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Uber good quality

23 Mar, 2021
It is well made , the top has a rubber ring to stop those phones with glass back panels or even phone cases made out of glass . Haven't got further test to go with , happy to comeback sometime and... read more »

High quality made

22 Mar, 2021
Has enough juice for 5 minutes of continous play , however the battery would discharge faster if it withdraws curent continously so maximum 3 second speed boost ( forward or backwards ) would do nicel... read more »

weak optic sensor

15 Jan, 2021
For aesthetics only or could be used as a media pc peripheral ( when connected to a 4k TV for example , big resolution ) cause the DPI config making it very unprecised ,   won't be... read more »


15 Jan, 2021
Could use a few more tweaks on the app as it does glitch sometimes showing it needs troubleshooting when it does not need to . Very user friendly phone app but on the website side  of view everyt... read more »

Been holding out quite good

14 Dec, 2020
You may say chinese products have a flaw in desing or anything related to durability but it's not the case for this one , haven't charged the product since day 1 and still going strong , the m... read more »

Excelent light

01 Dec, 2020
Very decent light at this price , totally recommend read more »

Mid average quality and functionality

30 Aug, 2020
I've played on this for an average of 2 hours since i've got it , such a big collection of retro stuff however i cannot use the controller as it does not wish to fire up . read more »

Astonishing good

11 Dec, 2018
Update in the works  read more »

Automatic mode not working

11 Dec, 2018
Never worked properly , only manual feeding . There's no way to get contact with them , you can only return the item . read more »

Needs a lower price

11 Dec, 2018
The drone has some good handling using the phone app rather than the wireless controller as it might be interfering with other household items operating at 2.4 Ghz same as the controller .  &n... read more »


11 Dec, 2018
Updates on the way  read more »

Authentic product

10 Dec, 2018
Works flawlessly The air-flow – Smooth as a well greased otter sliding down a greasy slide. It makes for an enjoyable vape. The drip tip – It’s a bit different and it works, it... read more »

Cool handling

10 Dec, 2018
Strong structure , haven't encountered any issues      read more »

5 / 5 stars

28 Nov, 2018
Heavily recommending , for their price category they offer a quite decent bass and great treble . The cable is a tangle free gum in a crystal clear colour , on the inside you could see the extra br... read more »

Excelent results

26 Nov, 2018
Ease of use , main device very well built and the accesories as well , no issues encounetered . read more »

Great condition

25 Nov, 2018
Product packed very well , the material seems to be quite decent . read more »

Decent enough

25 Nov, 2018
Item came boxed in a good hardened case , had no issues with the product .        read more »

Well deserved 5 stars

22 Nov, 2018
First of all i wanna point out that they haven't got any issue like only one handset connecting and the other one not working . They are a good fit , never had issues listening for long time and t... read more »

Perfectly fit in any room

19 Nov, 2018
Had no issues with the product , has calming lights . Comes well packed    more updates on the way on this thread including pics read more »

Great quality

19 Nov, 2018
Had no issues with the pump , has a very convenient design  The price is quite decent  read more »

A goody bag

19 Nov, 2018
The quality of these exceeded the limits  They do have a transparent  protective layer on top making them waterproof  I recommend them read more »

Good quality

18 Nov, 2018
-Acceptable material -very breathable  -Lint free    read more »

Works as described

16 Nov, 2018
 It takes a few times to get the hang of filling the mold to make them 'perfect' balls. There's a small hole in the top of each cavity. Fill it up as far as you can, then move the mol... read more »

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