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Great Milk Frothing Machine

02 Dec, 2019
This milk frother is absolutely perfect! It works amazingly with cow's, almond, soya and hazelnut milk. Inside it has some helpful little markings that shows the minimum and ma... read more »

Impressive bread toaster machine!

10 Oct, 2019
I have been using this Keenstone bread toaster for several weeks now and I am so impressed with this product! This stylish 2-slice Keenstone bread toaster will complement any kitchen with its retro-in... read more »

Highly recommended to any makeup enthusiast

27 Sep, 2019
Getting ready to start my day is about to get easier. This lighted makeup  mirror allows me to see my reflection better with the use of a LED light. The light that it emits is a perfect bright li... read more »

Highly recommended educational toy for children

20 Sep, 2019
I bought this as a gift for a nephew, but before giving it to him, I took a peek of what is inside the box. I remember buying a kid's telescope for my own son at a popular toy store that costs $20... read more »

Works like a charm!

05 Aug, 2019
This is an amazing product! I didn’t really expect much out of it when I bought this thing. However, I have been using it outdoors for about 2 months now and I have to say, it defintel... read more »

Elegant, Lightweight and Stylish

17 Jul, 2019
I bought this watershoes for my husband and he loves wearing them. I can tell that the watershoes are made from high quality fabric and mesh. My husband says they dry fast and it keeps his feet f... read more »

Very sturdy phone mount and has elegant design

21 Jun, 2019
The Pemsem cup holder phone mount works great. It is adjustable to fit any cup holder and it has a very stiff bendable shaft with a mounting bracket that is strong enough to hold my S9 in place.... read more »

Great product to set your mood and relieve stress

16 Jun, 2019
I Love this diffuser. Just the perfect size for what I wanted and the timer works brilliantly. It features a dark wood grain color that adds a classic look in any room decor. The changing of.nightligh... read more »

Best travel companion on a humid weather

06 Jun, 2019
I love this product! It works really well and is very quiet and stylish. It helps immensely with dryness, nighttime congestion and allergy symptoms. The setup was super easy and it is powered by a USB... read more »

So much storage for such a great price!

21 May, 2019
I've had several flash drives over the years, but this flash drive is by far the best. It is much different from any other USB Flash Drives that I own because for one, it is a universal 4-in-1 mem... read more »

Good jump rope for beginners

17 May, 2019
I am not an active person and I don’t like going out of the house for a walk but I know how important exercise is in order to stay healthy and fit. In my case, I wanted to shed off the post-part... read more »

I can now enjoy a sugarless cup of tea

11 May, 2019
My husband and I are not really tea-drinkers, but since we wanted to gradually adapt a healthy living lifestyle, we started to incorporate drinking tea in our diet. We started with the Lipton and Red... read more »

High capacity powerbank that is unbelievably handy!

27 Apr, 2019
I am totally impressed with the performance of the Poweradd 10,000mah powerbank due to its impressive reliability and overall efficiency rate that I decided to get this 20,000mah version for our table... read more »

Environment Friendly and Great Price for the 5-Pack

26 Apr, 2019
Caption I have read about the benefits of using charcoal toothpaste and charcoal activated toothbrushes so when I saw this product, I did not hesitate to give it a try. All my life, I’ve be... read more »

Good Price for the Product

24 Apr, 2019
Although we already have an oversupply of USB Cables (mostly micro USB and a few USB C’s) lying around the house, I did not deter from buying this set of Type C cable for my portable charger. Th... read more »

Amazing Portable Charger that is so convenient to carry around

31 Mar, 2019
This charger has been a great buy and a great deal. I have even been using it around the house if I’m busy and cannot sit next to a plug to charge my phone. It works extremely well and I couldn&... read more »

Great melodica for beginners

20 Jan, 2019
I bought this melodica for my then 6-year old son because he likes to try all sort of musical instruments. I can say that this basic melodica is a perfect option to get a hold of the musical instrumen... read more »

Lightweight and easy to carry around

19 Jan, 2019
I purchased this guitar stand last year for my brother and it's still in good shape until now. He always carry it with him whenever he and his friends have a gig or something. He said that it'... read more »

The best thing that I have given my puppy thus far!

16 Jan, 2019
A comfortable bed can make a difference on how well a dog sleeps that is why I decided to give my puppy collie an orthopedic bed like this one. I saw a regular pet bed on Winners a month ago that is w... read more »

Excellent product for a budding artist

19 Dec, 2018
I bought this magna doodle board for my son who is so attached to his tablet. I want something that can take his mind off the tablet and I'm glad this one did not disappoint. My son absolutely lov... read more »

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