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Jun, 2017

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Well I been reviewing for over 5 years. Been a Amazon Prime member for way longer and I absolutely love Amazon. It's the only online store I use. I've been a prime member for years and been a Amazon customer for 11 years now and I won't stop buying anytime soon. I just love Amazon and there customer care service. And a little about myself, I'm a mommy of 3 boys, who are obsessed with technology and the latest new thing. And well I spoil them when they earn it and get good grades. So mostly I'll buy for them and in occasion buy a thing or two for myself and my husband. My husband is a chef and I'm a stay at home mom who keeps busy with 3 boys. I'm new here and will love to score some products. And I always leave a review for others shopper. Since when I buy products I always read the reviews and it influence my buying.
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This is super cute.

01 Nov, 2017
I've seen all the buzz this new bra been getting and so I wanted to try it. I'm a 38B and thought a M would fit and no. It's a bit small and hard to put the ladies in the perfect spot. Als... read more »

Super cute but not the best material

26 Oct, 2017
Omg I love this. I just wich the material which it was made was better quality.  This are auper cute. And they have 2 big side pockets. And one in the back of your wait band with a zipper. I stil... read more »

Beautiful but way to small.

09 Oct, 2017
I was so excited to get this waist trainer but it didn't fit. It's make of a great material and so pink I loved it but it runs small.  I'm a medium and order a medium and it didn'... read more »

Amazing color moonstone.

21 Sep, 2017
I bought this because my 10 year old keep talking about stones and how wonderful they are and how many there are out there and that his favorite was the moonstone. And he did love the stone but he sai... read more »

I'm loving this so much

20 Sep, 2017
This hair chalk are awesome. That's all I can say. I have pink hair right now and I could notice the difference between my hair color and the chalk color. I try them all and I can't wait to do... read more »

I really like it.

05 Sep, 2017
This Essential Oil Diffuser Waterless Auto Power-off is adorable and gets the job done.  I love the different light colors it has.  My boys each have a favorite it and every night it... read more »

Great Toy!

27 Aug, 2017
I purchased this amazing Lodabodkin fidget cube for my 10 year old who has autism. He gets fidgety at school and usually touches everybody else stuff and well his teacher suggested I buy one to help h... read more »

Great Toy!

21 Jul, 2017
My birds love there new toy. It's bigger than expected so I was super happy.  It will last them long enough and will give them hours of play. Loved the colors and the different shapes and tex... read more »

Awesome Mask

21 Jul, 2017
This mask is awesome. My boys and husband have use it and the results are great. It's easy to apply and easy to remove. And the best part it doesn't hurt when is being removed. You'll have... read more »

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