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Really like them

18 Jan, 2018
Really like these shower curtain hooks. I had plastic rings and some broke so I replaced them with these. They work great! they slide so easy and they keep the liner and the curtain seperated. I love... read more »

Works Fantastic

18 Jan, 2018
This charger works great! I didn't think it was going to work with the case on the phone but it does! So easy to use and would recommend to anyone!! Will buy another for the office. Awesome charge... read more »

Works great

18 Jan, 2018
Works great! The cord itself feels really durable, charged my iphone fast and it worked really well. I would reccomend this charger and will buy again! read more »

Very nice

18 Jan, 2018
Bought this as a gift and it was perfect. It was super soft and was a super pretty color! She loved it! I would definately recommend it and would buy again! read more »


18 Jan, 2018
I like the case. I thought it was going to be plastic. Its was rubber and the colors were not as bright as in the picture. It protected my phone and it was still pretty just different than what I expe... read more »

Works great and looks great too!

05 Dec, 2017
Absolutely love it!! It works very well to keep water in and the cloth doesn’t collect water. I will never own the other kind of curtain again. I highly recommend it and will be buying another f... read more »

Works Fantastic

05 Dec, 2017
I used these today and they were fantastic!!! Headphones worked fantastic and the charger worked great too!! I liked this one because I can charge my phone and listen to music at the same time. ... read more »

Works great

30 Nov, 2017
Screen protector works great! Sometimes I have to turn the screen brightness up to see the screen which kills my battery a little faster but I knew that when I purchased it. It was super easy to put o... read more »

works great

25 Oct, 2017
 we smoke a lot of meat and we needed something to check the meat before we took the meat off. This works perfect. absolutely no complaints. It works fast and you can read the screen clearly. wou... read more »

Works amazing well

25 Oct, 2017
I couldnt believe the sound that came out of this small speaker. We bought it so we could take it on the trails with us when we go riding. It works perfect. Its loud too! The sound is crisp and clear... read more »

I liked them!

11 Oct, 2017
I liked these mats for my stove top. They didnt fit my stove top when I purchased them so I had to cut them down to where they would fit. They work well and after the first spill I just took them out... read more »

Really like it!

11 Oct, 2017
I really really like this can opener. I like this one because it is smaller than the average can opener because it only has one handle. I can put it in my drawer without it taking up a crazy amount of... read more »

So pretty!

11 Oct, 2017
I loved the cards. The colors were bright and vibrant!  The cards felt very well made too. The paper was super easy to write on and the envelopes too. I would defineatly  buy them... read more »

Really like them

10 Oct, 2017
I really like these headphones. They fit really well in my ears and they are comfy because I wear them for a long period of time. They also came with extra ear pieces I would buy them again. read more »

Really like it

14 Sep, 2017
The screen protector came with cleaning wipes so you can clean the screen before you apply it. It was really easy to put on and no bubbles under it either! Has worked great I can barely tell its even... read more »

Works great!

14 Sep, 2017
I Really like this cord. Its really well made and I love that it has a velcro ring on it so if I need to tie it up its on the cord and it stays in place! It also charges fast which I like, The length... read more »

Works Great!!

31 Aug, 2017
I love them! They are loud enough for me to hear when my dog rings them and I am in the other room. I love that they are adjustable so I can adjust them so they work for short or tall dogs. They are v... read more »

Works great!!

22 Aug, 2017
I love my magnetic brush for my tank! It works very well!! I had build up on the inside of my tank but I was not able to reach it. This was perfect for that! I highly recommend it and would definitely... read more »

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