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Not as hard to put on as it looks lol

13 May, 2021
Idk if it's possible but it almost looks like the picture has more fabric than it really has. I thought it would be hard to get on but it's really not that bad. Pretty comfortable and goes on... read more »

My dragon loves it

13 May, 2021
I got this for my man and he absolutely loves it. When he figured out on his own that it glows in the dark he loved it even more. It is a beautiful ring and I can't believe how brightly it glows.... read more »

So much fun for me and my budgies.

13 May, 2021
I love this idea. I'm always buying my budgies stuff and with this I can put it together on my own. I had such a good time. There was only enough wire to make two toys. I wish there was a bit more... read more »

Quiet as a mouse

29 Apr, 2021
I absolutely love how quiet this is. There's nothing worse than a loud aquarium when you are trying to relax and enjoy your fish. This is so easy to install basically right from the box and then y... read more »

Cone sit with me.

29 Apr, 2021
My girls love new things especially perches. When we chanhed their cage up and introduced these they were right there checking them out. Ever since they sit on them every day. They even sleep on the o... read more »

For the love of tools..

27 Apr, 2020
In this day and age in the tech world, you need to know a lot of things. One thing I  know, is if you have a lot of things, you need a small screwdriver set. This one is perfect.  We can go... read more »

Simply beautiful!

11 Feb, 2020
I'm a horror girl, I love scary and dark stuff, but I also love hearts and love. Complicated I guess you could say, but I am in love with this bracelet. I picked the black with the hearts and I th... read more »

Beautiful cake topper

11 Feb, 2020
With Valentine's day right around the corner I knew this would be an amazing topper to the cake I had planned. It looks gorgeous and the word really pops out.  It is very fragile though and b... read more »

Always a good time for pranks.

19 Jan, 2020
Halloween is by far the best time of year and it's never too early to start buying decor for the next spooky season. From farther away these spiders and bats look quite real. I've been able to... read more »


17 Nov, 2019
This set is so adorable. It looked great in the pictures and on the model, but not so much on me. I have bigger boobs and they just continuously slip through the bottom of the bra. It's a very sex... read more »

Wrinkle be gone.

17 Nov, 2019
One day I woke up and had to face the facts about my face, it is not in it's 20's anymore. Wrinkles kept showing up. When I use this product, it does seem to curb or soften them a bit the next... read more »

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