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27 Jul, 2021
Very good quality portable power bank, it works good, i have it over a year, and still does the job for me. its been taken by the kids, it was dropped so many times but still works well. 5 stars for t... read more »

been using it for a few months now and its very good

27 Jul, 2021
i hated to wash toilet brushes, its just disqusting! but this one... you just wash it under the tap, put some chemicals on it for a smel and thats it! easy like that. and takes less space cause you pu... read more »

large blanket

27 Jul, 2021
very  large blanket for camping or just picnic and looks like its very sturdy and easy cleaning, we will try it in a few weeks on a sea front, will see how it goes on the sand, 4 stars only... read more »

we all enjoyed it so much

27 Jul, 2021
i took this dinosaur set with us when we went camping, so we spend 20min of our time with kids helping them make those dinosaurs, it was not hard, and 2.5year old boy was impressed and he did some par... read more »

my kids loved it

27 May, 2021
since very  beggining of using it, my kids were even fighting who will have their turn. its nice that you dont need to use actual  paper, saves the planet, and they have some fun with i... read more »

works good

19 Dec, 2020
Both, me and my husband enjoy this power bank, it looks good, it has a lot of battery life and just very comfy to just have it in the bag, i like that it is soft to touch and take it to your hands. go... read more »


12 Dec, 2020
its compact, looks very good, works well. everything is just good, no bad words for this one, definately using it almost every day :) thanks! read more »

beautiful bags

12 Dec, 2020
i havent been using them too much, but these are nice bags, looks sturdy, strong, colour is brite red, so perfect :) everything that you need the bag to be. happy with thsese bags for sure. read more »

good guns

12 Dec, 2020
my kids actually enjoyed it, the only thing that i can say was a bit wrong so that it is very hard to load the gun, so kids always comming to me and  ask to do that for them, otherwise its just g... read more »


12 Dec, 2020
i have this lovely magnetic car mount for my phone, but we changed the phones with my husband so im so glad that i saw these extra magnets to buy, works just fine, only good words about them. thanks! read more »


12 Dec, 2020
i bought this scale for my cousin as a gift, she really enjoy it, everything is clear, easy to use, easy to clean, and looks durable read more »

my cat really loved it

12 Dec, 2020
it seems that it is very easy to reach these bowls for my cat, her posture is so much better, im very happy with this product read more »

It works for our family

30 Apr, 2020
I bought it to cut my boy's hair as he is only 14 months old, but i actually was cutting my husband hairs wirh this lovely cutting mashine! It works good, i cutted my husbands hair and my babies h... read more »

Wonderful camera

30 Apr, 2020
I use it in my kids bedroom, i watch them at night or if i leave them to play in their room in a day time, good angle, good quality, im actually really happy with this camera, the last one i bought wa... read more »

Works well

29 Mar, 2020
These batteries were working good, still holds normally. Im pleased with them.  read more »

When it worked it was usefull

29 Mar, 2020
It worked only for a week, it got somehow broken, so it was not worth to buy, but the idea was actually good, and when my husband was working outside in cold weather it helped him cope with freezing b... read more »

Nice belts

29 Mar, 2020
Noy only the belts are very nice and well made, but the packaging is brilliant! I have used it a lot and these belts are strong, stay in place and you can usi it on very variable clothing. Loved it!&n... read more »

Such a strong small phone holder

29 Mar, 2020
I couldn't believe that such small car mount holder could be so good and strong! Me and my husband are so happy with this holder, our car is tiny and honestly we had 3 types of different phone hol... read more »

5 stars

29 Mar, 2020
Definately 5 stars! I bought it second time already, to have one in my living room, and one in our bedroom, kids room i had different one already. I love aromatherapy, i use it daily, and this diffuse... read more »

Tiny Christmas tree

26 Nov, 2019
Lights are bright but not too much to leave it at night time, i like the white colour of the lights, its exact size to put it in our kids bedroom near the window! Very nice Christmas tree.  read more »

Most comfortable earplugs

22 Oct, 2019
These are amazing, very comfortable, sound is good as well, im very impressed as i tried different ones and the were not working for me at all. Very happy with my order.  read more »

Nice wooden cars

23 Sep, 2019
My son loves these cars, it keeps him busy at least for a few minutes. Very nice colours and different shapes, love it.  read more »

Good bottle

23 Sep, 2019
It works well for me and my husband at work. It does not leak, very good size(i mean not too big), easy to clean, and you can hold it with that hanging rope so its good for my husband as he is scaffol... read more »

My daughter loves it

23 Sep, 2019
My three year old girl loves it, she is going outside to play with all of these toys and also do play inside the house. In the mean time i have time for myself if she is busy. Its lovely kit for explo... read more »

All over my fridge now!

