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Awesome Tripod! Fluid head is great for video!

03 Sep, 2017
This is an awesome tripod.  Standard quality that you'd expect, but love love LOVE the fluid panning motion on the head.  It's soooo good for video! read more »

Can I give this TEN stars!?!?

03 Sep, 2017
This lamp is small but mighty!  It has three colors of light so you can adjust it to correct bad lighting in a room.  I honestly think this could be used on a photoshoot if done properly. &n... read more »

These are great

03 Sep, 2017
They are thick, strong, and great lengths.  I like having short, medium, and long cords.  In the car, it's nice to be able to have the long one so that passengers can charge in the back... read more »

fun and cute!

03 Sep, 2017
This romper is great.  The material is really crisp, so you'll want to wear a soft cami underneath--but you'll need to do that anyway because it laces up the front.  #modesty read more »

Griller's best friend!

03 Sep, 2017
LOVE these mats!  Non stick, no-drip, meats cook in their own juices, veggies don't burn around the edges.  Delicious results! read more »


03 Sep, 2017
It's so awesome to see the callused skin just falling away.  It's even fun to help it along a bit.  But be prepared to not wear sandals for around 8-10 days.  It will look like... read more »

Superior hold

20 Jul, 2017
These hold on to your phone or phone case really well.  I love being able to rest the muscles in my hand while checking texts or scrolling through emails.  Definite game changer.#rankbooster... read more »

Really amazing actually

20 Jul, 2017
This mask is too cool.  My friend and I tried it on our face.  It pulled out everything from our pores, and pulled out MOST of the little tiny hairs that grow on your face that you can't... read more »


20 Jul, 2017
This thing is so well balanced.  It spins forever.  It's also small, so great for younger kids with small hands.#rankbooster #sponsored #Rudder read more »


20 Jul, 2017
Great little earbuds.  Charge lasts almost all day! I love them#rankbooster #sponsored #KUUFER read more »

Good range

20 Jul, 2017
My husband installed it and it works great.  Good for when the cable or satellite television goes out during a storm.  We can still get the weather!#rankbooster #sponsored #amplified read more »

Great quality, gorgeous sheen

20 Jul, 2017
These are so shimmery.  LOVE them.  They are regular size balloons, so inflate them to your liking.  Soccer ball size to basketball size fully inflated.#rankbooster #sponsored #partydec... read more »

great for pets, good for carseats too!

20 Jul, 2017
This works exactly as described.  It's got a bonus use too.  It you have a little one, this protects your car seat from their carseat.  BONUS!#rankbooster #sponsored #petcarseatcove... read more »

smells so good

20 Jul, 2017
Using this is like taking a shower at Starbucks.  Only without a hundred people on laptops staring at you for wearing a towel in the middle of an actual Starbucks. It is invigorating as you scrub... read more »

Neat square design

20 Jul, 2017
This is a great design if you have a ceiling fan over your bed.  just cut a hole and secure it well out of the way.  You still get great air flow, and the bugs dont stand a chance. #rankboos... read more »

Great for boudoir photos

20 Jul, 2017
These are for my style closet for boudoir photography.  Fishnet stockings add an air of whimsy to any boudoir outfit.  These would be great for cosplay as well. #rankbooster #sponsored #enjo... read more »

Lettuce Rejoice

20 Jul, 2017
OMG chopping lettuce hasn't ever been easier!  LOVE the guides.  Taco Tuesday may just become Taco EVERY day.  Prep time cut MORE than in half.  LOVE LOVE LOVE! #rankbooster #s... read more »

cutest ear buds ever

20 Jul, 2017
Love how tiny these are.  they're a bit tricky to place at first, but once they're in it's so nice to be truly wireless.  I recommend giving yourself a day around the house in th... read more »

Super Well Made

20 Jul, 2017
Finally a fidget spinner that doesn't pop apart the first time you spin it.  SOOOOO tired of buying ones that just fall to pieces the first day.  These are sturdy, and I let my little ni... read more »

Nice and Thick

20 Jul, 2017
This shower curtain was inexpensive, but it is made very well.  It's much thicker than the dollar store variety, and compareable with the ones from the super stores.  I would say the whi... read more »

These are the most comfortable socks ever.

11 Jul, 2017
These are the most comfortable socks ever. They hug your foot and are light and thin. The colors are neat combinations so when you lock your shoes off you're still stylin'. #rankbooster #spons... read more »

So comfy!

09 Jul, 2017
These are the neatest things. So soft and comfy. You don't even realize you're wearing them! I like that I can change colors for each outfit. Thanks! read more »

These are the best

09 Jul, 2017
 these rope toys are HUGE! Definitely with the price, and nicer than I've seen at the pet stores recently! Rope and knots are tough and durable. My Sassy-girl and the neighbor's bull... read more »

Love these for my husband. The thinner ones are his favorite. He's a welder and can't wear his real ring at work.

09 Jul, 2017
Love these for my husband.  The thinner ones are his favorite. He's a welder and can't wear his real ring at work. These let him feel married, as he puts it. Lol read more »

One in my closet, one in my car

06 Jul, 2017
I LOVE these Weiup Natural Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag Odor Eliminators.  I hung one in my closet and put one under the seat in my car.  You don't notice smells that... read more »

My hubby loves these!!

06 Jul, 2017
My husband is a welder, so he was always having to run a cord from his earbuds down his shirt.  These take that mess away, and he listens to his music or Bible readings all day long.  The ba... read more »

Oh, how my daughter LOVES this blanket!`

06 Jul, 2017
Cannot say enough great things about this blanket!  My daughter hasn't been without it in the car or on the couch since it arrived.  It's exactly as pictured, the measurements are co... read more »

Much smaller than it appears

06 Jul, 2017
I give it four stars because it is exactly as pictured,  you just have to be very careful how you LOOK at the photo.  It looks like they're spooning something into the colander sized str... read more »

Soooooo pretty! They glow so brightly!

06 Jul, 2017
I am in awe of the amount of light these tiny suckers put out!  They are on the most delicate wire/cable.  I love love LOVE the fact that it's a rechargeable battery!  It's so m... read more »

Bigger than I thought, and encompasses WHOLE bed

06 Jul, 2017
This is much bigger than I expected. It's actually JUST like the picture!  Super impressed with the hanging hardware as well.  I love that it hangs from just one hook.  It gives an... read more »

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