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Never came

30 Sep, 2020
This item never got delivered  read more »


26 Mar, 2020
What can I say I love this shower head it feels awsome I can litteraly sit there with this just hitting my back I rate this A++ i think every one needs one of these or better as a shower head  read more »

Nice watch band

26 Mar, 2020
This apple band is very nice slim and fits perfect this is the perfect band for children or females since the band is slim but over all great quality  read more »


26 Mar, 2020
Awsome for the price worth every penny if your a blogger or just like making videos or taking pictures this is a very durable item completely love it  read more »


26 Mar, 2020
This is a very useful charger it can charge my iphone and Android phone at the same Time also love that it charges wirelesly great buy a must have portable charger  read more »


26 Mar, 2020
Literally the best money I ever spent this is a life saver to have start slow then by the time u hit the max speed you will probably be sleeping but so worth it leaves you feeling brand new plus you s... read more »


08 Dec, 2019
This lint remover works very good awsome on the sweaters and sweats I love it  read more »

lohi Bluetooth transmitter

05 Oct, 2019
This Bluetooth transmitter works perfect love that u can put in a memory card and a USB adapter on it best transmitter I've gotten by far read more »

Coffee maker

01 Dec, 2018
love this item I use it every day works great looks good easy to use  read more »


02 Jun, 2018
Now this is very good quality looks wonderful on my wall clear crisp picture use it every weekend for movie night kids love it as well also works outside in the yard with the big screen would definite... read more »


02 Jun, 2018
These are very nice I love that they come apart easy and can be put back together just as easy haven't solved the puzzle yet but hopefully soon I will  read more »

Mermaid blanket

02 Jun, 2018
My daughter loves this blanket dose not let it go she loves the softness of it and it keeps her warm when it's cold over all satisfied with my purchase  read more »

Iphone x case

02 Jun, 2018
Very nice and fits perfect I love that it comes with a neck strap very good for the price can't beat it fits perfect and east to detach from neck with a push of a button  read more »

Incense coils

02 Jun, 2018
These are great perfect for yoga and also works great keeping mosquitos away over all this was a good buy would definitely purchase more after they finish  read more »

Aux cable

29 Jan, 2018
Works awsome good materials best aux cable I've ever baught  read more »

Money clip

29 Jan, 2018
Very well made holds money and all your credit cards love the design of the Caronfiber these are really awsome  read more »

Women cat sunglasses

29 Jan, 2018
My wife loves these uses them every day so I'm assuming there awsome beautiful case and everything will purchase again from this seller  read more »

Shoe rack

29 Jan, 2018
Lager then expected looks nice dosent take up to much space and fits lots of shoes will be buying more soon for my kids  read more »

Christmas Projector lights

29 Jan, 2018
Very awsome projector dident expect it to work as good as it did never had one before so now I'm happy I got it so worth the price  read more »


29 Jan, 2018
Awsome sunglasses good from driving and the look awsome very well made fits nice also there flexibility is awsome  read more »

Respirator mask

29 Jan, 2018
Works well use it at work keeps my breathing air clean and dust free also works when it's cold really good for jogging in the mountains  read more »

TV antena

29 Jan, 2018
This antena was hard to set up untill read the instructions and then it worked like a charm love this I get to have channels with out cable my kids love it as well highly recommend if u don't have... read more »

Black head remover

29 Jan, 2018
Very cool tools works like a champ easy to use if used right works for both pimples and black heads use this all the time even the hard to get blackheads come out with out pain or problem  read more »

Digital kitchen scale

29 Jan, 2018
This scale is very good and accurate love the design nice and thin light weight and portable good for your vegetables and grains easy to use as well  read more »

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