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Nov, 2017

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Have some kids and cooking and kitchen gadgets. We go camping and travel sometimes. I have done lots of reviews on Amazon and would like to build up my profile on here!
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Easy to charge!

24 May, 2019
Just plugin and set phone evenly on it and look for your phone to show it's charging. I put it on my nightstand and charge it at night. When I wake up it is finished charging because I see the lig... read more »

Great look, feel and sturdy

29 Mar, 2019
Like how the case fits and can protect her phone. She has a red lets the phone be seen..good case for the money!! read more »

Very nice and stylish

24 Jan, 2019
Love all the colors...look great with my boots. So many compliments and my daughter likes them too. Good quality..can't wait to wear the last pair..the gray.  read more »

Looks good on but...

24 Jan, 2019
Colors are cute, looks very nice...comes out ok but dry out lips and the texture is chalky.  read more »

Nice and sleek, can see all of the phone!!

01 Jan, 2019
Most phone cases you barely see the phone but this clear case you see the phone, feel safe that with the case and a screen protector the phone is safe!!!  read more »

Multi use cord, charges so many things!!

01 Jan, 2019
With this cord every device we have is covered: our cellphones are type daughters iPad and iPhone are covered and my tablet and our headsets with the micro usb cord. It looks nice, easy to inter... read more »

Type C for my Samsung S9+, works great!

01 Jan, 2019
Not to long so fits in my truck and suv to charge my phone, with 2 both vehicles are set for charging. Easy to plug in and use. Buying more for work too.  read more »

Put on and spot left alone!!

30 Nov, 2018
Put on the 2 spots that my cat has gone after and so far not bothering it. I had to take the one off and put it back on better and it stuck on it ok. Glad it just sticks on because I can’t put p... read more »

Feel it tightening my skin in a good way!!

11 Nov, 2018
Wanted to try it out a bit before reviewing the serum, and I like what it has done so far. It feels good when you put it on and then put moisturizer of your choice on it. Told my 13 year old to use to... read more »

Love having this charger for my batteries!!!

17 Oct, 2018
Easy to put the batteries onto the charger base and easy to use! The directions tell you all about using it and what the different stages of charging status. It does not come with batteries but they w... read more »

Hard to bind and charging daily

03 Oct, 2018
Tried 3 different apps, some work and some don’t..the tracker needs charged daily and either you lose steps or sleep report. Each time it charges it needs app opened, plus rebinding it! Too much... read more »

Looks great, lovely style!!

02 Aug, 2018
A very nice one piece that can make any women feel pretty in! The straps can come off which is a nice feature and the color mixture is very nice match. I have been looking for a swim suit with a littl... read more »

Really cute!!!

19 Jul, 2018
I have a tube one but can't get it to stay standing, but this one is perfect. I like using rustic items so for the rod to hang it up I used a tree branch. I like how it turned out and will tweak i... read more »

Nice set, looks cute

19 Jul, 2018
Got a large because most things seem to run smaller but after getting this they run true to size.. Feel no problem with the sleeves so everything fits good. Like the design as well..very nice set... read more »

1 pc not one set, 90% off but could get 6 for $9.98 at Walmart!!!

09 Jul, 2018
This is a really bad deal, $4 for one makes six $24 but 6 @ Walmart is $10..90% off of $36.99 means nothing because nobody would buy one so damn expensive!!!  read more »

Trump 2020

07 Jul, 2018
The perfect flag to support our president Donald Trump as he puts America 1st!!! The flag feels good, nice and big with 2 grommets on the keft side. Love having it and may put it in my truck!!! read more »

Love the bowl and rope toys!!!

21 Jun, 2018
They like the bowl and it is great to take on the go, flattens and then fits right into the glove box.  There are plenty to for all the dogs and good quality too. So glad I bought them!! read more »

It is a nice brace!!!

11 Jun, 2018
I needed it more to flatten my left hand due to an injury. It stays curved which makes it hurt. This helps a lot, so anyone with wrist issues would be pleased. Nice material also!  read more »

Great cablle!!!

24 Apr, 2018
Will try and do a video, it shows what I have on my screen to my iPad  but I am having issues. The cord fits easily in the hdmi and iPhone 7+ ports, longer cord on charger so plenty of room. Char... read more »

Great 2 in 1 cord!!!

15 Apr, 2018
The way the iPhones are now you either charge your phone or listen with your headphones but this allows you to do both! My daughter asked me for a charger cord and I saw this and she was skeptical but... read more »

Charger works great, braiding makes it feel tougher!!

24 Feb, 2018
My daughtet uses this cord, as soon as it got here she wanted this charger cord. It looks good and I think the braiding makes it last longer because other iPhone charger cords are so thin and weak. Ch... read more »

They liked it, and just gotta find a spot to permanently put it!

