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Having a family of four, we need many items to get by. We have been buying many items and doing reviews of each product.

I look forward to reviewing your product very soon! Please send your product for a full review today.
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Great set of fuses!

26 Jan, 2019
Received the 100 piece auto fuse assortment. Looks great, apparently the same fuses that you could buy at any auto supply store and pay considerably more. I have not used any of these yet but with a c... read more »

Good DC DC Buck Converter

25 Dec, 2018
HONG111 8Pack LM2596 DC to DC Adjustable Buck Converter 3-40V to 1.5-35V Power Supply Step Down Module. Here is a little information about them:  Input: DC 3 V to 40 V (input voltage must b... read more »

Good Dog Toy Set

25 Dec, 2018
Pecute Dog Squeaky Rope Chew Toys, Cloth Rope Chew Toys 6pcs Set for Dog Molars Training, Cleaning Tooth Oral Cavity, Applicable to Small and Medium-Sized Dogs. The cloth cord is woven with 3 kin... read more »

Works great - Monitor your energy

25 Dec, 2018
Electricity Usage Monitor, Floureon Power Meter Plug Energy Monitor with LCD Backlight Display Power Consumption Cost Meter Watt Voltage Amp Meter Calculator Analyzer [Energy Class A+++] - 2pack. ... read more »

Very comfortable

25 Dec, 2018
Very comfortable set. We like the quality of the set but unfortunetly the set was too small in the width direction. Beautiful duvet for guest room. Soft white fabric. Nice detail with small butto... read more »

Suntasty 4pack

25 Dec, 2018
Very comfortable camisole with Adjustable Spaghetti Strap and slim-fit design and provides a sexy look. Snug fit makes your attractive and charming in any occasions. Soft camisole is a basic esse... read more »

Great Soldering Iron Kit

25 Dec, 2018
I love how it comes with with everything you need. I also love that it has an off and on swith, so I don't have to turn it off just this cut a pipe or something, just to plug it back in. When I fi... read more »

Good Tripod

18 Nov, 2018
I purchased this Tairoad tripod for my SLR and Camcorder. It's pretty standard, and works as you would expect. It's heavier, which is good. It comes with a nylon case, which is a bonus. I... read more »

Good Palette of colors - Eyeshadow

14 Oct, 2018
We just got this set in the mail from Amazon and upon opening it one of the colors exploded all over the set. We would have given it a 5 stars but because of the color explosion of eyeshadow we had to... read more »

Great Kids Pjs

14 Oct, 2018
We ordered the kids dinosaur pjs and our boy loved them! Excited when they arrived and he put them on right away. The set included: 1 x Top, 1 x Pants which is made of 100% cotton. The set fit well an... read more »

Cute Girls PJ Set!

05 Oct, 2018
These pj’s are really nice, made well, and fit great. They look exactly like the picture and my daughter is estatic about them. She couldn't wait to put them on tonight. Great buy! Here... read more »

Super cute maplewel socks!

05 Oct, 2018
These are super cute, soft, and durable. My daughter loves them. These socks have the particular advantage of looking great even when you mismatch them: when your kid shows up wearing two different so... read more »

Great FLOUREON 6V/12V 1.5Amp Car Battery Charger Maintainer! Never have your battery go dead again!

05 Oct, 2018
We ordered this battery maintainer because winter is coming and we don't want to have our car batteries go dead while they sit out in the cold winter nights. The battery maintainer connected right... read more »

Good Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit!!

05 Oct, 2018
This kit comes with everything you child will need to carve their pumpkin! We bought this set of tools for this fall season. We need it to carve pumpkins. the tools are super sharp and cut very precis... read more »

Great eye shadow set

05 Oct, 2018
Great eye shadow set! Premium case and excellent array of colors. This eye shawdow kit has SUPER PIGMENTED, SOFT AND SMOOTH: Super creamy, velvety soft and smooth, easy to layer and blend - LONG... read more »

Perfect for a 4 year old - Socks

22 Sep, 2018
Our son loves these! Soft and comfortable, I got a size larger than I needed I'm glad I did they are perfect. I'm happy I got a larger size. My son is four years old so I bought 5-7.... read more »

