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I am an adventurous blogger/ reviewer seeking to learn everything in life. My goal is to help others learn and experience the same. As a consumer it is nice to see how things work. It is my goal to know what everyday people really think of the things I review and share. It helps to test everything so others know what they would love to buy. So I strive to review and share as much to benefit both my viewers and the sponsor/sponsors. I am a hands on kind of person, so this will benefit everyone to see first hand how everything works. Main blogs link is https://southernreviews.wordspress.com/
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Shell Pillow

26 Apr, 2022
                  I love pillows and when they match the theme of my bedroom all the better. I already had the smaller shell pil... read more »

Very nice Chakra Bracelet.

25 Mar, 2022
I just love this braclet. I love haling stones and this double band of stones is so nice. The bracelet is easy to get on and off. I love the beading and braiding style of the bracelet. It is veery wel... read more »

Handy beside light with phone charger port.

11 Mar, 2022
This is one handy bedside lamp. It has three setting from dim to bright with the tap of your fingure. It has two side pockets as you can se I have my remote in one and pens, dobbers and thermometor&nb... read more »

Nice lead for my Dog

25 Feb, 2022
This is a very nice lead for my dog. I was a bit disappointed on ho long I had to wait for delivery! When you have a pet time is of the essance. I had to run out and buy a new one while I was waiting... read more »

Impressive Compact Rechargeable Mixer

25 Feb, 2022
All I can say is wow!!!!! This is one mighty rechargable wireless mixer. I love the ease of use and the level of speed that comes from this tiny device. It is so compact it stores right in a drawer... read more »

Car Cover For Pet's

31 Jan, 2022
This was just what I needed to protect my seats from pet's. My pet was not the problem. But I would let my friends carry there pet and well, you know the story. This is just the thing it wraps the... read more »

Night light salt lights

31 Jan, 2022
These are nice night light except the are a bit heavey and bulky. I had trouble keeping the plugged in. This is a nice concept but to thick was the globe part. I love salt lamps and have them in every... read more »

Fish tank foliage

31 Jan, 2022
    I was really shocked when my package arrived. I never expected a entire tank full of items. I cleaned my tank and loaded it up with all the new stuff and I had no room for any... read more »

Workout tights

26 Jan, 2022
I loved the style and design of the pants, but the sizing was off. They were very small cut so I gifted then to a friends daughter. They fit her very well and she loved them. The materal seemed to be... read more »

Solar Flying ornament's

26 Jan, 2022
I love thise yard ornaments, they are so decorative in the midst of a shrub bush to add some sparkle as long as you have them in a way the solar panel can get light during the day so they light up at... read more »

Solar Light's in Lavender

26 Jan, 2022
I simply love the night glow of these lavender solar lights. They light up my trees just right. The light is a soft purple hue against the night. They deliver the perfect amount of light, I enjoy sitt... read more »

Throw back to the 90's

26 Jan, 2022
I got this to enjoy some blasts from the past games.I found many old games and so many I had never heard of. My oly complaint is it says hundreds of games. Well some where on here twice and some that... read more »

Dog Duck Toy

25 Jan, 2022
  My Coco is in as I say doggie Heaven. She loves toys and she really loves this one. I like that the squeak is not so loud the neighbors can hear it. It is made of a nice quality material. Sh... read more »

Can we say 80's pant's

24 Jan, 2022
  I seen these and my heart went back to 87 and lot's of fun times with friends and dancing out at the club. So i have to sa they are comfortable and feel so smooth on the skin. The ma... read more »

Silky Top

24 Jan, 2022
I seen this top and thought it would be an incredable addition to my wardrobe. I was disappointed when the top arrived and it was made of a very nice material, but when I put it on the sizing was off... read more »

Spurtles the new wave in Kitchen Utensils.

24 Jan, 2022
  ​​​​​​   These wood spurtles are the perfect solution to the plastic cooking utensil. Why?  Do you ask. Well here is why , The Moliy spurtle set is made of beech wood. The su... read more »

Bedside Storage

21 Jan, 2022
  I needed something to hold all my stuff. When you go to bed and you need the remote for the TV or the bed Riser Remote. I can even use it for a water bottle storage if need be. I like that I... read more »

Handy Garbage Bags

20 Jan, 2022
I was given these bags at a discount to give them a try. I love the ease of use for all my small cans. It is perfect to drop a roll in the can and pull the full garbage bag out and have the extras rig... read more »

Mine hanging trash can

20 Jan, 2022
This is a handy little can you can use either in the bathroom or kitchen. Really you could use it most anywhere you have the ability to hang it. I did have a slight problem when it came to putting a t... read more »

Not as photoed

20 Jan, 2022
I recieved this item at a discount. It arrived weeks later then expected. When it finally arrived it was in a crushed box and it was a tube not a jar. It has no instructions on how to use the product.... read more »

Lint Shaver

15 Jan, 2022
I love lint shavers. They are perfect for keeping your sweaters or other flint loving materials looking new. I like that it is electric over my other one that was rechargable. This one keeps going as... read more »

Food Vacuum Sealer

15 Jan, 2022
I was looking for a food sealer, when this was offered to me for a discount. It works OK and it seals good. I just find it a bit ockward an hard to seel, but once sealed it holds great.You have to hol... read more »

Handy Jewelry Hanger

14 Jan, 2022
This is the handiest jewerly hanger I have had in a long time. I can keep my stuff at my fingertips. It hold necklaces,bracelets and rings. You can even place your broaches and other items in the tray... read more »

