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I am a polishaholic beauty blogger. I review more than just makeup.
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Works great

02 Dec, 2020
The tubes are small and descrete. Would be great to take on vacation with you. Product worked and didnt cause any reactions. Woukd buy again.  read more »

Great for any sewing machine owner.

04 Nov, 2020
This wonderful set has everything you need foot wise for your machine. They appear to be well made and were easy to use. The only down falls was not having a hard contaimer to store them in and a... read more »

My favorite

04 Nov, 2020
Ive had a few of these and eaxh one had something i didnt like about it. That is till i found this one. The movible neck allows you to move it so you can read it no matter whwre your outlet is located... read more »

So compact

04 Nov, 2020
I love the size of this. Its definately one of those situations of dont let the size fool you as this baby packs a punch. I keep it about half way in power when using towards a person as to not blind... read more »

Works great

01 Nov, 2020
Easy to use and i love the height of the stand. The stand has a non slip,weighted base that keeps it from tipping. The light has several settings allowing you to find one tjat works for your filming.... read more »

Didnt last

01 Nov, 2020
Broke within the first 2 weeks. Charge port stopped working and it would cut off and on.  read more »


28 Aug, 2018
Works great and does just what I needed it to do. I tested it in my car and loved how easy it was to use and then I gave it to a friend who just got a new car and needed one of these and he hasn&rsquo... read more »

KINGJOY Tabletop Tripod

08 Jul, 2018
I have quite a few tripods but no table top ones until this one. I never thought I needed one but now using this I realize how much easier to get this set up just right instead of trying to figure out... read more »

fake nose rings

08 Jul, 2018
I love these they fit comfortably and are super cute. read more »

Video Tripod Pan Tilt Head

08 Jul, 2018
This is something I didnt know exsisted and had been trying to part to gether myself. This allows me to have my phone showing whats on my camera screen since my camera is older and isnt compatible wit... read more »

Zoweetek Rechargeable Wireless Presenter Flip Pen

12 Jun, 2018
This pointer pen is super strong. It  works great for presentations  as its made for but is also a great thing to drive you cat crazy. I turned it on and my cat went crazy. The one we had be... read more »

Foldable Tablet Stand

02 Jun, 2018
This stand has come in handy not only for my ipad but for my iphone. The ipad is the 12.9 inch and its hard to hold so I like having this on hand as its made it easier to use. I watch a lot of youtube... read more »

Power Adapter Wall charger with 7 tips

02 Jun, 2018
This is something I have needed for ages. I am constantly needing to find a cord for electronics and having this allows me to have less wires everywhere. Its made my charging area less messy and more... read more »

A little repetitive.

12 Mar, 2018
Depending on your makeup collection you will either love or hate this pallet. It’s browns and pinks mostly with varying shades in the same color pallet. They work great on the eyes but personall... read more »

Nice starter pallet

12 Mar, 2018
This is a great pallet for beginners or crazy people like me who buy mostly neon eyeshadows. This gives you plenty of crease colors to choose from and make a well rounded look with even the craziest p... read more »

Snail mail

29 Jan, 2018
These just arrived this weekend and one of the glitters was shattered. I pressed it back into the pan without adding anything in like alcohol and it had a dry formula. I can’t swear by the usage... read more »

Great for party favors

19 Dec, 2017
Emoji have taken the stated by storm and my group of friends are no exception. I got these to hand out to my wedding guest but it arrived after I had already left for the location. It’s ok thoug... read more »

Skulls are cool

13 Nov, 2017
This mold is quite fantastic it was easy to use. It makes cool ice cubes and doesn’t leak. I plan on using them with resin in the future and think I might buy another for chocolate use. I love t... read more »

Something different

07 Nov, 2017
This necklace is different then anything else I found in my search for something to wear to my wedding. It embodies everything that I hope for. Wishing for a good life. The necklace is well made and a... read more »

Love these.

29 Oct, 2017
This balloon set was everything I needed. I got this for my wedding and the color combo in this is great. I originally wasn't planning on using the gold but it's nice and frosted and I quite e... read more »


29 Oct, 2017
It came in a little draw string bag. The downside I ran into was that the moon wasn't attached and was loose in the bag. I'm not sure if it was damaged in shipping or if it was handling in the... read more »

This set is awesome

25 Oct, 2017
I love having these to play tricks on friends. Also I don’t want to commit to get the piercing itself but like having the option to pop these in to change up my look. Love the color selection in... read more »

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