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Nov, 2018

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Not very clear or sturdy

21 Oct, 2019
Its ok for kids. Not very easy to get a decent view from it though. Its quite small, the tripod is table top sized. My kids lost interest pretty quick with it, it took too long to be able to see anyth... read more »


21 Oct, 2019
The case itself is adorable and well made. I just found it too bulky, even for my youngest. It does have good protection though.  read more »

Love this!

21 Oct, 2019
Not greasy, no smell, and many different uses -  whats not to love! I use it on sunburns, my face, I even spray it on my legs after shaving, it works really well! It dried quick which is great.&n... read more »

Very nice oil

21 Oct, 2019
Works great! I burnt my arm while using the pressure cooker, it was a horrible burn! Used this to help it heal, started getting better in a couple of days and healed up nicely, no scars! I did try it... read more »

The best lures yet

21 Oct, 2019
Got myself these, they turned out to be the best lures I have. Caught a few different types of fish of varies sizes as well, they seem to be quite universal! Bought my dad a pack of them as well, very... read more »

Couldn't resist the cactus toothbrush

21 Oct, 2019
Bought this for my nephew, its too cute! Quality is great, strong for tough teethers ;) read more »

Awesome masks!

21 Oct, 2019
Bought this for my kids to play with, they loved them so much I had to buy a second one :) They work great and the masks are adjustable to fit both kids, 5 and 11 years old.  read more »

Works perfect, great solution to outdoor lights and watering systems

08 Jul, 2019
I bought one of these for myself, and immediately bought another, as well as one for my parents. Really easy to set up, they all work perfect. I am using mine to control the string lights in our gazeb... read more »

Very compact!

02 Jun, 2019
I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I did set it up to see it, it was pretty easy and straight forward to figure out. Folded back up neat in its box easily. Its very small, but it is adorabl... read more »

Works great, surprised my dog let me use it!

02 Jun, 2019
This nail file works really well. I was surprised that my dog let me use it, he sat there like he was at the spa read more »

Great lights!

19 Apr, 2019
Bought these for our car, they didn't fit (my mistake!) However, I gave them to my friend and they are great lights! Easy to install, very bright! He's quite happy with them, I will be looking... read more »

Great charger!

19 Apr, 2019
I love having a large backup battery charger. Yes its bigger than any if the smaller pocket sized ones, but the battery power is also 4x bigger! My P20 Pro has a large battery, I can barely get a 1 fu... read more »

Small but good quality, handy to have on hand!

20 Mar, 2019
I bought 3 of these, you can never have enough power banks! I'm actually quite impressed with the size and overall weight of them. They don't feel cheap, and feel solid. Fits in your hand well... read more »

Excellent batteries for xbox one

20 Mar, 2019
Very happy with these batteries! They charge well, and hold their charge. Kids are happy! Great quality. read more »

Nice quality

19 Jan, 2019
Bought this hat for my husband. The quality of the hat is very good. My husband found it didn't fit his head properly, or the way he feels it should fit though. It is adjustable, and fit his head... read more »

Transfers files quickly, easy to use

19 Jan, 2019
Easy to use, just plug it in to whatever device you want to transfer files to or from. Works perfect, transfers files really quick from my laptop. I am using it to store my photos, they can really tak... read more »

Neat marble maze

27 Dec, 2018
Once set up, it works pretty good! I had bought it and put it away for my oldest son for christmas. Of course he just had to have it set up that morning! We realized quickly that it is actually harder... read more »

Great monitor!

22 Dec, 2018
My sisters baby monitor wouldnt hold its charge for more than a couple hours, so I went shopping for a new one for her. The price is much lower than some of the other big brand names, but dont let tha... read more »

Nice planner!

22 Dec, 2018
I'm really liking this planner! I got it for my husband, it was recommended by his therapist to keep track of his daily thoughts and feelings to give a better insight to his struggles with depress... read more »

Very small and compact!

22 Dec, 2018
I was very surprised at the size of the charger when it first arrived, it was so much smaller than I expected! However, it does work great, and is very space saving! Got it for my kids, they are very... read more »

Perfect fit

04 Dec, 2018
These are great winter driving gloves. They fit me perfect, are not bulky, thin and stretchy. I am sure they will last a long time to, the quality of them is great! Will be buying more as gifts, these... read more »

Look great and feel really good quality!

04 Dec, 2018
The earbuds arrived quickly, they look and feel great! I Haven't tried them out myself yet, as they are a Christmas stocking stuffer gift for someone else. But judging by the look and feel of them... read more »

Great baby monitor!

04 Dec, 2018
Good battery life, video is great and nighttime viewing is really good! Bought as a gift for my sister and her new baby, she uses it daily and says it was the best gift she received. It gives her piec... read more »

Great descaler at a great price!

01 Dec, 2018
Our older Keurig started acting up and spitting coffee around, sometimes with grinds. Tried the hot water and vinegar route, it helped for a couple of days, but then went back to acting up. Got these,... read more »

Excellent quality earbuds

01 Dec, 2018
Can't say a bad thing about these, they fit perfect, are comfortable, and the sound quality is great!  read more »

Nice gps, good size, responsive touchscreen

30 Nov, 2018
While most phones come with gps and maps, I do prefer to use a seperate device. I find when travelling in the cities, gps signal on mobile devices tend to 'get lost' when between many tall bui... read more »

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