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I created Techspherereview because of my love for tech, and writing. Techspherereviews is a fast growing platform that include facebook page, instagram, and a blog. We use instagram SEO techniques to get the most view for each products, and all photo are taken using a DSLR for best photo quality. Day by day our reach is growing and I hope to have a youtube channel running soon. I would love to test our your product, so drop us a line and we would love to work with you!
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High Quality at a great price!

30 Mar, 2019
This water bottle is absolutely excellent. It is made of a premium plastic material that looks great. On the side of the water bottle there is measure chart so you can keep track of how much water you... read more »

Decent mount that doesn't stand up to Florida heat.

07 Jul, 2018
Initially, I got this and I was super happy. It was easy to install and it worked like a charm. My phone was secure on the mount and it was perfect for a long drive. I mainly used it to mount my phone... read more »

Unique mother day card!

12 Jun, 2018
Greeting Card really hasn't changed much over the year, except for when it comes to this card. It is a 3d card that is beautifully crafted. You can tell it is a quality card by all the d... read more »

Awesome motion sensor light

12 Jun, 2018
I have this motion sensor light hooked up to a led strip and it works flawlessly. Installation took less than a minute and regardless of how much light is present this sensor picks up motion. It is a... read more »

Rechargable Touch Light by Ounier!

19 May, 2018
Have you ever had an area in the house where you needed some light but there is no way to wire an actual fixture? Well, that is where this rechargeable touch light bar by Ounier comes in handy. This i... read more »

Vinyl record coaster by MISOSA

09 May, 2018
Vinyl records are insanely cool and MISOSA has found a way to make them into coasters. This particular set comes with 6 pieces vinyl coasters. The bottom of the coasters has a rubber making to them ma... read more »

Crystal clear Nintendo Switch Case by Bainuo

09 May, 2018
The Nintendo switch is one of the most portable gaming consoles on the market. With portability comes an increased risk of it getting damaged. That’s where this crystal clear case by Bainuo come... read more »

Great portable speaker! Worth the money!

04 Apr, 2018
When I got this speaker I was surprised by the size. It looked smaller than I thought it would. But that being said the build quality of this speaker is excellent. The speaker is water resis... read more »

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