BFUSTYLE Little Girl Preschooler Floral Lightweight Hoodie Go to School Fit Hooded Sweatshirt

22 Sep, 2018
My kindergartner loves it. I ordered the size recommended according to their size chart and it fits perfect, maybe just a little big, which is a good thing. No problems with washing or anything. Color... read more »

Good quality herb & general purpose scissors

22 Sep, 2018
Good quality herb scissors, i will say that but for me it has two major flaws which makes this not as efficient as its meant to be . The main flaw is the it gets clogged up with herbs easily and its h... read more »

Good Vibrating Massager

22 Sep, 2018
Just tried it for the first time, wanted to write a review before I forgot to because I am very pleased with the product.I have had severe back pain for 3 years and have been in and out of chiropracto... read more »

Very cute wine bottle holder for the Christmas season

22 Sep, 2018
Very cute wine bottle holder for the Christmas season. The material of the product is wood that is routed on a machine. You do have to assemble and glue the pieces together as it does come disassemble... read more »

Great Kids Headphones!

22 Sep, 2018
We purchased this headphones for our kids because they have LEDs on the side earmuffs that light up. The kids love the look. They also connect very easily to any device via bluethooth. The kids use th... read more »

Wireless Smart Socket Plug

22 Sep, 2018
Purchased this wifi outlet to power ON or OFF a fan in the kids room. If you are like our family, our kids like to sleep with a fan on for white noise. We like to turn on the fan before we carry the k... read more »

Good Vacuum Cleaner for our car!

20 Aug, 2018
Great buy! -I was very surprised at how powerful this vacuum was! I have another mini vac for my house about twice the size and this one has a lot more suction. Also, the attachments are really nice!... read more »

Excellent Gaming Headset

31 Jul, 2018
Wow these gaming headsets are great!  They far exceeded my expectations. These are super comfortable, very stylish, and quite good for the price. This headset has a futuristic, sleek design.... read more »

Excellent Lagure Slant Tweezers

28 Jul, 2018
This is the 2nd we have purchased. When my daughter borrowed my first pair, she loved them so much that I bought her a pair of her own. I also bought a spare for me (one for home, one for my purse). T... read more »

Botanic Hearth Mango Butter

28 Jul, 2018
Very moisturizing this is actually my third order . I see the reviews saying that there might be more ingredients added to this. Hopefully the manufacturer can identify it. But so far I am loving it a... read more »

iMarku Silicone Baking Mat Works Well

28 Jul, 2018
These silicone pastry baking mats seem to work just as well as the expensive name-brand orange border versions which look extremely similar, but these are 33% less. I have only used these 3 times so f... read more »

Cool toy! Excellent Hooverboard!

27 Jul, 2018
It has arrived! - we’ve only had this for two days now but so far it is pretty cool! It is definitely much larger than I expected. I’ve seen some smaller ones and assumed this was goi... read more »

Rankie USB C to A Works!

20 Jul, 2018
We received the Rankie USB C Adaptor to USB A today and the product received exactly as described. I bought them to be able use at the same time on 2 USB ports next to each other on MacBook Pro 15 - t... read more »

Bromose automatic soap dispenser

19 Jul, 2018
Just got the Bromose automatic soap dispenser. So far, I am really enjoying this sensor soap pump. The soap dispenser doesn't come with batteries so you will need four AAA battery to get it s... read more »

Omars iPhone Flash Drive 128GB Memory stick

18 Jul, 2018
Just got Omars iPhone Flash Drive 128GB Memory stick and I have had a chance to give it a go! I can sucessfully say that it works as advertised. First before I plugged in the memory stick into my... read more »

Great kids workbench

18 Jul, 2018
This is a very cute workbench! My 4 year old will have fun with it as he is always wanting to build things. The title says 3 years old and up but my opinion is this is really for a 2-4 year old. Past... read more »

Super Cute Party Balloons - 36 piece set

18 Jul, 2018
These Party Balloons are super cute and easy to blow up! We blew the balloons up the night before the get together and by morning time only one had kind started to deflate. It was easy enough to just... read more »

