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Feb, 2018

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Wife and mother of 2. Worked in retail visual merchandising for more than 15 years. Love to cook, fish, swim, and shop. Life long DIY and crafter.
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Great LED Illusion light!

16 Dec, 2019
Works exactly as described. This will be a great gift for a teenager in my family.  Love the colors. read more »

Looks great! Kid loves it.

01 Dec, 2019
My 8-year-old daughter is a Dino expert and she loves this light.  I like that it can be charged and then unplugged for the night.  That means she can take it with her if she gets up and goe... read more »

Perfect teacher gift!!

26 Nov, 2019
My daughter gave these to her teacher as a gift and they are wonderful.  They use them in the class at naptime so everyone can settle down but still see enough to be safe. read more »

Great items to make a gift for the whiskey drinker family

26 Nov, 2019
I bought this and a nice bottle of whiskey for my uncle as a gift he loves it. He can have the same ice balls at home that he gets in the high end hotel bars.  read more »

Love this popcorn popper!

28 Jul, 2019
I wanted an alternative to my air popper so that I could use my butter flavor popping oil in small amounts so I decided to try this.  I have had it for months now and have fallen in love.  I... read more »

Perfect for listening to music while I work.

15 Dec, 2018
  I love single earbuds.  I have several.  I have been using this one often for a few weeks and I am very happy with it.  I charge it at night and get about 4 hours of act... read more »

My husband likes it as much as I do.

10 Dec, 2018
I wanted one of these but my husband said they were a waste of money.  I never listen to him so I shopped around and bought this one.  I used it and really liked it.  My husband ga... read more »

Easy to set up!

08 Dec, 2018
I have not had this long but I really like it so far.  The picture is very good even on my badly painted walls.  Setting it up was pretty simple.  I played some videos from a thumb driv... read more »

Easy to use.

07 Dec, 2018
This kit works exactly the way it should.  It is easy to use and I am very happy with it.  The beads have a nice mild fragrance when melted which I like.  The warmer is easy to keep cle... read more »

We love this lamp!

23 Nov, 2018
My kids love this and we use it as a night light.  The remote makes it very customizable.  The color changes look very cool.  Stays on for a long time after full charge.  We ... read more »

Great for listening to music while I work.

23 Nov, 2018
I am a merchandiser and spend my days in various stores.  This earbud is discreet and works very well.  I can keep my phone nearby and listen to music to help me keep up a quick pace. The ba... read more »

I love this earbud. Great for work!

23 Nov, 2018
This earbud worked so nicely but I thought it stopped working.  I got the manual back out and charged it overnight.  When I tried again following the instructions it worked just fine. ... read more »

Just what I needed

23 Nov, 2018
I have had a sous vide cooker that I have been dying to use.  I am wary of using freezer/ziploc type bags so I was thrilled to get these because they ate made to work safely with the temps used b... read more »

Fits My S9+ perfectly

12 Oct, 2018
I wanted a wallet style case for trips where I only need my phone, ID, and bank card so I ordered this one.  My Samsung Galaxy S9+ fits perfectly.  I can put a few dollars, my DL and a... read more »

Perfect solution for missing lids

12 Oct, 2018
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Gfive I am in LOVE with these stretchable l... read more »

Perfect Nightlight! The #D illusion is very cool.

12 Oct, 2018
This LED night light is perfect for my Godson.  He loves Dinosaurs and dragons.  The remote with the color choices and dimming makes it so easy to set it up so that it will not keep him... read more »

Husband is happy to have this in his tackle box.

05 Sep, 2018
I got this for my husband to keep on his boat so he can repair his cast net when needed.  So far he has only used it once but it worked great and he was able to catch plenty of bait fish after fi... read more »

Great trimmer and personal grooming tool.

05 Sep, 2018
I love this cool little groomer.  I got it for my husband because his nose hair trimmer stopped working but it can be used for so many other things.  Great beard and sideburn trimmer an... read more »

Great light for my backyard patio door! Very bright.

17 Jul, 2018
Such a big difference!  My yard is much safer at night now. I am home alone sometimes and I wanted security lights in the backyard.    We installed one a month ago and the light i... read more »

Just what I needed. Perfect for the beach. or anywhere the ground may be wet.

22 May, 2018
I have used old quilts for years as picnic blankets but the sand on our beaches is superfine and it is very hard to get the sand out of anything.    The stakes were great for keeping... read more »

Really good sound quality. Fits my child's head well. Adorable light-up ears.

29 Mar, 2018
I ordered this for my 6-year-old daughter.  Her big sister has a pair and she was begging for a Kitty headphone set for herself.  I found this great deal on a pink set for her.  The lig... read more »

Exactly what I was looking for to make fairy lanterns.

22 Mar, 2018
I have been shopping around for a set of solar powered fairy/twinkle light jar lids with a carry handle included. I found a great deal on these and they also came with the glass jars as well. The vide... read more »

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