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Great Value, money saver and twice the capacity of Energizer & Duracell's

27 Nov, 2019
I've owned these for 8 months and they save so much money. They are the best capacity 9 Volt Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries I've tested. These have about double the capacity of n... read more »

Awesome desktop sized heater with built in 360 degree tip over safety protection

27 Nov, 2019
When this arrived two weeks ago I wasen't sure if this would do the job but it has grown on me. This heater draws 615 watts and is amazingly compact. I actually have a 1500W heater and i... read more »

Great for attaching FastTrack toll road sensors and Window mount dash Cams

27 Nov, 2019
I used this tape for attaching FastTrack toll road sensors on two vehicles and 2 Window mount dash Cams. regular double sided tape simply wouldnt work for this task...and...trying to find this ty... read more »

I like these so much I bought 6 of them.

18 Nov, 2019
Excellent quality... I have previously owned three other brands of electric pepper mills. These are much better quality than the other units available. The stainless steel finish is attractive. The ba... read more »

No delay at all, accurate and it comes with a long lasting lithium battery and is well built LARGE backlit digital display

18 Nov, 2019
No delay at all, accurate It come with batteries and is well built LARGE backlit digital display   This is a very quick reading Thermometer that is rugged and well made. No... read more »

Top quality and allows your watt and phone to be perfectly orientated for easy view and use when charging

16 Nov, 2019
It is hard to beat this for the price. It is a form follows function design. It holds the charging cable firmly, orients the watch for easy visibility in nightstand mode, and even has rubber feet... read more »

Almost Silent and Professional quality, powerful 25.2 Volt brushless motor with a removable 6(six) cell 2400 mAh 18650 battery pack.

15 Nov, 2019
Wow. Extremly impressed with this unit.  I've been playing around with this gun for a while, and wanted to leave a review based on my experience with this one and a few others. For the pri... read more »

Its a very good MP3 sound recorder.

15 Nov, 2019
Its a very good MP3 sound recorder. Pros: 1. Very long battery life. 2. Rechargable battery. 3. Small size, easily fits inside pocket. 4. Catches sounds from long distance. 5. Records as... read more »

Nice Clean real stainless steel finish.

08 Nov, 2019
My last toaster lasted for over 10 years. This unit draws a good 1600 watts and toasts very quickly. The stainless steel finish is nice but it's not very thick so you'll need to be carefull. O... read more »

Ordered 6 of them and all are accurate.

08 Nov, 2019
 Bought 6 for different rooms of the house. I was surprised that all 6 are accurate to within 1 degree Fahrenheit and 1% Humidity of each other. A Great Value and Easy to see read more »

Small, simple and accurate

08 Nov, 2019
I've taken over 400 measurments with this and it's spot on. My house was flooded and I'm redoing close to $200K in repairs.  With close distances of less than two feet, it appear... read more »

Great for Soldering and electronics repair.

08 Nov, 2019
I use this for surface mount inspection and rework for electronics development. These work on there own and can also be used with a Laptop or PC for a larger image. It can take pictures to a... read more »

Nice upgrade from 150 Watt incandescent bulbs.

08 Nov, 2019
These look fantastic and give off a nice high CRI light. I've We tried a lot of brands and both of them were too dim, too bright, or various combinations of those. Finally, these tribrig... read more »

The strongest FM Transmitter I've tried yet

08 Nov, 2019
Most of these have units use an underpowered FM Transmitter but not this one. This unit puts out a very clean signal that results in zero hiss or distortion.  The Bluetooth is easy to... read more »

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