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great deal

21 Jan, 2021
These are very nice looking macrame plant hangers. They are made well, they are thick,and sturdy and hold the pots nicely. They each have their own style so it doesn't look too matchy-matchy, but... read more »

amazing tweezers

24 Dec, 2020
These are such great tweezers, and I've owned a lot of tweezers in my life.  They grab even the tiniest little hairs and pull them out with no problem whatsoever. There are all of the opti... read more »

Stopped working after one week

24 Dec, 2020
This was such an amazing massage gun when I first received it. Everyone loved it and my back felt better than it has in years.  unfortunately, it just stopped working  it will briefly tur... read more »

Realistic looking pops of color

24 Dec, 2020
These really brighten up my doorstep. While the weather is too cold for live flowers, I decided to buy some artificial foliage to make it more cheery around my front porch. These easily filled in t... read more »

great for pantry items

24 Dec, 2020
I bought this to use in my pantry, instead of for the intended shoe purpose. Its great hanging on the inside of the door and has so many pockets that I am finally able to organize all of those sauce p... read more »

great gift

24 Dec, 2020
This was a gift for my daughter, who is due to give birth to my first grandson soon. She carries her pregnancy all in the front,  and she is only a little bit taller than five feet, so she i... read more »

convenient and effective

24 Dec, 2020
I am so glad that my phone supports wireless charging. I am extremely hard on charging cords and have spent a small fortune replacing ones that I've ruined. This is so convenient.  This ch... read more »

Excellent for relieving stress

24 Dec, 2020
This massager is easy to use. you don't have too many settings, and it starts on high so there is no need to cycle through the different options. It has one motor, which is very powerful, but t... read more »

Really high quality sound in a cute kitty case

14 Dec, 2020
With Christmas right around the corner, I find myself buying a lot of ear buds. They are a great gift that everyone needs and appreciates receiving.      These were more expensive th... read more »

Terrific for grocery delivery

14 Dec, 2020
I am currently an independent contractor. Lately, I have been delivering groceries to earn extra money and this organizer has been an easy way to complete multiple batches at a time while separat... read more »

Comfortable and flattering yoga shorts

10 Dec, 2020
I am fairly new to yoga, but finding clothing that stays put has been a huge issue for me. I am a size 18 and spandex is not always my friend but  I found that these shorts fit more like shape we... read more »

No more dead battery

30 Nov, 2020
I deliver groceries  so I spend a lot of time driving and I am depending on my phone for gps directions so losing or forgetting a charging cable is very bad. This is so much more convenient for m... read more »

Beautiful high quality pots

30 Nov, 2020
These were such a pleasant surprise. They are much thicker than i was expecting and weigh quite  a substantial amount. They definitely won't be blown away on a windy day. Plus they look very... read more »

Nice and powerful

30 Nov, 2020
This is a great massager for shoulder and  neck tightness. Its powerful but not loud like some tend to be. It would be easy to use this discreetly if desired. The charge lasts 30-45 minutes if yo... read more »

Perfect size shelves

21 Nov, 2020
My daughter just redecorated her room and really wanted some shelves to put knick knacks on.  These were just what she was looking for. The shelves are unfinished but she prefers them that way... read more »

Great rechargeable flashlight

21 Nov, 2020
This was purchased for my husband after his previous flashlight disappeared and he is very happy with it. Its great that its rechargeable. It uses batteries  rather than a USB connection. But it... read more »

Such a Great Deal

12 Apr, 2020
     These were an impulse buy for me .I wasn't sure what I could ever possibly need 115 piece set for, but they were such a great deal that I got them any way, just in case I... read more »

Our Cat Says Thank You.

03 Apr, 2020
I had been looking at pet fountains for a while before buying this one. I just wasnt sure if it was going to be too loud or splash water everywhere. I was concerned about how much counter space t... read more »

Good quality and the perfect size

02 Apr, 2020
I have to be honest. I tried for an hour to put this lamp together and failed miserably. But, my 12 year old daughter came in and saw the mess I had made and she took over. She had it done in und... read more »

Very comfortable Kegel set with free rolling weights .

31 Mar, 2020
This is a very nice set of Kegel weights. They arrived  quickly  and were packaged discreetly, which I appreciated. The set includes a single ball, double ball, and one that vibrates. ... read more »

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