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stiff and durable so far

24 Dec, 2018
so i bought these because i heard some things about the cables and i told myself why not give these a try i ended up getting them and realised they were stiffer than normal im not sure if that was sup... read more »

about as bright as the oem bulbs

24 Dec, 2018
so bought these not really knowing what to expect from these and what i ended up with is bulbs that werent as bright as my last pair but i guess thats because the ones i got before had more leds on th... read more »

pretty damn good

07 Nov, 2018
for most parts it works well enough for me i honestly like the surface area as it covers more area then what ive seen from some of the magnetic mounts ive seen on amazon the price is just right and th... read more »

its okay but durable

28 Oct, 2018
i have to admit i didnt expect much from this watch in the first place i didnt expect it to even go through one day at work which can get very bumpy and crack screens on fitness bands so far this one... read more »

love it love it

28 Oct, 2018
i never thought i would end up getting a bigger power bank yet here i am with this monster power bank it doesn't seem to run out of power and thats a good thing for me as i will be using it to cha... read more »

Love it just what i needed

28 Oct, 2018
so i was in the market for a new battery just so i could use my led light more portably and this worked out perfectly the battery appears to hold charge well and i have no complants although i would l... read more »

Great Concept Terrible Execution Sadly

24 Jul, 2018
overall when i first got this watch i thought it was pretty nice and over time i begin to hate it for a couple things   Battery life: gives me a day or a day and half if im not connected to... read more »

Interesting pair of shoes

14 Apr, 2018
Well im gonna keep this review clear and simple so you may understand my point of view Pros: lightweight: these shoes are insanely light much lighter then your average sneaker Air flow: these... read more »

A well rounded affordable powerbank that does everything i could ask of it

21 Jan, 2018
whenever i buy something like a powerbank i usually take risks and order brands i havent ordered from before and this powerbank surpringly worked out well   when i got it the packaging was... read more »

Unique mic

26 Dec, 2017
#Mugig is a non mainstream brand trying to get its name out there this is one of thier creations and it does not disappoint as it does what most people will need from it as you can tell its not a pro... read more »

Pretty Awesome replacement for my power Hub

20 Dec, 2017
When i first got this which was to replace one of my power hubs i didnt know what to expect when it first came it i was expecting a big power block waiting on my porch but surprisingly i was greeted w... read more »

not bad

04 Dec, 2017
i bought this money clip for the sake of a evaluation and for most parts it passes most of the general uses evaluation    i loved the fact the way the design of the box was more like a... read more »

Something i didn't expect

27 Nov, 2017
When i first recieved this mic i expected it to be total garbage but was plesently surprised as it was able to capture audio better then i anticipated i am posting my expereince on many different plac... read more »

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