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Jun, 2017

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hey i'm just me, i really love the innovations and mind boggling things that we have access to, what's equally exciting is being the one who gets to tell others about it!
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Funny a great conversation piece

12 Jan, 2020
If you're like me, apparently you are otherwise you wouldn't have gotten this far,  anyways . . . . These stone coasters are for sure a comical conversation starter.  All my friends... read more »

Luxurious and Soft, and surprisingly beautiful shade of pink

14 Nov, 2019
Fabric is super soft,  and I love this shade of pink, and truth be told I'm not a fan of pink. The fabric itself reminds me of the feeling of suede, the soft plush fuzzy feeling, myself and m... read more »

It can stay cold, I love this blanket!

06 Nov, 2019
Omg I'm overwhelmingly in love with this blanket! It's so plush (super soft), both sides although different fabrics feel identical, the most softNess one could dream of. It's a ideal size... read more »

Superior quality

05 Nov, 2019
I'm so stoked I have this, I will never, store my brushes/accessories in a makeup bag Addison! PositionEd in front of the mirror all my favorite (and not so favorite) tools are readily available a... read more »

Exceptional camera!

10 Feb, 2018
We are super excited about this camcorder, this isexceptional and the price wow definitely a steal. Picture quality couldn't be any better and ease of operation again, an investment to us. Capturi... read more »

So comfortable!

10 Feb, 2018
This is the first ankle strap that isn't a nuisance to wear.  It provides a much or as little support I want.  Allows air to flow thru,  in other words my feet don't sweat exces... read more »

Super brught!

06 Feb, 2018
I love the multi function, bright, brighter, and ultra bright. The third could be used as a headlight it's that bright. The reflector (flashing) works equally as good. I don't worry when... read more »

Illuminates accentuates exactly the way I hoped!

03 Feb, 2018
I've used this almost all gone.  It's my go to, face makeup.  I've discontinued my foundation and translucent powder.  The Kaidfangte Go Gloe 4 Color Illuminator Highlighter... read more »

Must have, soft, so comfortable!

12 Dec, 2017
Our new favorite winter must have. Although we have a SUV, my husband and I look forward to dirtbike riding every chance we can. The wind chill is unbearable, however this ski mask covers so well I... read more »

User friendly, a tool that us essential.

05 Dec, 2017
Rather getting the ph on your pool or growing indoors hydroponics I recommend this highly. It callibrates easily (buffer agents included for both meters). I've tested it against others that friend... read more »

Super sharp, works perfectly in the appropriate hands!

04 Dec, 2017
originally I purchased it for my 9 yr old to help peel potatoes, however it's now my favorite tool.   read more »

Problem solved, my 9 Yr old officially can help prep food :-)

30 Sep, 2017
I always feel horrible telling my youngest (she is 9) she can't help, because of the risk of cutting herself accidently ! Ironic as this is, I've been slicing and peeling potatoes as... read more »

It's perfect! As if a seamstress hand measured and stitched to fit me,

28 Sep, 2017
I am having the best day,  every day,  I've worn this dress, the "swoosh" appeal every female "swoons" at, and the fit. Smart an amazing attractive, alluring yet stil... read more »

Perfect just as pictures on package!

16 Sep, 2017
Very easy to apply, goes in smooth and like just as pictures on the package! What relief! Definately go to color treatment for a temporary effect. I used a hairdo pray just to set it, and v it held up... read more »

Vibrant beautiful colors, somewhat greasy in application process.

15 Sep, 2017
I live these colors. Vibrant glistening colors that when applied was difficult in that if didn't dry fast enough for me to make clean linesn first try. This was a minor glitch however I definately... read more »

Buy one in every color, that good!

15 Sep, 2017
The most comfortable, figure flattering, contouring, feminine, athletic, casual, sext, these shorts are uh-amazing every time! The  best of the best! read more »

Lots of fun

05 Aug, 2017
My daughter loves this, to the point of bc frustration though. She just wants to get back then back in line, i guess eventually I'll give her the tool  (is included) to take it apart. But for... read more »

Really easy to install

27 Jul, 2017
I installed this on my back porch to replace one my husband purchased. Surprised us both the light sick a compact and slim design put out. It's nearly 1/3 the size and doesn't require anything... read more »

Hands free UH-MAZING!

27 Jul, 2017
This is not only The simplest but it's also ingenious. My husband went to work and was bummed out he forgot it. Anyways it's s great add on, and be it will hold even the "wide" cigar... read more »

Durable high quality replacement water bladder

23 Jul, 2017
The Raniaco Portable 2 ltr water bladder is strong and durable. For us we use our water backpacks in the summer months. It's really hot outside especially riding a dirt bike, or breaking down, eit... read more »

Classy, Chic, vintage . . . A eye-catching and captivating light fixture.

22 Jul, 2017
Easy to install. Just as the picture, it's going to captivate and spark conversation from all who see it. High quality, it's gonna last. Ive so many ideas, im redecorating my room around this... read more »

Cupcakes that "Wow!"

22 Jul, 2017
It's amazing what having the tools on hand for the task can make a difference in quality as well as enjoying the process. Cupcakes used to be tedious, mundane, and very time consuming. Not anymore... read more »

Great pump, without the electrical hindrances

22 Jul, 2017
I am so excited i found this pump. Water and electrical components, had stopped my backyard fountain progress. Since purchasing this i have set it up twice now. Im amazed at the quality and the ease o... read more »

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