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07 Feb, 2018
  I really liked these since mine are always getting lost or taken,now I know which one is mine since it's not the basic square ones everyone else in the house has. They work fantastic,and... read more »

Amazing to have

31 Jan, 2018
One of my favorite things is that this comes with a carry bag making it easy for travel,or even just storing when not in use,and I don't need to worry about it breaking. This music sheet stand all... read more »

Excellent idea

23 Oct, 2017
I gave this to a smoker. At first it took some adjustment to get used to,but it's definitely a great invention when there's not an ashtray around,or when you're just walking around,or some... read more »

Very Useful

23 Oct, 2017
I ordered this thinking I was going to use it for my oils,but also maybe my face products which I only have a few of. It was very simple to put together,although I did have trouble with a few of the b... read more »

So perfect

17 Oct, 2017
I was a little worried about how these would turn out to be when they actually arrived. I was so surprised. These dinosaur pants are so cute,and they are warm enough for me,and even fit real nice for... read more »

Great for so much!

17 Oct, 2017
I use these mainly as intended laundry bags for my bras. I also use one to collect dirty dish towels until I'm ready to wash them,usually once a week with a blanket or towels.In which I pour out t... read more »

Great pack

20 Jul, 2017
I've been using this charger for about a week,and so far it has worked really well. I haven't had any problems with it taking a charge,and it hasn't lost charge either. I like how big they... read more »

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