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Mar, 2017

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I'm a fun, open minded and young at heart mom to 4 kids ages 7 to 16.

I love buying/ trying new items and leaving honest reviews with pictures and/or video on EVERY purchase.

I'm very proud of my amazon Top Reviewer status and take all reviews seriously. My Top Ranking on Amazon is currently 1,500!
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Perfect for the kitchen

27 Sep, 2017
Perfect for the kitchen, kids room, bathroom, camping, the RV, hurricane supplies, or for any room decor! Easy to set-up. Easy to operate. Stays cool to the touch as described. The light is just... read more »

Why red-40?

20 Sep, 2017
I'm a caffeine sensitive person and red dye 40 sensitive as well. Yea...I'm "one of THOSE people". Why do they have to be red anyway? I don't get it.  They seem to work b... read more »

Fun times!

20 Sep, 2017
 Between 4 kids and 2 adults... I've lost track of how many spinners we have now! read more »

I love my salads!

20 Sep, 2017
I've wanted one of these forever! I love my salads! This salad cutter bowl works perfect! So simple AND so fast! It cuts the lettuce into perfect bite size pieces. I've added 3 photos to... read more »

There are better models

11 Aug, 2017
My cats are still in the wary phase of this new item in their territory. read more »

Ahead of the class!

11 Aug, 2017
Very compact, but does have a little extra weight due to the extra workmanship. It's worth it though! Clear and easy to follow directions. Amazing one- button operation. Where has this been... read more »

Serves its purpose

11 Aug, 2017
My almost 7 year old gets thirsty during the night. I bought this so he could have fresh water by his bed at all times with an easy to use sipper feature. Unfortunately, the rubber tip on the mouth... read more »

Perfect scale

11 Aug, 2017
Avantek has the advantage above all others! I love my new digital scale. It's got a sleek slim profile. The bathroom door closes easily right over it. No need to pre-start the scale; just st... read more »


11 Aug, 2017
I've included pictures taken both with and without flash so you can see the details and colors really well. This is a very beautiful ring. I think both men and women will find it attractive for... read more »

Good for the soul!

07 Jul, 2017
 The 7 Chakras are an amazing wonder! This bracelet is no exception! It's beautiful; the clasp is very secure and the fit is comfortable. Look at the details in my photos to appreciate... read more »

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