. True to size and very comfortable. I always get compliments when I wear them. read more »

Great socks

23 Nov, 2019
There socks. Extremely comfortable with a thick material that's socks. Comfortable to wear and keeps my feet warm. read more »

Best flashlight ever

23 Nov, 2019
This flashlight is awesome. It's very bright and you can turn the side pieces to shine another way. It's rechargable so you will save money on batteries. It also comes in a very nice hard case... read more »

Nice bathing suit

23 Nov, 2019
I liked this bathing suit. It doesn't have a lot of stretch to the fabric though. So if you can go either way with sizes I'd size up. read more »


23 Nov, 2019
I bought this watch for my daughter for Christmas. From opening the box quality looks very nice. Doesn't look or feel cheap like some others. Excited for her to get it. read more »

Hemp gummies

27 Aug, 2019
This was my first time using hemp gummies. The taste isn't bad but it's not amazing either. I don't really know how the taste compares to other similar products. I have pretty bad anxiety... read more »


15 Jun, 2019
I purchased this bag to take with me to the beach so I wouldn't have to carry my larger kavu bag. Unfortunately my daughter decided she wanted it. It's small but has a lot of space. Good quali... read more »

Linderstar glow in the dark blanket

15 Jun, 2019
I purchased this blanket for my daughter. Usually when a package arrives if it's not a toy she has no interest. She fell in love with this blanket! It's so soft and a great size. The glowing p... read more »


10 Jan, 2019
Very happy with this purchase. The bags are all different sizes and great quality.  read more »

Very realistic

10 Jan, 2019
I bought this as a gag gift for a friend. It looks very very realistic. read more »


07 Nov, 2018
Was very happy with this slime. Packaging was great no leaking. The slime is the kind you want, not super sticky or messy. The beads and glitter made it even better. My daughter loved this! read more »

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