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Great Wireless Buds

08 Apr, 2019
These wireless earbuds are amazing! Real wireless Bluetooth headphones These headphones have a solid and stylish design. They have a 2 hour quick charge and 3 hours of playtime. The Pod charges t... read more »

Awesome little charger

04 Apr, 2019
This charger is nice. It's got a dual port to charge 2 device's at once. It's small and convenient and works well with fast charging devices. I've used for tablets, cell phones and gam... read more »

Great device

04 Apr, 2019
This diagnostic code reader works great! I've tried it on all of my vehicles and the trains are accurate. It is quick and easy to use! Great to have on hand when that annoying check engine light t... read more »


26 Mar, 2019
These color schemed little light weight walkie talkies work great. I have not had the opportunity to use them in mountainous terrain but have used them other places. The distance level they work it ab... read more »


26 Mar, 2019
This awesome little 3 port power bank is just great! I have b used our charge my phone several times before it needed recharging. I love the fact that you are able to charge more than one device... read more »

Great for working out!

21 Feb, 2019
These simply awesomely colored bread phones are wonderful for working out or just listening to music anywhere. Came out of the box with about 3hrs of play time. I've gotten 6 hours when fully char... read more »

Great Ear Buds

15 Feb, 2019
These earbuds are just amazing! These earbuds were very easy to set up. The sound quality comes through crystal clear! The price was perfect for the quality. Charging is very easy you charge the case... read more »

Love these screen protectors

22 Jan, 2019
These Weng Tech 3d screen protector are awesome screen protectors are perfect for a clumsy person like myself! They have saved my phone from countless drops and falls! They come with 2 per box and an... read more »

Nice little light

10 Dec, 2018
This liight has mega brightness! Well worth the purchase with rechargeable battery included. Also had option of using disposable batteries! read more »

Big Sound

01 Nov, 2018
These ear buds are perfect for gym and exercise enthusiasts! The v over the ear hook keeps them secured for the most rigorous work outs! The sound quality is great and crystal clear!!! They're spo... read more »

Perfect Gift

17 Oct, 2018
This little star projector is pretty amazing! It was a perfect gift for my nephew. With a bargain price the quality was great. It can be battery operated and also comes with a usb cord. The colors are... read more »

Big Boom

18 Sep, 2018
This little blue speaker is the bomb or should I say BOOM! I own a JBL speaker this one blows it out of the water. The sound is crisp the bass is booming no crackling just good quality sound! The pric... read more »

2 for the price of one!!

17 Sep, 2018
This awesome little screen protector kit is amazing. It includes 2 screen protectors 1 installation tray and all the accessories for an easy install. It's a guaranteed perfectly aligned screen pro... read more »

Small and mighty

14 Sep, 2018
When I first opened the box I questioned the ability of this air compressor. But boy was I proved wrong when I plugged it in. This compact air compressor works very well! What's even better is tha... read more »

Crystal clear screen protection

12 Sep, 2018
This amazing screen protector is easy to install. Comes with everything you need to get it on perfectly. It doesn't get scratched and wipes clean easily. The installation tray is very helpful and... read more »

High Definition Binoculars

27 Aug, 2018
Big bang for your buck! These Bial 20x 50 water resistant telescope Binoculars give you a vibrant view of whatever your looking at! They come with a carrying case  lens covers, straps for carryin... read more »

Heavy Duty Screen Protecter

20 Jul, 2018
Nice screen protector! Very heavy duty. Best part is the easy installation tray! Perfect for phones in a case! When you apply screen protector dont get discouraged with corners coming up. All I did wa... read more »


28 Mar, 2018
This power bank is amazing! I've used it to charge my n phone and tablet. I get about 5 charges if it's fully charged! Meaning it will fully charge my phone 5 times before it has to be re... read more »

Great for big dogs at night.

21 Feb, 2018
These are great little lights for any purpose. I put them on my large dogs but they are to big for my two chihuahuas lol. I give them to the kids when they feed the chickens in the morning.  They... read more »

Big sound in a small package!

07 Feb, 2018
I'm sold! I can't believe the sound this little baby provides! Sounds just as good if not better than others that cost double the money! The look is awesome. It's water proof and can also... read more »


07 Feb, 2018
This is best for your money Bluetooth speaker! It's comparable if not better than those high priced name brand speakers. I need to mention it's water proof and can also charge your cell phone.... read more »

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