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Firm hold

30 May, 2022
Great to keep my phone standing in one place while I use it as a GPS, this way I don't have to pay for a second device. Keeps a great grip in the cup holder have not had any issues with it fall... read more »

Thick luxurious towels

17 Feb, 2021
These are the best towels I’ve ever purchased myself, by far! I’ve always used cheap towels where ever they were the cheapest, but I wanted to buy a good set of heavy duty towels and... read more »

Excellent quality, keeps toes toasty warm.

04 Feb, 2021
Hubby has been complaining that his feet have been getting beyond cold and he can't really feel how cold due to sciatic nerve being pinched and his feet are partially numb. This concerned me as he... read more »

So soft and warm!

17 Nov, 2020
These headbands are perfect to cover your ears in the colder months. They are soooo soft and warm you won't get that itchy scratchy feeling that you get with most hats or head bands. it's so s... read more »

Goes on smooth

02 Oct, 2020
Not sure of the performance of this product as I have only used it for a week now, but I can say I have sensitive skin and this does not bother my skin at all there is virtually no smell and goes on n... read more »

Sooo soft but one is thinner than the others

02 Oct, 2020
I bought 3 of these scarves, yellow, grey and red, the grey and red are nice and thick and sooooo soft! The yellow one is 1/2 as thick as the others, still great looking and so soft. they are a great... read more »

Great kit!

02 Oct, 2020
This was the perfect kit for my home to babyproof my home to watch my grandson, very easy to install and great looking, I used on on the toilet to keep the little one from playing in the toilet and it... read more »

Great set for Beginners!

21 Sep, 2020
I purchased this set because I make a lot of electronics repairs. Was not expecting much for the price but I must say that I am not disappointed. The case is tougher than I expected and everything fit... read more »

Excellent quality belt Fits All belt loops!

21 Sep, 2020
This belt is excellent and hubby likes it much better than the first one I bought him. With this one we do not need to take the belt buckle off to get it in the belt loops. This one has fit all of his... read more »

Great straws

21 Sep, 2020
I love these straws, I always have one hanging on my purse so where ever I go I have my straw!! it's very easy to keep clean with the included brush and It all stores together in a sleek small des... read more »

Amazing straws!

01 Jul, 2020
Everywhere I go I have my straw available as I keep it hanging off my purse! So convenient to have the brush alongside it to clean it when your finished using it! I would recommend these straws to any... read more »

Nice looking

02 Apr, 2020
Received my keychain today after 4 weeks of waiting which during this pandemic is't all that bad, it looks great fits my wrist nicely and is flexable which makes it more comfortable to wear and sl... read more »

Amazing results

17 Dec, 2019
It does the job, it really got all of the impurities out of my nose. First time trying a Pore Strip. When I looked very closely at the strip, I think it got even the very tiny hairs on the nose, which... read more »

Great clock

17 Dec, 2019
I get so frustrated with the ticking sound of regular clocks in my bedroom or any room. It literally keeps me awake and agitates me! I was looking for modern digital clock and this exceeds my expectat... read more »

Bright lights with various patterns

17 Dec, 2019
 I have a three sets of these RGB LED strips connected together but they can be cut in certain places to your needed size. They have adhesive backing to mount the lights with extra tape if n... read more »

Great educational toy

17 Dec, 2019
This is such a cool little science toy, it reminds me of when I was a kid at the museum getting my hair to stand up from the static electricity on the giant sized plasma balls they had there. Grabbed... read more »

Excellent quality belt!!

04 Oct, 2019
This is the first tactical belt that hubby’s owned. He has always worn leather belts and they never last very long for and the hole system on leather belts don’t tighten it just doesn&rsqu... read more »

Great way to spruce up a boring wall!!

24 Sep, 2019
I love my tree wall! It was super-easy to install! The decals arrive arranged a on piece of paper,  I used the diagram on the package so I you could figure out which branch goes wher... read more »

Sturdy waterproof light. Excellent quality.

22 Jul, 2019
This is a Wonderful light. Used it for over 2 hours straight brightest setting and the battery still had plenty of juice left. I use it for riding in the evening, one evening it started to rain and th... read more »

Great deal, saves money from buying batteries

22 Jul, 2019
The battery packs are a good deal for the price point. It came with all parts as advertised (2 battery packs + 2 charging cables with indicator light + 2 black control cover) the batteries are pretty... read more »

Works great for detecting propane

09 Jul, 2019
We installed this in our trailer as we have several items that run on propane. The kids were climbing up to get an item out of a cupboard and accidently turned one of the stove knobs on they immediatl... read more »

Great for in the bedroom

09 Jul, 2019
I replaced my outdated alarm clock with this, Wow what a difference it sounds great I love falling asleep listening to musicand even better sounding great! The lighs on the unit are a HUGE plus perfec... read more »

Comfortable, breathable material

21 May, 2019
I have had knee issues for the past 20 years... so always looking for new knee support that is light weight and does not show while wearing slacks! These work very well easy to slide on, tight enough,... read more »

Great deal, saves money from buying batteries or tripping over cords.

