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Great kick board

12 Dec, 2019
This is a great kickboard very well made and a good size comes with a draw string bag whats handy to carry the board this has really inproved my little lads swimming very happy with this purchase ... read more »

Great set

12 Dec, 2019
Great small screwdriver set has everything you need would definitely recommend this it has anti electric shock. Seems well made with everything you need  read more »

Nice fit

22 Jul, 2019
Nice phone case fits phone really well the case is made well and a lovely colour the case has room to store your cards great case  read more »

Glowing skin

22 Jul, 2019
Brought this to use to take off my make up I have to say it does that well and leaves skin feeling fresh and healthy looking glow I have been using this for about two weeks I have sensitive skin but t... read more »

Great kite great fun

11 Jul, 2019
This is a great kite easy to put together and looks great once up it's a good size. I brought this to use with the kids and have to say they had great fun and lots of running about but they really... read more »

Works well

25 Jun, 2019
I brought this as I go camping alot and find Batterie life don't always last and I found this great works with most main pads and phones once you charge it your ready to go and use it when you run... read more »

Works well

25 Jun, 2019
This is a really good water fountain I brought for my bird bath setting it up was really easy and straight forward having never done this before I did not have a problem setting it up. This comes with... read more »

Has everything I need

04 Jun, 2019
Have to say this is great I needed a travel pillow for a long journey flight and glad I picked this the pillow its self is very comfortable and has a nice feel easy to blow up I didn't have a prob... read more »

Brilliant product

24 May, 2019
This electric coffee grinder I found to be brillant. First of all the size is compact makes easy to store and easy to clean with it glossy sliver finsh. First I tried to grind coffee beans and works b... read more »

Great sound quality

17 May, 2019
Great speaker the sound quality on this is very good and clear has buttons on top to turn the speaker up or down or can do it from whatever device your playing music off. The size of speaker isn't... read more »

Great sound

15 May, 2019
Love this speaker the sound quality is really good and clear even when turned up to its fullest it's not muffled it's still clear and the base on it sounds good to. I was surprised by how good... read more »

Great product

14 May, 2019
This product is great for running or sleeping listening to music as it's not thick material like some this is thinner and very comfortable to wear as don't make your head warm the sound qualit... read more »

Brilliant product

12 May, 2019
This is a great product to have a shaver and Cleansing brush all in one great to take traveling as don't take up much room comes with a storage bag to. The shaver its self I find works really well... read more »

Brilliant product

07 May, 2019
Great product has a really long cable what's really handy as I always find the cables are to sort also I found this charges a lot better than my old one this charges my phone and tablet in half th... read more »

Great product

03 May, 2019
Great very well made and fit perfectly great to have more colour straps to change them to match what am wearing I had size small and find they fit great very happy with purchase and will buy again whe... read more »

Very comfortable

08 Apr, 2019
Great eye mask I found this keeps the light out really well and is so comfortable to wear don't take me long to fall to sleep. I listen to music on this and fall to sleep I've taken it on the... read more »

Great make up sponges & holder's

23 Mar, 2019
Got theses make up sponges and I have to say how good they are my make up gos on really nice and even using theses. I get greasy skin so theses are great as don't leave my skin as oily as it does... read more »

Great fun

21 Mar, 2019
This is a great size pack and has everything you need great for any kid who loves nerf guns lots pof fun to be had playing nerf wars comes with jacket to store bullets and comes with plenty of them. T... read more »

Great quality dust masks

21 Mar, 2019
Great dust masks theses are super good quality and are thick unlike some I've had in the past they fit really well to and comfortable to wear. Theses will go along way and last awhile as are good... read more »

Quality water bottle

21 Mar, 2019
I found the size of this a really good size having got the large one great for camping and keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. The water bottle is doubled walled and seems very good quality and made t... read more »

Great make up set

20 Mar, 2019
Love this make up set has many different eye shadows lots of diffreant colours they go on really nice and stay on has lots of other bits to brushes, lipgloss, nail cutters great set case is really goo... read more »

Great product

07 Mar, 2019
Great product nice and slim and compact this works well arrived on time and packed well read more »

Great work well

05 Mar, 2019
This is a really good USB c adapter has 8 spaces is nice and slim and nice gray colour this is easy to work and everything on it works well handy size to take on your travels if need to all the parts... read more »

Great product

28 Feb, 2019
This is great ables me to plug many things in very handy product. I found this very easy to use never had used one before everything works the port is nice and compact looks well made great product a... read more »

Great make up bag

21 Feb, 2019
Love this make up bag its a lovely bright colour I found this to be a really good size to hold everything in and great to just open up and see what you are looking for unlike some make up bags where y... read more »

Nice shower curtain

11 Feb, 2019
Love this shower curtain well made and looks lovely up really stands out comes with everything you need like the hooks and fits nicely  read more »

Great quality wallet

11 Feb, 2019
Great wallet really good quality and very well made. I found this to be the perfect size and has lots of space for money and cards looks very fashionable and can be given as a gift as comes in a nice... read more »

Great sound & very comfortable

13 Jan, 2019
This are great first of all them come in a nice box like gift box what they fold into nice quality box. The headphones them self are very comfortable to wear and keep your ears warm when your out. I l... read more »

Great work well

07 Jan, 2019
This is a great product and works well letting no water in. I found this fits well I brought sm good size for women and children teenagers well made and comes in a nice mesh storage bag  read more »

Well made and real leather

05 Jan, 2019
This is made well and real leather is small so great if looking for something small plenty of room for cards and comes in a lovely gift box so is perfect as a gift  read more »


05 Jan, 2019
Good product very easy to work and works well. The product is small in size so easy to hide away but has everything you need would recommend this  read more »

Great product

05 Jan, 2019
Great product works well took this away on holiday with me and had no problems with it. read more »

Great product

08 Dec, 2018
I found this easy to use and is a great tool made my face feel so fresh and clean afterwards I use this 3 times a week and have noticed a difference already skin looks clearer and healthier.  read more »

Very handy

08 Dec, 2018
This is great as I always struggle for charging room with having a vr headset to and another set headphones and controls this uses one charge cable but charges to remotes I found this easy to use just... read more »


08 Dec, 2018
Lovely shower curtain nice colour and made well like it will last awhille  read more »

Great make up bag

21 Nov, 2018
Great make up bag never seen one like this before prefect for traveling really well made and a good size great Christmas gift holds everything you need  read more »

Great set

19 Nov, 2018
Wow I love this set so many colours to make things and even little accessories come with it so you can make keyrings, hair grips, badges easy to use and plenty of fun easy to mold to. read more »

Good little game

15 Nov, 2018
Good game kids seemed to like it works well and the rods connect to the magnets well small but great for traveling and taking away with you as is only small comes with four rods so can play with other... read more »

Great games

15 Nov, 2018
Great games and a great laugh theses are a must have for any hen night plenty of laughs to be had to liven it up good quality cards to. read more »

Great set

13 Nov, 2018
Great set for kids and has lots of different colours and different bits to make things like keyrings hair grips kids really enjoyed making things with theses. I found this easy to use and worked well... read more »

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