23 Sep, 2019
Very strong magnets i would say. And its just saving space on my fridge for notes and letters because you can clip those! I am very happy with my order.  read more »

My daughter loved it

11 May, 2019
It came today, but i have to say i was happy my 3 year old loved it so much. Its nice colours and kids actually love that. Its very nice educational toy. Thank you read more »

Loving it

25 Apr, 2019
I had a big one famous brand water floss, but it got broken and also it was with the wire and kind of big to have in my small bathroom. I bought this one to try actually if it will be as strong as my... read more »

Very light and comfortable

19 Apr, 2019
The colour of the dress is exactly like in the picture. Its soft and light to wear. Now its too cold to wear it outside so i am using it at home. Very comfortable! And quality looks good as well. ... read more »

Im impressed

19 Apr, 2019
I was sceptical about this nail drill, as i had another one like this but it was so weak and it didn't make what it supposed to do. But this one is amazing actually. I tried only one tool for my c... read more »

Hold the heet well

25 Mar, 2019
I am using it for having a hot water near my bed to make my babies milk warm. I was not expecting in 5 hours to have that boiling water but it was hot! And i think i will use it as a coffe cup as well... read more »

The strongest nail manicure set ever

25 Mar, 2019
I am so impressed, i just got it today but made my nails with it already. It was easy to do with these tools. It is strong, it looks durable, and definately comfortable tools. Nice packaging as well.... read more »

Works good

25 Mar, 2019
I have been using this blood pressure monitor for a long time myself because i have a heart condition so it was very helpful to have it everyday. Now i gave it to my mother because she needed it so sh... read more »

Very useful

25 Mar, 2019
I havevbeen using this for a long time now and im so happy with this thermometer. Mostly i needed it for humidity. Now it is so easy to manage home humidity to make sure it is healthy weathervin the h... read more »

Not that fast

22 Mar, 2019
This camera has amazing view, very good quality, much more that expected. I can even see how my baby is breathing while looking at the phone. Very good. But the bad thing was that sometimes camera is... read more »

Not so great that i thought it would be

22 Mar, 2019
It doesnt work for me at all. I am using avent manual breast pump so sometimes i am using this one to just not get my milk waisted. But if i would want to use it all the time it would not work. A bit... read more »

Washes very well

22 Mar, 2019
I bought this long time ago, and now after a while i can say that it wahses well, it is still comfirtable for my girl and also colours are still bright. Thats what i was looking for! We use pajamas fo... read more »

Definately 5 stars

22 Mar, 2019
I am a big fan of aromaterapy. This is one of the nicest oil diffusers i have ever seen. Works perfect. When i got it i tried it after a few minutes! It is easy to clean, looks very nice in any room a... read more »


04 Apr, 2018
I love this facial sponge! Very soft and it makes cleaning my face very fast and clear. Seriously i can recommend it to everyone! read more »

Very nice colours

04 Apr, 2018
Very nice colours, smooth writing with these pens. Me and my daughter love it. read more »

Not so strong

04 Apr, 2018
It is really thin wood toy, doesnt look that good as in the picture.  read more »

So cute

18 Feb, 2018
This backpack looks very cute and there is a lot of space in it. Comfortable as well. Thanks! read more »

5 stars very nice earings

18 Feb, 2018
Looks amazing, very comfortable to wear even in the night. Very happy with my order. read more »

A lot of space

14 Dec, 2017
It seems smaller than you can actually fill in there. I use it for clothes, i think it would be perfect for my baby girl's toys as well. Nice colours, playfull, stands perfectly on its own. Like i... read more »

The best brush i have ever had

14 Dec, 2017
Its perfect, not too soft but not to hard in the same time. Easy to wash my back. Leaves skin very soft and clean. I love it read more »


31 Jul, 2017
It was so easy to put it all together from all the peaces! I love it. Looks realy good in my bathroom. read more »

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