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Brilliant water gun

08 Apr, 2021
What a great water gun, This is such good quality!  It is a lot bigger than what I expected aswell.  it's a fab water gun and well worth the money!  it is so easy to fill up and... read more »

Amazing little set!

12 Feb, 2021
Wow this is awesome, A brilliant little set. as a women this has really made my job so much easier :)  read more »

These are awesome!

11 Jan, 2021
Wow these are great, the sound quality is awesome!  I was so surprised with how good they are.  the quality of the earphones, Is great they are very well made they are super comfortable!&n... read more »

Brilliant idea!

11 Jan, 2021
What a great little sensory toy!  my daughter has adhd and autism & she loves it, We got it to on her sensory board!  yet this is the one toy that is her fav.  it's very good... read more »

Awesome Soo bright!

03 Dec, 2020
These are awesome!  Got them to add to my wreath, it looks amazing they stand out so much nice and bright . LOVE THESE!  read more »

Wow these are such great quality

08 Nov, 2020
Love love love thes, the quality of them is amazing!  I love the patterns on them, perfect for christmas! Me & the kids love them ???? read more »

Love these

01 Nov, 2020
Wow these are brilliant.  I really Didnt expect them to be such good quality. These are the perfect size for my project.  read more »

So easy to use, Kids love them!

28 Oct, 2020
We used these to decorate the kids besrooms, They are perfect! The kids loves doing them, So much fun for them!  I highly recommend rhese to anyone :)  read more »

Such a lovely set

28 Oct, 2020
Wow this is such a lovely set, You can wrap it up so its nice and neat. There is many different size pencils, My daughter is made up, She loves drawing and she is made up to have all the different siz... read more »

Love love love them!

22 Oct, 2020
These are beautiful!  they are really lovely i cant wait to put them on my tree. they are good quality, And there is loads of them ????❤️???? read more »

Awesome they look so real!

22 Oct, 2020
These are brilliant, The quality is great.  you gets loads in a pack aswell.  I have already recommended to friends and family, who have got some too :)    read more »

This is amazing! Such good quality.

18 Oct, 2020
This is brilliant, It works sooo well.  Its really easy to set up and use all the instructions are clear to understand.  The video quality is amazing, so clear and u can see for a good dis... read more »


10 Oct, 2020
Wow i love this it is amazing!  Its love the silver on the outside and sparkles. The filter in the star changes to snowflakes  and crimbo stuff. It really is great quailty. i HIGHLY reco... read more »

Perfect mix

09 Oct, 2020
I use these for my wax melts to add the colour, Wow these  are great the colour mix is perfect ❤️ read more »

Gorgeous lashes

08 Oct, 2020
These lashes are gorgeous. So nice they feel so soft.  They go on really easy doing it yourself.  I love them, Perfect for that special occasion or just as a little treat for yourselves.&n... read more »


07 Oct, 2020
This is awesome! Its so easy to use, Nice and chunky so your not burning yourself.  Its super easy to use & understand.  gutted i never got one sooner now ???? read more »


29 Sep, 2020
These are so awesome. They are so perfect.  They manage to get all the little tiny hair on my eyebrows.  Perfect that we have all the different sizes in the same pack, Makes it all alot ea... read more »

These are fab

29 Sep, 2020
These mica powders are brill!  Mixed really well with my wax, still really colourful aswell The powders are fab, I highly recommend these to everyone ???????? read more »

This is an Awesome set!

26 Sep, 2020
Wow i love this set it is perfect.  you get everything you need for cutting hair,  I always cut my husbands hair and got this set as i was sick of the mess! This helps so much with the c... read more »

Perfect jumper

21 Sep, 2020
The quality of this jumper is great.  I love the feel of this,  it is a very good size, And i just love it! I highly recommend them to all my friends and family. read more »

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