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Jan, 2018

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I’ve been reviewing for over 3 years (mostly on Amazon). love to review items. Since Amazon has given everyone such a hard time about reviews I am switching to social media reviews. I mostly would be posting reviews to Facebook and Twitter but I can also post them to other social media accounts. If you choose me,I can guarantee that you will be getting well written, professional reviews.
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Wireless Charging Station

14 Dec, 2018
The Floureon Wireless Charging Station is great! On the side it has an anti-slip surface area to place your phone/tablet while it is charging. You can charge your cell ph... read more »

Cute Christmas Ornaments

14 Dec, 2018
The R*Lucky Plush Christmas Ornaments are cute. They are homemade and looked really cute on my Christmas tree. They are stuffed which gives them the 3D look and are the perfect size. You get... read more »

Great for small jobs

09 Feb, 2018
This soldering iron kit is great for small jobs. It comes in a very nice case that lets you keep all your things in one place. It works wonderfully. I like that the temperature is adjustable and it co... read more »

Convenient and Keeps Splatter From The Microwave

09 Feb, 2018
I love the Elwey Magnetic Microwave Splatter Cover! It reminds anyone who uses my microwave to cover their plate or whatever they are heating because it is already in the microwave when they open the... read more »

Great Clarity, Very Comfortable and Long Lasting

09 Feb, 2018
The Lobkin Bluetooth Headphones are awesome! The clarity of these headphones is great. Whether listening to music, movies or just playing a game the sounds that come through these headphones is super... read more »

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