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Mar, 2017

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I just turned 60 and still working full time as Team Leader. I love working and doing reviews after work and in the evening is my way or relaxing while my favourite TV quiz is on. I am honest and will always be. I love reading, eating out, visiting interesting places and family. Love cooking, baking and shopping of course.
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02 Sep, 2018
Delivered on time as promised by the seller. Bought this diffuser for my friend as she saw mine working at home and she fell in love with it. She tried it at home and she was delighted with it, it is... read more »

Amazing product!!

02 Jul, 2018
bought this little chopper to use for my hubby's 65th birthday bash, and what a little helper it is... made chopping onions, ginger , garlic easy as anything. My friend also enjoyed using it as sh... read more »

Great Oil!!

02 Jul, 2018
Bought this oil for my hair, mixed it with lemon and olive oil for ease of application, used it as hot oil treatment. My hair feels great, silky feel and soft after wash. I am also using it on my lash... read more »

Very loud noise!!

17 Apr, 2018
Bought this alarm keychain for me and my friend, love theidea of the built in flashlight to use for emergencies and the self defense emergency safety alarm, hope I will not need to use it someday? It&... read more »

Strong material !!

16 Apr, 2018
Bought this vacuum storage bags for storing winter clothes that needed putting away. tried one was amazed at the superior quality of the bags. The size is just right and material looks strong as well.... read more »

Elegant shopping basket!!

16 Apr, 2018
Bought this basket with the plan to store food and drinks for travelling and picnics. Material looks very strong and sturdy, love the handle with it, Design is very well thought of. Love my shopping b... read more »

Superb earrings!!

15 Feb, 2018
This will match the necklace, they are simply fabulous, love the finish, so elegant and the crystals are bright, they looked the part. Simply satunning!! read more »

cute !!

15 Feb, 2018
This is additional to my collection of gifts... Simple yet elegant, just love it!! I would love to wear it myself but Ihave already committed it for somebody, so this person will have a fabulous neckl... read more »


15 Feb, 2018
bought this necklace to give away as presents when I go on holiday. I was surprised at how well made it is, the crystals were shiny even though they are tiny, but the design made them look bigger.. si... read more »

Smashing !!

05 Feb, 2018
Bought this beach blouse to use during our holiday in march. Tried and loved it, even hubby was impressed. I will enjoy using this blouse, will surely take some photos . The neckline embroidery design... read more »

Unique Design!!

24 Jan, 2018
Bought this back pack for my hubby to use when we go in holiday in March, I was surprised with the unique design and the spacious capacity, really great. It will be a treat to use it in our travels fo... read more »


21 Jan, 2018
Bought this necklace as present for sister in law, she was over the moon with it. The swarovski stones are brilliant and the main aquamarine stone is really stunning, love the design and the finish is... read more »

enchanting piece of jewellery

10 Nov, 2017
Received the necklace and was amazed by the simple beauty of it. The design is simple yet elegant,the 3 layers plain lovely, just hope that the gold plating will last and will not fade. I will certain... read more »

Super soft !!!

20 Sep, 2017
The socks are super soft and comfy, feels like my feet are in the clouds. Love the colour . These socks will be very useful during the coming cold months and I will then get the benefits. Materials ar... read more »

Lovely bracelet!!!

20 Sep, 2017
the bracelet came in time, and I was amazed at the lovely design and appearance. The rose gold colour enhanced my brown skin and is easy to put on as well. It will be given as present to one of my gra... read more »

Highly recommended !!

20 Sep, 2017
  Nose trimmer arrived on time. First time I tried it and it's a bit funny because it tickled my nose,but it did the job. It is easy to use, love the colour and the other attachments are g... read more »

Excellent Product!!

20 Sep, 2017
Bought this charger to use in my bedroom as I need it badly to connect my other gadgets i.e. Samsung tablet, kindle and phone. It is brilliant, with the 6 ports and fast charging, it is very convenien... read more »

Fantastic Pan !!!

17 Sep, 2017
Got this fabulous pan and was wondering it will perform as described by the seller... and wallah, it did and more. Assembled the standing cover which is by the way a very nice touch to the product. Af... read more »

good quality bag!!

13 Aug, 2017
Bought this bag for weekend use. the material is strong and sturdy it will stand heavy use, love the spacious capacity. It has loads of pockets for various uses and most of all it can be converted to... read more »

Love the sunglasses

31 Jul, 2017
Love the sunglasses, the lenses are a lot brighter than the normal sunglasses. Design is very nice with its mirrored effect... so very cool.It came in a box with lens cloth, screw driver and a case, c... read more »

Good quality material ..

26 Jul, 2017
Bought this bag with the thought of using it for weekend away visiting friends and families. Size was very good , plenty room and love the colour, and being waterproof is another bonus. It also came w... read more »

Trendy !

07 Jul, 2017
Love the colour, material is lovely and soft. Great for summer wear. Length is just right and it hides any bulges .... all in all great blouse. love it. Silky, light material read more »

Very Elegant !!!

07 Jul, 2017
Lovely evening dress, can be used on weddings, parties and even costume nights, it will surely look amazing. Love the colour, and the design, the bottom is a bit retro which is coming back in fashion.... read more »

Love the Sound !!!

07 Jul, 2017
Bought this Bluetooth Speaker as Christmas present for my sister when we go on holiday. Love the sound; amazing quality coming from a small unit, the dancing light changes in tune of the music, r... read more »

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