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Oct, 2018

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I am a mommy of 5, ages 17,16,14,5 and 3. They are my life of course, I mean seriously with 5 kids its cleaning, refereeing, wondering if that’s poop on the wall and maybe just maybe a 2am trip to Walmart by myself so I don’t end up on a episode of Snapped.
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Totally worth it!

10 Sep, 2019
Holy Ouch Batman Beauty truly does hurt like a mofo. Okay okay.... it’s not that bad the rollers are mildly painful but you get use to it. The needles are small so they don't go in too d... read more »

My boys love theirs!

10 Sep, 2019
 I purchased two one for my 17 year old and one for my 16 year old. They play airsoft battles with their friends. Now all their friends want one. They provide plenty of protection and have t... read more »

Never recieved it, the company did not even reach out to rectify the issue.

18 Jun, 2019
Item was never received and waited for a very long time only to find out it was shipped back to the seller. The company never reached out to explain the situation or rectify it. It was somet... read more »

Perfect for my two little “Runners”

14 Apr, 2019
I have two dachshunds that love to run out the door or escape the backyard at any chance they get. They run through the neighborhood and bark are people when you get close to catching them they dart o... read more »

I love these! Great sound and long lasting listening time

05 Mar, 2019
Easy to set up and sync. Simple charge, syncs and go. You can toss the case in your gym bag or purse and use them when ever you want... working out, relaxing, or even at the dentist when your drowning... read more »

Snow in Texas

28 Dec, 2018
  I love this light effect.... all I see during the holiday season are those red and green laser lights on everyone’s house... that is except ours. We set ours up out front our two story... read more »

These surprisingly have amazing range

14 Dec, 2018
the kids and I play with these all the time. They love them. My little girl lets our neighbor have one and they talk all the time. Over a month of constant use and they are still going strong! #floure... read more »

Love the shimmer

14 Dec, 2018
long lasting, easy to apply. I did not experience and knock off and it lasted all night! #Vinmax #eyeshadow #makeup #lovingmyeyes read more »

Works perfectly on the iPhone 8 Plus and more

11 Dec, 2018
Tried this bad boy out on my iphone, my kids 8 different Samsung android tablets, and my husbands galaxy 9 plus. It is convenient, fast charging, and honestly I love it way more than than having to hu... read more »

So adorable

11 Dec, 2018
Perfect home or office decoration. Lites up and you can even add miniature decorations if you want. Battery or cord power source is up to you ❤️ read more »

Work flawlessly

07 Dec, 2018
I love this for my 13 year olds hair! So easy to use and I didn’t even burn myself! Perfect, long lasting curls!  read more »

Great quality and Great Price

02 Dec, 2018
You can not go wrong when buying two for less than the price of one. These are just as good if not better than the ones that come with your phone. Both of mine work perfectly no issues what so ever. V... read more »

Great portable water flosser.

27 Nov, 2018
 This is perfect for my son who has braces. It gets those hard to reach places that you simply can’t get with floss alone. Easy to use, portable, and great quality. #blogblooster read more »

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