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Nov, 2017

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Car side window shade

17 Jul, 2018
I love this window shade, it keeps the Sun out of the kids' eyes and you can still roll the window down all while still keeping the Sun out of their eyes. read more »

Colorful glowing Garden Pebbles

17 Jul, 2018
These tables are so cute and work perfectly. At night they look really cool spread on the table. Thinking about spreading some in the garden. read more »

PS4 controller charger

17 Jul, 2018
The kids love this charger it's easy instead of hooking up a quarter they just set it on the dock and let it charge. It lights up and let you know if it's fully charged. read more »

Expandable garden hose

17 Jul, 2018
I love this hose, perfect for keeping in the front yard and it coils up by itself after you drain the water. They also come with a hook so you can hang them. read more »

Inflatable neck pillow

17 Jul, 2018
the kids love these neck pillows for long car rides it makes it easy for them to put their head down and hold their phone and their hands and still be able to look at it. read more »

Bluetooth waterproof speaker

17 Jul, 2018
Nice speaker small and compact, easy to take places. Pretty good sound.  read more »

Wax warmer kit

17 Jul, 2018
I like this warmer it melts the beads perfectly and I also like that they give you four different ones to try. read more »

Waterproof hanging toiletry bag

17 Jul, 2018
Nice size and it fits all my stuff nicely. I love the color. read more »

Steering wheel cover

17 Jul, 2018
Fits perfect and looks good with my truck color. read more »

Bluetooth headphones

17 Jul, 2018
These headphones are pretty good for the price. Nice sound and easy to Bluetooth to the phone. read more »

Solar Garden lights

17 Jul, 2018
These lights look good going up my front steps. The perfect amount of light in the dark.  read more »

Poweradd Bluetooth Speaker

22 Feb, 2018
This speaker is nice and loud. The kids love to hear it because it's louder than the little ones we had. The bass shakes the table and easy to hook up. Charge lasts a long time. read more »

Poweradd Bluetooth Speaker

22 Feb, 2018
This speaker is nice and loud. Has nice bass. Shakes the table I had it sitting on. Easy to hook up to my phone. read more »

Seatbelt Cover/Pillow

02 Feb, 2018
Fits perfectly over the seatbelt and stops the kids from the seatbelt from rubbing on their neck. read more »

Copper Compression Socks

02 Feb, 2018
Fit perfectly and help my feet fell less tired. read more »

Foot Brace

02 Feb, 2018
These help support my ankles. Size 9 women and fit men's size 10 as well.  read more »

Wireless charger

02 Feb, 2018
Works perfectly for my Samsung Galaxy s8+ read more »

Stress toy

02 Feb, 2018
This panda smells like fruit and is relaxing. read more »


02 Feb, 2018
Nice variety of colors. read more »

Silk Pillowcase

02 Feb, 2018
Nice and soft. Fits perfectly! read more »

Rubber Trunk Liner

25 Jan, 2018
This trunk liner is a heavy duty rubber. It is also universal so you can trim it to be smaller. read more »

Bluetooth Speaker

25 Jan, 2018
I like this little Bluetooth Speaker, the small size, nice color, and the handle to carry it around. read more »

VR glasses

25 Jan, 2018
These VR glasses are great for kids. The kids like that they can do different things based on what app they download. read more »

Credit Card Holder

25 Jan, 2018
This credit card holder has lots of spaces for a bunch of cards. I also like this credit card holder because the space in between to put money. read more »

Bluetooth Headphones

25 Jan, 2018
I really like these Bluetooth Headphones because of the neck band. This neck band helps the headphones from falling off. read more »

Building blocks sticky tape

12 Jan, 2018
The kids love these, stick the tape to the Lego bins that they have and build for hours. read more »

Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

12 Jan, 2018
Good thing it is a 2 pack. Dropped one and stepped on it but when it shattered it had no tiny pieces. Love the tempered glass. read more »

KingCamp sports bottle

21 Dec, 2017
I like the flip top on this bottle. I only have to use one hand to take a drink with this bottle. read more »

Food Cover

13 Dec, 2017
Perfect to keep in our camper to keep the bugs off the food.  read more »

Mini Guitar Amp

30 Nov, 2017
Amp works great. Easy to plug headphones in to jam out. read more »

Oil Diffuser

24 Nov, 2017
This diffuser is pretty and just the perfect size. It holds 300mL and has a setting to set for auto shut off.  read more »

Guitar Accessory Kit

23 Nov, 2017
This kit for the guitar comes with quite a bit of stuff. The strap is a nice leather strap, there are strings for the guitar, picks and more. Good quality stuff. read more »

Guitar Stand

23 Nov, 2017
Holds guitar very well. My brother likes it.  read more »

Projector Light

23 Nov, 2017
There are many different slides and the slide rotates. There is one for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, St Patrick's day, and many more. Looks great on the house. Can also use the stand to use on... read more »

LED Desk Lamps

20 Nov, 2017
Nice and bright lights. Will be keeping these on my nightstand for reading and for power outages. read more »

Auxiliary Cord

20 Nov, 2017
Nice and long 6 foot cord. Works great in my truck. read more »

Knife Set

20 Nov, 2017
Very nice set. Nice bright colors. read more »