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you've got a fan

23 Apr, 2020
They're really good for there price they are decently quiet.  read more »

great collection

23 Apr, 2020
Its a great collection of different stickers. read more »

good collection

23 Apr, 2020
it's a great collection of different stickers. read more »

Great print

23 Apr, 2020
Its great to print with and is very consistent. the colors are just a plus. read more »

Great for extra parts

23 Apr, 2020
Its great to have around in case you need to replace any parts. Could also take and replace your current hot end with it as a whole. read more »

Almost beat Sony

23 Jun, 2019
For the price,they are better than Sony's offerings. They have a little bit of sound leak but it is not that bad its to the point that you will only notice it if the noise is extremely loud. I use... read more »

OBD2 scanner

23 Mar, 2018
Works on all of our vehicles and tells us exactly what is wrong. Cant go wrong with the price. read more »

Nice for a beginner

17 Mar, 2018
This is really good for learning how to play would definitely recommend for a beginner. read more »

Nice stand for the price

08 Jan, 2018
Its a really nice stand for taking on the go. Even if your planning on using it at home it has a nice quality that you could just use it at home as a permanent stand. read more »

Really nice keeps things cold

29 Dec, 2017
It is very good at keeping things cold for a long time can leave some water and ice in it for 8 hours and come back to it and there will still be ice. read more »

Works most of the time

29 Dec, 2017
Has some issues with the controller not actually working. There is a small bug where it will start flashing random colors and the only way to fix it is to unplug it and let it sit... read more »

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