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honest reviewer. love to try new products and share my experiences. huge crafter so if i love something that i can find a use for, i share in all my groups. do not do paypal or contacts outside of this site. i have had my amazon account for 10 years, will not lose it due to things against their tos.
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09 Jan, 2022
These are perfect to show Americans where these outrageous prices have come from.  While you can't afford gas, food and rent, know for what you vote for.  Nothing is free, no matter how... read more »

Great kit

29 Dec, 2021
If you need to memorialize something, look no further.  This is a great little book to use to jot down your latest vacation, graduation, party or just a simple day at the beach.  Came with s... read more »

Best investment

29 Dec, 2021
I got this light for my craft room.  I was having a hard time seeing at night (age) and boy does this brighten the whole room.  So much so, I got another one for the garage.  These ligh... read more »

Nice set of molds

29 Dec, 2021
I do a lot of crafting and baking.  I got these molds for chocolate covered cakes and also thought they would be great to use as chocolate bowls for fruit or mousse cups.  But when I looked... read more »

Crafting Blessing!

29 Dec, 2021
These stencils are amazing.  They are nice sized and very durable.  You can use them for wood, tumblers, stencils for your lawn and many more opportunities.   They clean up good an... read more »

Bake Away!

16 Jun, 2021
I have had tons of silicone mats in the past and all I can say is this is the best one ever.  This is not only a great size but the thickness of the mat is very remarkable.  This mat doesn&#... read more »


16 Jun, 2021
This set of 12 brushes are wonderful.  They include 12 different brush styles.  They are the perfect weight and easy to hold.  I painted a few items with these brushes and not once did... read more »

Can't review

06 Jun, 2021
I never received these due to they were lost by Amazon and not replace.  I just need to clear this so it doesn't look like I failed to review.   Sorry.   read more »

Clear sounding!

06 Jun, 2021
I was not expecting this microphone to be so big.  I wanted something to hook up to my computer so I could chat but didn't want the video component.  This did the job.  This microph... read more »

Perfect for what I needed.

06 Jun, 2021
This is a great price for three box molds.  They are perfect size for little trinkets.  You can pour different levels and see through the material to know what you have.  So many differ... read more »

Get your kids baking!

06 Jun, 2021
These are definitely a great tool for the little ones to use while making cookies.  They are perfect size for their hands and easy to manage.  They would be great for using with playdough to... read more »

All I can say is wow!

06 Jun, 2021
I received this box and it is amazing.  It really shocked me how much was included in this kit.  There were tons of stickers, detail tape, photo corners to hold your photos so they're no... read more »

Love this!

25 May, 2021
When I looked at this, I had the perfect idea that I needed it to hold my canning jars.  And it worked perfectly.  This is a large spice rack which can be used for spices but stylish enou... read more »


25 May, 2021
These pressed dried flowers worked beautiful in my resin art.  There are so many differnt colors and styles.  These are well maintained and they did not fall apart and well packaged.  V... read more »


17 Mar, 2021
Works just like the magic eraser getting rid of the tough dirt and grime.  Perfect for cleaning pots and pans too.   Use it for crafts when having to get paint off.  These thing... read more »

Love it!

06 Aug, 2020
This was exactly what I was looking for to give me more light to our craft room.  This has three different light modes, white/warm white/warm light.  And it can be controlled remotely. ... read more »


07 Jul, 2020
If you are currently making freshies, these are great for hanging them in your vehicle.  Strong elastic and very durable.  Also would be great for mask making, if you wear one.   read more »


07 Jul, 2020
This was exactly what I was looking for to give me more light to my studio.  This has three different light modes, white/warm white/warm light.  And it can be controlled remotely.  It h... read more »

Love Love Love this!

23 Jan, 2020
All you crafters out there... this is what you need if you are doing little projects here and there. Easy to use, easy to clean and you charge it by USB.  Perfect size for storage!  You d... read more »

Just what you need!

23 Jan, 2020
These are small but they really reflect.  Great for putting on your bike or to put on camping or boating gear. These are great to ensure a little more safety and the ability for others to take... read more »

Perfect Way!

23 Jan, 2020
Perfect and painless way to get rid of that unwanted hair.   Easy to change the different attachments and it's not rough on your skin.   Perfect size, able to carry it in... read more »

Airpods in Style

26 Oct, 2019
Love the color and design work of this outer case the covers your airpod case.   This fits securely onto your case and there is a clip for it to attach to your backpack or keyring, plus t... read more »

So soft

07 Oct, 2019
You need make up pads that you can use over and over again?  Look no further.  These will save you a lot of money in the long run.  They are super soft, work like a charm and you can... read more »

Black Light!

07 Oct, 2019
Crafters! Looking for a strong UV black light to activate those glow powders? Here you go! Over 100 LED UV bulbs and they come with glasses! Sturdy build, durable and it comes with glasses! For the no... read more »

Crafting or Baking - you choose!

09 Aug, 2019
Attention tumbler makers! Need some silicone mats? Here you have a three piece set in PINK! Great for catching that dripping epoxy! Bakers? Well yes, you can have a fashion statement right in your ver... read more »

Puppy Power!

03 Jul, 2019
Look at this! Dogs traveling in style! Whether you are out for a days journey or out and about for a few hours, this is a handy thing to have. It not only stores water and food for your pup but comes... read more »

The Perfect Size!

19 Jun, 2019
Have you ever went out and needed something to hold your belongings but didn't want to carry a huge backpack?   Well this crossbody sling is PERFECT!  Whether you are hiking, bik... read more »

Definitely Long Lasting!

24 May, 2019
Need a long lasting lip products? Look no further! I was really impressed when I received these. First, you get six colors for a great price. Second, when they say long lasting, waterproof - they actu... read more »


14 May, 2019
Finally some compression socks with style! These are great socks that actually work for diabetics or wearing daily to stop those varicose veins. They look very cute with scrubs and there are several d... read more »


14 May, 2019
Just in time for Memorial weekend! Show your patriotic side with this cute flag. Perfect 3 x 5 foot for your patio/home or inside. This is a very well stitched flag that has two brass grommets that wi... read more »

Awesome set

14 May, 2019
Ambience! Need I say more? This set is a great little set to have. Decorate your room, outdoor patio or any other spot that needs a little light. Bonus remote! How awesome that you can turn them on/of... read more »


14 May, 2019
Wine tumblers that are just amazing! Love the feel, keeps your drink cold and has a straw to boot! During the summer it is important to keep your drinks cool. Great for by the pool or at the beach whe... read more »

Love It

04 Apr, 2019
One thing that can hit you when you get older is misplacing you most precious items, such as your keys!  Now with this handy little finder, never again will I forget where they are!  Very ea... read more »

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