Nice small can bags

14 Jan, 2022
I like to have these small trash can bags, The roll is perfect in the bottom of the can, I just pull out the full bag and unroll a new one. I like the black color as the goes with every design I have... read more »

Car Tissue Replacement Review

13 Jan, 2022
  I resently purchased a refullable tissue holder. I had a hard time finding the right replacement tissues. This is what I needed. I love that it came in a multipack set. With the way everythi... read more »

Shell Pillow

12 Jan, 2022
I have been decorating my livingroom with beach style items from wall murals to throw pillows. This pillow is super soft and made very well. I love the firmness of the pillow and the way it bounces ba... read more »

The C Cable

12 Jan, 2022
The C cable is one of the newest cables to me. I got a new fire tablet last year and well I am a it clumbsy. So after dropping the tablet a few times on the cable plugged in side. Well you know what h... read more »

Selfie Stick

11 Jan, 2022
I was excited to get this for my granddaughter. I was not so happy when we took it out of the box to discover it was very flimsy and would not hold her phone the batteries included would not work. So... read more »

3 Tier Hanging Rack

11 Jan, 2022
I got this for over my patry door storage. I will say it is huge and it is heavy duty built. I had some trouble putting it together. It has flaps that lower and if you not careful they can slip. The o... read more »

Loofa Kitchen Sponges

11 Jan, 2022
I was surprised to see how well these worked in the kitchen. I had used these ntype sponges in the bath for a long time.But these loofa's was very good at cleaning fruits and veggies. I was even m... read more »

Baby wash cloths

10 Jan, 2022
I have found some of the softest wash clothes ever. These are great for babies, but this grandmother is in love with them. I like that the cloth is so soft and smooth to the skin. I find it is the bes... read more »

Dainty Napkin Rings

10 Jan, 2022
I like the simple narrow style of these napkin rings. They can make a dinner table more elagant or simple. They style of the cloth napkin with this simple silver circle with slight flat spot to make k... read more »

Light Light Light

08 Jan, 2022
I was shocked to see how bright this light was. My bathroom had one light bar. Living in an apartment the lighting is not alowas the best. My bathroom was a great example. Now I can see, good or bad.... read more »

Cordless Curling and Straightening Iron.

08 Jan, 2022
Now I have to admit. I was skeptical of this iron. It says you charge it up and then you can traighten or curl your hair. So I plugged it up charged it for a good 24 hours. I have to say, it worked pe... read more »

Handheld Air Paint Brush

08 Jan, 2022
This is an amazing tool. I personally use it for painting projects. But keep inmind you can use this for makeup or cake decorating. I truely do not see a end to the options for this handy handheld air... read more »

Great Gel Polish

24 Feb, 2021
I am enjoying the new gel polish and how beautiful the colors are. You do need the UVlamp. But I have one. We everything that is going on in the world today. This kind of polish sure helps with the di... read more »

Antenna not as listed

24 Feb, 2021
I was excited to get this it was supposed to pick up for hundreds of miles. I could not get any channels to pick up in any position and even tried setting it on my porch. I wish it had worked. I was v... read more »

Fast Gel UV Polish remover.

02 Feb, 2021
I was super excited to try this. I have started during this covid age we are having, doing my own nails. I have always polished normal polish. But now I do gel and sns powder. This remover work fantas... read more »

Teen Girls Nail Kit

09 Jan, 2021
I I  I will say I was a bit taken aback to start with. This kit came a bit gritty and some of the powder for the nails was spilt along with the nail dip polish. But once I cleaned it up my grandd... read more »

Pretty Little Tree

13 Dec, 2020
Description This is the cutest little tree. I have decided it will be best on my kitchen table. I like that you can use batteries or plug in to a outlet with a cord attachment. It is just the right... read more »

Mini Christmas Tree

11 Dec, 2020
Southern Reviews Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go! Mini Christmas Tree I will say I did think it would be bigger. However it is a nice little tree. I thought it would be a centerpie... read more »

Can we say dip dip your nails

09 Dec, 2020
  I found this set to be so beautiful and I cannot wait to try it. The only thing this fabulous set is missing is the basecoat, activator and top coat. But the kit comes with perfect... read more »

Personal alarm keychain

26 Nov, 2020
I do a lot of trail walks and hikes. This is the perfect tool to have whether your walking or just need light to open your door. Every one could benefit from one of the alarm light sos key chain... read more »

Snowflake Silver Rhinestone Napkin Rings.

21 Nov, 2020
This amazing set of napkin rings are so beautiful and my video and photos just do not do them justice. They are perfect in shape and size. This set of rings will make your Christmas Table or and occas... read more »

Handy hair towels.

08 Oct, 2020
I just love the texture and snug fit of these hair wrap towels. You get three beautiful super soft wraps with button and band to secure it to your head. It hold you hair perfectly and helps dry it nat... read more »

Perfect bamboo shade for the tranquil place.

15 Jul, 2020
When I purchased this shade I knew it was going to be a great addition to my room. The shade is just tall enough for my relaxing time in my bedroom. I love the foot peddle for turning it off and on. I... read more »

Writing Tablet

15 Mar, 2020
This is perfect for kids of all ages and adults. You just write and hit delete to erase. The tablet is light weight and easy to handle. With it's own pen attached to the tablet with the cord... read more »

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