21 May, 2019
With having 5 kids and always one or more of them on the Xbox we would chew through batteries or be tripping over the cords. This has been a great purchase as there is no cords anymore which helps in... read more »

Perfect for our gas stove in our trailer.

21 May, 2019
I put these in our trailer on our gas stove. It is always so difficult to clean up any spills. Putting these on the stove was very easy. The slots around the hole opening make it easy to slip over the... read more »

Worked perfect to fix our issue!

21 May, 2019
We have an older laptop and it does not have Bluetooth capabilities. We needed to hook up a phone that the data cable no longer works in, to extract the pictures on it before getting rid of it. It was... read more »

Pleasantly surprised. Great tasting!

21 May, 2019
If you're unfamiliar with oolongs, be aware it's easy to use more tea than needed. You don't need more than 4 or 5 "chunks" to get a great cup of tea. This Dong Ding is not as... read more »

Great Power to charge me hungry phone!! Extra outlets a bonus

03 May, 2019
This works well, charging phones etc Way better than the one I bought previously. This one I can play on my phone or tablet  while its charging and the charge will increase as with the other my c... read more »

Excellent training tool

03 May, 2019
My Son says this trainer is excellent! He says the weight resembles that of an actual one, allowing you to train properly before trying it out with the real thing. He claims it is put together well, f... read more »

Excellent Trainer, just like a real one.

03 May, 2019
My Son says this trainer is excellent! He says the weight resembles that of an actual one, allowing you to train properly before trying it out with the real thing. He claims it is put together we... read more »

Very sharp be careful around fingers!

26 Apr, 2019
I was very hesitant that these scissors would be any good, my friend spent ove a hundred for hair cutting scissors, I've borrowed them and these ones work just the same but at a fraction of the co... read more »

Excellent control

28 Mar, 2019
It's awesome how I can ask Alexa to turn my livingroom lamps on or off before I enter a room. It's very convenient to be able to turn the lights on by just saying Alexa turn on the l... read more »

Works great only one small complaint

28 Mar, 2019
This has been a life saver as I can see and hear what the kids are doing in the diningroom while I'm at work. They often sneek things from the snack cupbord now I can call home and diffuse the fig... read more »

Very warm, keeps hands dry!!!

18 Jan, 2019
These kept my hands completely dry and very warm during a day of sledding with the kids. Unfortunately, I would not recommend them for ski or snowboarding for two reasons. Upon wearing them the first... read more »

Great to keep kids busy with their hands

18 Jan, 2019
My daughter absolutely loves this stuff and wants more. It came with little things in the slime and that was an added bonus as she loved it!! As for any slime after days of play you have to work some... read more »

I love the control of ease with this!!

16 Dec, 2018
It's great how I can safely get into my bed then ask Alexa to turn my lamp off in my room that is too far for me to reach. It's very convenient to be able to fix the sheets with the lights on... read more »

Great to keep an eye on what the kids are doing!

16 Dec, 2018
This has been a life saver as I can see and hear what the kids are doing in the livingroom while I'm at work. They often fight over the TV or Xbox now I can call home and diffuse the fight before... read more »

Safe stairs and peace of mind

27 Nov, 2018
We had an incident where my mother almost fell down the stairs. Right away I looked for a way to make my stairs safer,  I am very grateful to have found this product. They were so easy to put on... read more »

Pleasantly Suprised! Just as good as the original!

27 Nov, 2018
I was skeptical that these heads would be as good as the original as usually you get what you pay for.  With a son that likes to chew on his tooth brush a bit I was finding it costly to continual... read more »

Great accessories makes a great addition to my IP

20 Nov, 2018
Great set of accessories for my 8 qt Instant Pot. Fits a bit small I can fit lots of veggies in the steamer basket. It's hard to believe I've still been steaming on the stovetop. So much fa... read more »

Great security, can view when not home!

10 Nov, 2018
I was super excited to get this camera, because I've been looking for one for a while. I'm glad to say that I was not disappointed in the quality of this one. I can't really speak on the s... read more »

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