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Dec, 2018

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I'm an avid shopper. (My entire household is to be quite frank) I love trying and evaluating new things. The ease and convenience of online shopping and Amazon in-particular makes my life that much simpler when it comes to getting the things I want and need.
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Amazing Set!

27 Sep, 2021
We cannot say enough good things about how handy this is to have around the house. If you like to do most of your repairs yourself I say treat yourself to one of these ASAP!    read more »

Makes for fun times!

17 Aug, 2021
This was fun and the ideal thing to add some spice in the bedroom. Our only issue is that it could be a bit bigger or more adjustable. Unless you are a fairly small person or slight of frame this item... read more »

A Must Have

17 Aug, 2021
All of my kids are computer geeks and build their own PC's and such. They were all over this item the moment the package has arrive. They already want me to buy more lol read more »

Fantastic Soldering Kit!

17 Aug, 2021
I can't say enough good things about this soldering iron. It works well for beginners and novices alike. Great to have around your house or garage.    read more »

Middle of the Road

08 Aug, 2021
These were okay for me but just okay. They did work to a large degree but the results were not as I expected. SO not bad for the price but not quite what I was looking for.  read more »

So Cute and Funny

08 Aug, 2021
Gave this as a random "thinking about you and I miss you" gift to my lover and he adores it. It's held up like a champ and he's former military and an outdoorsman so if it can endure... read more »

Does good work!

08 Aug, 2021
I really like this cleanser! My only issue with it is that is seems to lose potency quicker than I'd like. But it's a winnwer for me for sure.  read more »

Beyond Adorable!

29 Jul, 2021
This was cute beyond measure! So cute in fact we got a second one ^_^   read more »

Bright and Light

28 Jul, 2021
Such a lightweight light and it was super easy to install. We have two in our kitchen and it's more well lit now than it's bee in 17 years. LOL We love it!  read more »

Runs Quite Small

18 Jul, 2021
Not very true to size at all. I'd go as far as two sizes up ordering this item.  read more »

Wonderful for Anyone

28 Feb, 2021
These things really work! You won't have to use any of these for long before you start to feer the burn! Woderful range of resistance and the carrying bag is a great bonus!    read more »

Super Soft!

28 Feb, 2021
These masks are super soft and comfortable, they are cute and they are easy to breathe in. You can't even feel the straps behind your ears which is a first for me.    read more »

Family Favorite

26 Feb, 2021
We've had this kit for a while now and it still looks and performs like it's brand new. Each tool works and handles well and is easy to clean and maintain. So many people have asked me where I... read more »


26 Feb, 2021
It's really a very middle of the trial item. Nothing about this stands out and it's not that great at "getting the job done" but you might luck up and have it happen.  read more »

Not Pleased

07 May, 2019
This was very cheaply made (so don't think you are getting a bargain for the price) it takes a memory card that costs about as much as the cam does and mine was glitchy. read more »

Great Product!

23 Apr, 2019
You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck with this item. If you are a busy body in the kitchen or do a lot of arts and crafts you will have endless uses for this product. Everything from gett... read more »

Functional and Easy To Use

09 Apr, 2019
I can't say enough great things about this product. It may seem like overkill or "too fancy" when you first look at it but what it actually is, is the ultimate pizza serving and slicing... read more »

Comfortable and Fashionable Boots

31 Mar, 2019
I love the look and feel of these boots! My daughter and I wear the same sized shoes and we get nothing but compliments each time we wear them. The two tone look makes them perfect for dressing up den... read more »

Long Lasting Without Being Overly Drying

12 Mar, 2019
Brilliant colors that go well with a variety of skin tones. Goes on smoothly, evenly and doesn't need reapplication throughout the day. Didn’t smudge off on cups, straws or eating utensils.... read more »

Wonderful DVD Player!

09 Jan, 2019
This item was a gift for my son and he absolutely loved it.  It is lightweight, user friendly and everything one would expect out of a portable DVD player. It charges in no time and has a decentl... read more »

Nice and Heavy Curtain

02 Jan, 2019
This thing felt like a book when it arrived lol. So it is sturdy which is what I was looking for after using several flimsy liners.  It was easy to install (takes a bit to unfold though) but I... read more »

Pretty Cool and Fun

26 Dec, 2018
I have to admit this item is pretty cool. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but after opening it and getting on the door I could see where this could be loads of fun. Upon inspection, I would thi... read more »

Works Well But Feels Odd

22 Dec, 2018
I am so very much on the fence with how best to review these. I say this because it made the following claims (in bold and my commentary follows) Material: Eco-friendly durable silicone &ndash... read more »

Product doesn't work

17 Dec, 2018
I ordered this product and had several people try it on different phones with the C type port and it does not work to listen to music or videos from any source (on phone, play store, YouTube, etc.). Y... read more »

They Are Okay...

16 Dec, 2018
Item arrived on time and packaged well but mine were the cones and not the little buddha statue holder. I really really wanted to like this bundle of incense cones but they fell more than a little... read more »

Well Made and Comfortable.

11 Dec, 2018
Overall I’d give this product 4 out of 5 stars. This item arrived on time and packaged appropriately for the product. No problems with that at all. The insoles are well made and are good q... read more »

Car Charger, Mercase 30W Metal Dual Ports USB Fast Car Charger

08 Dec, 2018
Inside the Package: One unit This item arrived on time and packaged well. No complaints or issues with that whatsoever. Once opened, I found the charger itself and a small instruction bookl... read more »

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