Good keyboard

17 Jul, 2018
This is an awesome product but does have weaknesses with my application. I bought it paired with a Samsung TV and MANY of the buttons on the keyboard do NOT control that function on the tv. The BACK b... read more »

Good Mini Pro Car Camera - 1080P HD Dashboard Camera

17 Jul, 2018
The Mini Pro Car Camera - 1080P HD Dashboard Camera comes packaged very well. The box includes a Quick Start Guide, User Manual, Very long Mini-USB to vehicle power cable, Mini-USB cable to conne... read more »

Excellent 18v Cordless Drill for around the house projects!

17 Jul, 2018
Save time and your hard earned money with this cordless drill. Simply - Excellent. You can't beat the value per buck for this drill. We bought a whole bunch of IKEA furniture and this to... read more »

Works great with iPhone X in OtterBox Case

17 Jul, 2018
Bought this to use with my iPhone X in a OtterBox case and it works! I was a little skeptical if it would work given the case is pretty thick but it does! Have been using it for about 5 days now... read more »

Good Makeup Brushes

17 Jul, 2018
Great purchase - My wife was telling me that she needed new makeup brushes so I thought this would be a perfect gift to give her. I looked at several before purchaseing these because they are uni... read more »

Good Calendar!

15 Jul, 2018
Our family needs a calendar to keep us on track and our desk is showing aging with some chipping and cracking of the finish . So I thought getting a desk calendar would cover up the defects but i... read more »

So quick to fill water balloons!!

14 Jul, 2018
This is a great water ballon solution! I am usually the ballon filler as like most parents, and I like to give my kids  all the time to enjoy playing on day when it is warm enough to enjoy these.... read more »

This is a great pool! Intex Swim Inflatable Pool

14 Jul, 2018
This is a great pool! I have a 5 year old and a 4 year old. They spent hours playing in this pool! It's big enough for them to have fun in, but not so big that it's overwhelming. Great place f... read more »

Excellent Arduino 'Compatible' Board!

14 Jul, 2018
With all the extra ports and memory this is effectively four Arduino Uno boards smashed together (although it still only runs at 16MHz like an Arduino Uno). The price is only a few percent more than a... read more »

Best 1.75mm 3D Printer nozzle!

14 Jul, 2018
After reading several reviews, we decided that when it was time to replace the nozzle for our 3D printer, we would go with the Micro Swiss. I think you do not realize how much your nozzle wears down o... read more »

Works great!

14 Jul, 2018
I purchased for a BBQ we just had. They are super and strong!! They were able to withhold the hot dogs and the toppings that were added to the dogs!! We also put in these french frys and hamburge... read more »

Ultimate fun toy!

14 Jul, 2018
This is ultimate fun! Anyone who sees a few friends loading up a water balloon launcher tends to run over and want to see how far the water balloon can go! But the title of this water balloon launcher... read more »

MIWARE Absorbent Stone Coasters in Grey & White

14 Jul, 2018
If you are like me, I was sick of our coasters pooling water then spilling everywhere. I found there's these coasters and they are awesome! I didn't think they would actually absorb the conden... read more »

Wonderful Grey and White Coasters by Miware

14 Jul, 2018
I've been looking for new coasters for a while cause I'm the most indecisive person ever. But as soon as I found these I knew I wanted them! The top of the coaster is a nice ceramic with cork... read more »

Excellent Backpack For Our Family To Use!

14 Jul, 2018
Love it,love it love it. Big lots of compartments and ideal for carry on travel. Our family always is carrying a backpack with us for all our family needs (toys, ipads, camera, phones, water bottles,... read more »

AWESOME Letter Board!

14 Jul, 2018
AWESOME Letter Board! Arrived very quickly, was packaged well and very nice quality! Super nice to have the storage tray option as well as the cloth bag for the letters. I added some letters and liter... read more »

Perfect for our camper!

11 Jul, 2018
Why did we wait so long?! We bought a travel trailer over the summer and have been cooking on the outdoor gas burners. My husband heard about the Blackstone griddle and wanted to get one, but we hemme... read more »

Almost a perfect pack!

