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Jul, 2021

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So far so good

11 Dec, 2021
Definitely does the job as a hairdryer, though I don't know if the infrared is supposed to do anything special or something. read more »

Not bad over all

25 Nov, 2021
It is pretty light and slightly feels like it can easily break but only time will tell. But it does the job as described so im not disappointed. read more »

As expected.

06 Sep, 2021
They are super cute but feel cheaply made. My kids like them but im not sure how long they will last. Not a bad value, but only time will tell. read more »

Very cute

03 Sep, 2021
It feels pretty nice and sturdy, cant wait to get it all loaded up with gifts and crafts for my husband (kids father) for fathers day. Not a bad buy at all. read more »

Not bad

03 Sep, 2021
Can't really complain, its not as good as say my phones or laptops camera but it does the job for video conferences and the like. No issues with sound either which is good. read more »

Works somewhat

03 Sep, 2021
The bigger more clogged pores get some movement. The smaller ones though, don't get much so you kind of have to scrub your face first to loosen it all up I guess. read more »

Works to keep paranoid grandpa comfortable

03 Sep, 2021
The quality is not horrible and it does at least work to reassure my grandfather that noone is sneaking in to his house at night. read more »

So far so good

31 Aug, 2021
I have no clue how to use it but my husband says it was worth the buy! And it is not broken yet so thats cool too!   read more »

Not to shabby

26 Aug, 2021
A bit harder then expected. Like rock solid. Dog seems to not mind it though and it has slowed his eating. read more »

Works as expected

12 Aug, 2021
Can't complain, works relatively fast and has not died in the first few days at least. We will have to see how long it holds out but for now it is looking promising. read more »


12 Aug, 2021
The picture does it justice and the quality seems pretty good. Not really my color but I will still probably wear it just because. read more »

Kid loves it

12 Aug, 2021
My daughter would not take it for for the first day we have had it. It is bright and sparkles for sure. The only thing is that it is  bad is that it is easily bent so I imagine the first time its... read more »

Super cute and pretty good quality

11 Aug, 2021
I cant complain, the sparkles are attached well and it seems like a sturdy material. They are very cute and my daughter is already looking forward to wearing them out. read more »

Could not ask for more

07 Aug, 2021
Came with everything as pictured and heats pretty fast, I have only had it a day so far but no complaints from me with it as of yet at all. read more »

So far so good

07 Aug, 2021
Works as expected and was shipped pretty fast, I cant complain and I would purchase again. read more »

Not bad. Not bad at all

04 Aug, 2021
Not as sturdy as I would have hoped but luckily my cat is not to big so its not an issue when he tries to lean on it. It is super cute though and I would purchase again in anycase! read more »

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