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By day I'm a teacher, by night I enjoy looking for great deals and awesome products to share with friends and family.
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Cute Space Savor

25 Sep, 2022
I hate having bottles all over my shower, but these shelves are so nice and easily organize my shower! Face and body wash, all my shampoos and conditions are neatly stored. I also love the little hook... read more »

Stay Charged while you travel!

07 Mar, 2022
This little device keeps your phones, tablets, computers, and all your other gadgets charged easily. The last hotel I was in had very few plugs in the room, but luckily I was able to hook all my... read more »

Cute Stress Relief

21 Jan, 2022
The past few years have caused extra stress for all of us. I used these adorable globes as gifts for teachers during stressful exam time. They brighten any desk, come in bright colors, and aid in reli... read more »

Do you know your ring size?

21 Jan, 2022
I love ordering rings online, but I hate having to guess my ring size. This little strip quickly and easily lets you always know exactly what size ring to order. Save yourself time and the hassle of h... read more »

Perfect addition to any gift

28 Dec, 2021
I used these adorable decorations on my gifts this holiday to add a little extra splash to my gifts. They were adorable and loved by all the recipients of all ages. They are small but add a big smile... read more »

Perfect touch

28 Dec, 2021
I wore these adorable earrings to every holiday event this year. They are so light, that I often forgot I was wearing them. They are festive but worked for a dressy event as well as a more casual one.... read more »

Organizer that closet

24 Nov, 2021
I've used plastic tubs for years to store my off-season clothes. It works, but if I need to find a sweater or particular item, I have to unpack everything. I love that these neatly store all my sw... read more »

Stay Safe

26 Jun, 2021
As a teacher I'm still wearing masks at school, I love that these come in a variety of colors (we still need to be cute), but most importantly I like that I'm able to comfortably talk to my st... read more »

Newest WFH Staple

26 May, 2021
Months of working from home have hurt my neck and cluttered my desk. I've tried to use books to lift my computer, but it's not aesthetic (or stable). This handy stand lifts my computer to a be... read more »

Keep your car organized

10 Apr, 2021
Don't you hate it when your phone drops between your seats? Is your passenger seat a collection of masks? I love this little organizer because it slips between my seat and the center console to ke... read more »

Store your files in style

17 Mar, 2021
I love how cute this little guy is. No longer do I have boring thumb drives that all look the same. Not only is he super cute, he's also functional. It's easy to find and safely stores all my... read more »

Ready for Spring!

16 Mar, 2021
I love this little guy. He brightens up my office getting ready for a much-needed spring. He's super cute and very soft. He may not take up a lot of space, but he adds a big smile to everyone'... read more »

Best Work from Home Tool!

16 Mar, 2021
I didn't know how much I needed this until I gave it a try. It holds both my iPad or iPhone so I can watch videos or keep my desk organized. How much time do I waste looking around my desk for my... read more »

Cute way to remember 2020

09 Dec, 2020
This little guy is so cute on the tree that I almost forgot about the craziest year ever. While we probably won't forget 2020 anytime soon, this adorable ornament will be a reminder every Christma... read more »

Fewer cables and more charge

03 Dec, 2020
I love all my Apple gadgets, but I hate all the cords taking over my nightstand. This station removes the cords and gives a stylish way to charge my iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods. Right now it live... read more »

Dust with ease!

27 Jul, 2020
I love this little duster. I've kept it at my desk, but I think I'm going to get another one for my car. It's handy for quickly clearing dust from your area. The telescoping handle makes i... read more »

Store your files in style

18 May, 2020
How many times have you lost a file or forgotten to back them up? Do you need more space on your phone or your computer? Then you need this flash drive. With the new MacBook, I hate having to remember... read more »

Add a little sparkle

30 Apr, 2020
I love this varity pack. Add a little sparkle or add a lot of sparkle to your ears. Easy to pack for a trip or add a little bling to your next online meeting.  read more »

Cute accessories for your desk

21 Mar, 2020
I love these cute clips. The rose gold adds a little sparkle to your dull paperwork. They're so cute, your office mates might try to steal them. I gave a pack to a new teacher as a gift to welcome... read more »

Cute accessories for your desk

21 Mar, 2020
I love these cute clips. The rose gold adds a little sparkle to your dull paperwork. They're so cute, your office mates might try to steal them. I gave a pack to a new teacher as a gift to welcome... read more »

Change up your watch band quickly!

21 Mar, 2020
I love my Apple watch, but it's no expensive to change watches to change my mood, but with the EPSKY Slim band, you can quickly, easily, and cheaply switch of your band. If you've never taken... read more »

Sip your drink and help the environment

10 Mar, 2020
I love a good straw, but I feel guilty when I use disposable ones. I like the reusable ones, but struggle to find a convenient way to keep up with them. With these telescopic straws, they fold up nice... read more »

Save your sweaters

05 Mar, 2020
I love my comfy sweaters in the winter months, but I hate the little balls of fabric that appear after I wear them. This is great because it gently and carefully removes these pills from your favorite... read more »

Great for travel or your desk

02 Jan, 2020
When I travel, I have a bag of cords for all of my devices. I worry I'll leave one behind and not be able to hove juice for my phone, tablet, or watch. This device has helped to cut down on all th... read more »

Don't let winter hold you back

13 Dec, 2019
How long does it take you to warm up your car in the morning to clear off your window of snow or ice? Use this quick intention to protect your windshield and save time in the morning. It slips on easi... read more »

Decorate even the smallest place for the holidays

24 Nov, 2019
I love this little tree for decorating my desk at work. It will also work well to light up any area of your house and get it ready for the holidays.  It's simple, but also to your holiday dec... read more »

Remove hair easily and painlessly

24 Nov, 2019
We've all had to deal the annoying stubble on our chin, cheeks, or lips. Waxing weekly can be painful and expensive. This facial hair remover quickly and easily removes your hair. Quickly swipe it... read more »

Stay Warm and Keep Your Music

12 Nov, 2019
Summer's over, but I still want to listen to my music while running. This Beanie helps keep the warmth in and the tunes going. Paring to your phone's Bluetooth is quick and easy. I always thin... read more »

Functional and so helpful

01 Nov, 2019
I know I'm not the only one who does the daily fight with their closet. Each morning I look into the abyss to find what to wear. Most of the time I end up carrying the same purse just because I ca... read more »

My new favorite fall shirt

25 Oct, 2019
  It's hard to decide what to wear when the temperature changes. You need something that will keep you warm during the morning chill but doesn't make you sweat as the day warms up. I l... read more »

Best bag for travel!

25 Oct, 2019
  When I travel I love the versatility of a backpack, but I hate looking like I'm late for school. Enter Pincnel with the answer. Depending on the strap, you can carry it on your shoulder... read more »

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