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Nice Controller!

13 Jul, 2021
This Controller is really nice to game with.   I tried to play Mario Kart with these controllers and they are working great! These are a little bit more bulky than the original ones, but... read more »

I doubt, that this is working out

13 Jul, 2021
I tried this on my nose and my forehead, and everytime i used this tool, i got red marks and pain, but no pimple came out. read more »

This Beamer is kinda good

13 Jul, 2021
I like this Beamer, the paring works fine, the quality and brightness is also good as well. read more »

Very good

04 Apr, 2021
I really like them, they are working great read more »

Nice set!

30 Nov, 2020
Nice set, everything you need read more »

Perfect for Fitness Training

24 Nov, 2020
I use it at the Gym, the comfort is pretty nice, you have several options for ear plug sizes. read more »

Very Nice Controller

24 Nov, 2020
Very nice controller, bargain!   I use it a lot for playing GTA V on my PC! read more »

Good batterys, like it very much

16 Sep, 2020
As you can think, they are batterys that are doing a batterys job. Very well! read more »

Perfect for my bathroom

15 Jul, 2020
I connected it with my Lamp and the light is great! It takes 1sec to turn on, but then the light is really evenly and the light color is also neutral white! no yellowish or blueish tone. read more »

Good Light, nice Mounting, sits super tight

15 Jul, 2020
I like this lights, the Rearlight is easy to switch on and off and looks super nice! The Front light is extremely bright and easy to use. read more »

Good LEDs, but the red one doesnt work

15 Jul, 2020
I pretty like the LED Strip, but instead of a Red color, the LEDs simply just go yellow-ish, also no orange-like color can be made by it. read more »

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