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Socks for everyone

14 Mar, 2021
These socks are more for a woman's foot than a mans. They are soft, durable and stretchy. The ankle is cut low and they fit more like a small them a medium. Definitely should have ordered a size l... read more »

Every woman needs these!!!

14 Mar, 2021
Big booty, little booty and everyone in between needs a pair of 5 of these. They give a great lift of the buttocks; soft and feel like you are wearing nothing!! I promise you won't be disappointed... read more »

Bright Lights

16 Sep, 2020
This 16ft of lights is split into  sections, making it great to start in a corner and go both ways. The colors are vivid and bright lighting up the room with no other light necessary, LED lightin... read more »

Happy Kitty

16 Sep, 2020
I have been in search of this set for a reasonable price for quite some time. The raised sides, and anti-slp base are 2 things that I really needed. The water bowl compartment comes with a complete wa... read more »

Great for the whole family

16 Sep, 2020
These ear buds are great for the whole family. They come with ear covers in 4 sizes, are small and compact, easy to follow instructions and come in a nice magetic closed box. I hve owned many types of... read more »

Great for a baby doll

16 Sep, 2020
This fleece blanket is small, not big enough for your lap while you lay on the couch watching tv. It's a great gift for your daughter for her playroom; perfect size for a baby doll or even an infa... read more »

The best workout gloves

09 Jun, 2020
My husband had been looking for workout gloves for months after getting blisters on his palms and thumbs from working out with resistance bands as well as with weight bars. These gloves have not only... read more »


29 Dec, 2019
I actually purchased this for my daughter who is a cosmotologist. She loved this. Its small so easy for her to take anywhere. It is battery operated so there are no lengthy cords to tangle up or... read more »

Keep the bugs away

20 Apr, 2019
Living in the country has both negative and positive aspects. The worst part is the mosquitoes and flies. I was so happy to find this item to help keep the flying insects away. I have one on my porch... read more »


20 Apr, 2019
I was really looking forward to getting these lanyards with ID pockets. They were never received, nor were they shipped. Hopefully in due time I will be able to do business with this seller again and... read more »

The best cheesecake pan

20 Apr, 2019
I love to bake, I do it as a hobby just as much as I work. One of my favorite things to make is cheesecake, I have searched high and low to find a spring form pan that would make my cheesecake's p... read more »

Y'all NEED this!!!

06 Jul, 2018
This container definitely holds up to its description. Keeps the hot hot and the cold cold. I need to add lots more of these to my kitchen. The kids argue over who will use it for the day, most of the... read more »


06 Jul, 2018
I have been looking for rings that I'm able to wear all the time. These are the perfect solution and can be changed out to match whichever outfit I have decided to wear for the day. The bigge... read more »

Misread the description.

03 Jul, 2018
I misread the descrition on this item and realized I can't use it for the trunk of my car like I had planned. There is no stretch to this net so it has done me no justice. The hooks are removable... read more »


03 Jul, 2018
This ball cap is perfect. Can be worn with any outfit or even just to throw your hair up because you are having a bad hair day. Can be fit to any head size or hair size in my case. The rose on the fro... read more »


03 Jul, 2018
These earrings are absolutely stunning. Add just enough sparkle to make it count. Not to heavy but not light, perfect all the way around. Every little girl needs these sparkly crowns in their life. Sh... read more »

Biscuit Pastry Drive Stick

30 Nov, 2017
These memory sticks are not only the cutest things but they are also perfect for teenagers. My college student son took mine and said he got so many compliments and people wanting to know where he got... read more »

Baby Smooth

29 Nov, 2017
I was really skeptical about using this product, because there have been so many mixed reviews about it. Well I can tell you I am so glad that I did give it a try for myself instead of listening to wh... read more »

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