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Oct, 2017

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i live in beautiful colorado with my husband of 30 years, we have a large family with 2 adult children, both in college, & living at home, & 4 younger children, whom we home school, & our 2 beloved dogs. we're a very close & active family that loves to spend time together. we enjoy being in the great outdoors, going to parks, having picnics, camping, hiking, etc. i run my own, very small, crafting business that i only focus on part time so that i have the time to care for my family, as they are my main focus, & i enjoy taking care of them most of all. i'm a news junkie, & like keep up on current world events & politics, i also enjoy shopping, finding good deals, cooking, doing all sorts of crafts, diy projects, gardening & home improvement/redecorating projects basically doing things around the house that improve my family's life or lifestyle. i also enjoy spending my free time doing surveys, product tests, & reviews to voice my opinions, influence companies & products, & people, & help consumers to make more infomed decisions.
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Not worth it.

13 Jan, 2020
It fell apart when my boyfriend put it on. Returned it.  read more »

Basic Battery Flashlight & Cheap Knife

19 May, 2018
It's a normal small flashlight that takes batteries. Nothing special about it. It works ok but is very cheap. The knife that comes with it, is very bad quality & wouldn't feel safe using i... read more »

Simple to use, & Multifunctional

11 Jan, 2018
This is a nice quality scale, that's easy to use, & it comes with a bag to store it in. To turn it on simply push tare, then, select the measurement unit you want to use, it has ml, g, oz... read more »

Not As Described, Doesn't Work In Low Light

29 Dec, 2017
I wanted this monocular because it said it was capable of seeing in low light/at night, it's not at all. It doesn't work in even low light, such as a full moon. I tried with several... read more »

Good Quality, Durable, & Pretty Toi

29 Dec, 2017
I have a few watches, & like to wear different ones with different outfits, I have 2 from this company, TopPlaza. This particular watch is very nice, I like that the face is a littl... read more »

Beautiful, Good Quality, Durable, & Waterproof Too

29 Dec, 2017
I really like this watching alot. I wear it daily, & do put it thru alot, it's shown no signs of wear, & is very durable, it's also waterproof. I don't take it off when I wash... read more »

Good Quality For Use In Emergencies

29 Dec, 2017
I've put this to the test, & it's held up very well. I will depend on this in an emergency for power, light, & information from the radio. It's perfect size, nice & compac... read more »

High Quality, Elegant & Functional

26 Nov, 2017
This is a very nice wallet. When I opened it I could smell the highest quality leather used to make it, which made me very happy to know that it will last a very long time. It's very functional, i... read more »

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