09 Feb, 2018
My chihuahua and coat both just chilled out in it when we put it in the crate. As you can see in the pics and video they were not trying to get out and looked very relaxed. It will be neat watching th... read more »

Sleek and modern but fitting with lots of different styles!!

08 Feb, 2018
These are strong and sturdy, big enough for anyone teenager to rugged men. This pattern matches some of my current silverware so thought I would check it out. Very nice place setting  and the vid... read more »

These are really nice!!

05 Feb, 2018
Really nice to add to any decor, also nice for displaying photos. I hung them on nails and to protect the wires I clipped the pins on ghe nails. In my daughters room the roof line where she wanted the... read more »

Very nice to have if you work on or buy cars a lot!!

05 Feb, 2018
Got for my husband for Valentines Day, we sold my mustang and this guy read my car hoping to get some codes; he didn’t get any. I thought it would be neat to get Tom something like that too! He... read more »

Cats love it!!!

05 Feb, 2018
Had one for my dogs and my cats would use it too! Now they have one by their food bowls and they are happy! Have not seen them use the dogs since. The pump has 4 settings and I use 2 slowest so no mes... read more »

Love the look and fits well with what my bathroom theme is

01 Feb, 2018
It has grommets so hanging it up is very easy, a quick nee look for any bathroom. The detail with this one is very nice, can use for long time or interchange with the previous one I was using. Materia... read more »

Nice looking shower curtain

28 Jan, 2018
Easy to hang with the grommets, standard sized. I wanted something to match up with my bathroom while I washed the other one! This is polyester not cloth but very bathroom is to small to do a... read more »

Very cute and lacey!!

24 Jan, 2018
This is really nice! The lace looks very nice, fit as it should too. Hate ordering online and hoping something fits the right way but this is a great fit and my husband liked the way it fit, just need... read more »

Lightweight and grabs money!

21 Jan, 2018
Got it for my husband, he loses money because it is always loose in his pockets and in different piles. This looks sleek and lightweight so easy on the pocket. Comes with a nice box if a gift. Modern... read more »

Holds lots of items..really nice too!!!

17 Jan, 2018
I have put snacks in it and our cell phone wall chargers and bluetooth charger cables. We don’t have a tablet big enough but plan on fixing that, can watch Hulu or Netflix while going down the r... read more »

Easy to put on stroller with lots of storage!!

17 Jan, 2018
This can hold a lot, the pic with the bottle shows how much extra room there is. When you don’t need it the organizer can stay on the stroller or put up. Has different pockets so stuff can be se... read more »

Nice way to charge your phone while it sits there on the stand

11 Jan, 2018
Easy to put your phone and while charging just put it on there from the front. Looks nice, heavy enough that if you sit a tablet on it the stand can hold it.  read more »

Stylish and stays put

11 Jan, 2018
Like the look of the band and the fitness information it keeps track of. It breaks down your sleep cycle, keeps track of heart rate and bp, seems to pick up steps good!. Easy to pair, as others you ne... read more »

Works great and so easy to use!!

31 Dec, 2017
My daughter has always wanted one of these, thought no way could it work like a straightener does so never got one—till now!!! Well the brushbis a lil stiff but most brushes are, can live with t... read more »

Love the look and how easy to use!!

26 Dec, 2017
Like they are heat resistant, stylish and variety of colors! Gave all my girls one and kept one that matched my kitchen. The perfect size to scrap out anything I am baking or cooking! Also for mixing... read more »

So great to change curtains or wash them!!

26 Dec, 2017
I took a video and I changed the hook with one hand while I videotaped it, it was done but much better if I had to but I did it!!!Like that one hook is for liner and one for fabric shower curtain. Mak... read more »

Great quality and easy to put on!!

10 Dec, 2017
Has everything needed to clean the phone with items included, the glass protector itself is good quality..I dropped my phone and it has not broke yet, that is why I ordered screen protectors, for my d... read more »

Nice to not have to buy new ones all the time!

10 Dec, 2017
    It works well with lint and fuzz, does well with cat and dog hair but if you have pets it is almost impossible to get all of their hair off anything. We use the big one on the couc... read more »

Cats love it

07 Dec, 2017
My cats easily switched over to the new bowls! Nice that it will catch food spilled on the edges. My daughter always spills food and now cleaning it up will not be a big deal. The bowls come out for e... read more »

Just love these!!! Needed these for awhile too..

03 Dec, 2017
My right ear needs an ear plug since I lost the one brought at my doctors, my molded one is to expensive to use daily! This keeps thecwater out of my ear like I need. Lots of different colors and... read more »

Perfect for older eyes or anyone else!!

03 Dec, 2017
So easy to set time, date and put on fahrenheit! Nice look as you can see in the pics. I have it on the table but would look good on the wall too. Have had positive comments from people and the person... read more »

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