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Nov, 2017

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Not worth the money...

29 Nov, 2018
Well, first off, this took a while to receive.  Secondly it's barely larger than a Post-It pad.  I don't know if I thought it said 'inches' or if it really did and then it go... read more »

They're okay, but not for me.

01 Sep, 2018
These things seem to work, but to me they are very uncomfortable.  I just don't care for them.  I wear a size 5 shoe, so maybe it's because I have a small foot?  IDK. ... read more »

Good price, good quality

31 Aug, 2018
I've had this shower head for about a month, give or take a few days, and so far it's been great!  It's super easy to install.  The directions say to turn off the water but I'... read more »

I'm in love with this!!!

22 Apr, 2018
This is a wonderful little cordless screwdriver.  I bought the drill by Werktough prior to this and I was worried because I had never heard of this brand but the brand and their quality at a... read more »

Nice keychain for quick self defense

22 Apr, 2018
I like the appearance of these and the size as well.  They are loud and should definitely alert if there is an issue and scare off an advancer - I say should because IDK how other people will rea... read more »

Love this!

22 Apr, 2018
I don't know much about them but I have wanted a drill for a long time and every time I needed one I had to use my neighbors.  This is wonderful!  It's not very large or heavy, comes... read more »

Nice but small strip

21 Jan, 2018
Nice power strip.  Only 3 spaces of each, electrical outlet and USB plugs, to plug things in to, but this day and age, any extra spaces are always nice to have.  The cord for the power strip... read more »

Nice shirt, very happy

07 Jan, 2018
I love sarcastic sayings on t-shirts and as soon as I saw the writing on this one I knew I had to buy it.  It sums me up so well!  The description of the tee says it's cotton, the tag do... read more »

Excellent Bluetooth Speaker

17 Dec, 2017
Works great, adjustable volume, easy to pair.  The sound quality is fantastic.  It has five buttons on it Off/On, Bluetooth, Volume Up, Volume Down & Phone.  It also has a USB charg... read more »

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