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Apr, 2018

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so so

20 Jun, 2018
They cut, however, takes effort because the blades are not properly aligned.  read more »

Was broke when arrived

08 Jun, 2018
Was broke when arrived so I could not use it. Waiting for new unit then will update read more »

Life saver

06 Jun, 2018
I love this tool, saved me on 3 applications already. Had 3 almost rounded off bolts and it backed them right out . KUDOS! read more »

needs work

06 Jun, 2018 read more »

Good cutter

31 May, 2018
Just waiting to see how the blades hold up but for now its great. read more »


30 May, 2018
one side already broke with gentle use. Invest in one made of steel or aluminum  read more »

candles are great

30 May, 2018
love this whole set, very elegant and beautiful  read more »

so so

30 May, 2018
already falling apart. Otherwise, it seemed to be a quality hat.  read more »

Easy on and off

30 May, 2018
Its ok for what it is not very bright.  read more »

Great Lights

26 May, 2018
I used these in my garage to give off just enough light to get to the main switch. Thak you for great lights read more »

Not workng

08 May, 2018
no matter what I did this unit will not work, batteries or charge it is doa hope others fine thiers working good read more »

works great

08 May, 2018
so far it makes a razor edge on 6 different knifes, I have tried.  read more »

could be better

08 May, 2018
would be better if they included the electric charger with it, it burns thru batteries fast read more »


08 May, 2018
one clip already broke with easy use now I use it to hold screws in garage read more »

Love it

08 May, 2018
works like a charm, now i can test soil for my various garden plants.  read more »

Very thin

08 May, 2018
advertises heavy duty but they are not, dont expect more than one summer use read more »

so so

08 May, 2018
works ok but hot the best out there, maybe a little more research and development on the manufacture end read more »

Not working

08 May, 2018
no matter what I did it will just not work, I imagine just a bad unit.  read more »

Nothing better

08 May, 2018
These work flawlessly. grounds with different settings. Love the fresh pepper taste read more »

Great holder

08 May, 2018
this worked out perfect. Love the design and color. keeps my phone out of water and mess on the kitchen counter while charging read more »


08 May, 2018
already stopped working. wont charge or anything, I have a collection of speakers and this one went in trash after non working.  read more »


08 May, 2018
I use these on my bbq grill sharp edges, always wondered over the years while they always tear and so on but these fixed that problem, thank you for such a great product.  read more »

Great set

08 May, 2018
Has everything you ever need, I recommend  read more »


07 May, 2018
Nice little gadget to loosen dirt in corners however the holes in brush are actually too small to pick up much read more »


07 May, 2018
The perfect little book, just what I was looking for. Quality paper read more »


04 May, 2018
This thing surprised me, very sturdy and holds even my 12.9 inch ipad in horizonal position.  read more »


02 May, 2018
This cable fit like a charm, the old one I was using must of been from the 80s haha. However when I hooked this cable up my screen popped liek never before. well done I will order more read more »

Good watch

29 Apr, 2018
Works great! Just as good if not better than my more expensive smartwatches. I am a fan of any white watch. Keep up the good work  read more »

Sharp and sturdy

29 Apr, 2018
Not for leather as stated but great needles for thin material. Loved this set more so because it contained  3 packs!  read more »


29 Apr, 2018
Works as well as my Garmin and fit bit and stylish as well. Cant go wrong.  read more »

Fuzzy warm

29 Apr, 2018
a little thin but with that being said its very pretty and hugs the body great read more »

Good light

29 Apr, 2018
Could be brighter but all in all a good light! read more »

Great wifi and easy

27 Apr, 2018
Loved this, didnt even need drivers for win 7 pro x64. gets great reception read more »


25 Apr, 2018
One of the best sets I have ever owned. Quality made and the materials are flawless.  read more »

Great Lights

19 Apr, 2018
Amazing set of lights! Bright and simple to install. Will buy again for other vehicles.  read more »

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