11 Jul, 2018
Purchased this griddle kit after acquiring the 28" Blackstone griddle. The spatulas are excellent, with just the right amount of flex (in my opinion) and they are long enough to keep your hands /... read more »

Great Power Converter

11 Jul, 2018
Worked great. I needed a 12.7 v output to test LED lights on our boat in the spring before we put the start and house batteries on board. I used to use a small 9 v battery when we used incandescent bu... read more »

Excellent for recharging our devices!

11 Jul, 2018
I installed two of these 8 weeks ago and love them. They were easy to install and each one took me about 10 minutes to complete. I did find that they are not compatible if you have the bottom socket c... read more »

Best gadget for your car!

11 Jul, 2018
Up until we bought this we were using a cassette tape thing that let us play music from our phones. The sound quality was awful! Then I purchased this little gem and the difference in sound quality is... read more »

Beginners will love this camera set

11 Jul, 2018
I just got this today and can't really say much about the camera except that it's very nice and surprisingly lighter than I had expected (which is good) everything else you get with it is ok.... read more »

Decent Value - Good Quality

11 Jul, 2018
When a 9"x12" manila envelope isn't quite big enough to hold a thick stack of documents, and you don't want to waste a Priority Mail envelope for something not being shipped via Prio... read more »

Save your money from the dealer and get this device!

11 Jul, 2018
Very excited to have this arrive. Great price on a OBD II scanner. This scanner can do most options I need to do like: reset the check engine light, give me the codes that my car produced, but what is... read more »

Anker Wireless Charger - Even works with OtterBox Defender case

10 Jul, 2018
I recently purchased an iPhone X and an OtterBox Defender case to protect it. Because the case has a protector for the lightning port and the size of the case also results in the port being recessed a... read more »

iPhone X Screen Protector

10 Jul, 2018
I wanted some good protection for my phone screen after seeing how much screen replacements cost, and wanted to go with a reputable company. I ordered 2 packs, one for me and one for my mom. Mine came... read more »

Otterbox case for iPhone X

10 Jul, 2018
This case does work well with the iPhone X and does support QI Charging through the case! It's a snug fit the first time popping the device in, but once it is in it gives great all around protecti... read more »

Dremel Black Filament - Works Perfect

10 Jul, 2018
The Dremel filament is fine in terms of its quality. The colors I've tried are nice. The gold does look vaguely metallic, the white is whiter than most other white filaments I've tried, and th... read more »

Dremel Build Sheets Work!

10 Jul, 2018
Last for about 50-60 builds, then needs to be replaced. I am using a paint scrapper to get the parts off of it.  Sometimes when the PLA won't stick to the sheet, I use my heat gun to warm... read more »

Great little power supply

10 Jul, 2018
So far...About a week...No problems- Awesome little device.. I am using my it for undercabinet LED lights. Nice and quiet and easy to install. Here is the wire set up. L= Black Wire, N = White Wire, a... read more »

Metal Multi Angle Measuring Ruler! Good buy!

05 Jul, 2018
My take is that this has 3 types of uses: Creating stencils of existing shapes to mark cut lines on lumber, tile, etc, -Using the tool itself as a jig to position pieces for cutting or attachment... read more »

Came broken

01 Jul, 2018
The package arrived and the candles inside are broken, rattling around. I am sure I could unscrew the bottom and glue the candle back. Hard to review it since it came in broken. read more »

Great blacklight flashlight!

01 Jul, 2018
This flash light puts out a good amount of blacklight to see stains. The kids and I have been going all over the house to see what might shine back at us using it. read more »

Great Mermaid Blanket

01 Jul, 2018
Arrived on time, and is cut to look like a mermaid tail. My daughter loves it. I would rate it a 5-star if it didn't have a smell when it came in. We washed it and it took the factory smell away a... read more »

Great little light!

21 Jun, 2018
Great light from these LEDs! This mini camping lantern is a little brighter than the ones you can get from Costco. I gave it 3 stars because it did not come with batteries and the light only projects... read more »

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