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Jade Roller Massager Two Rounds Eye and Face Massaging Slimming Tool

01 Jan, 2019
The product that I received only has 1 roller. The photo shows 2 different rollers at both ends. The roller does seem to massage but not sure if it really slims. Maybe over time of constant usage... read more »

Fish Animal Slippers

24 Aug, 2018
Very cute slippers. Looks exactly as photographed. Can be a very good conversation piece. Seems well made & very sturdy. read more »

Women’s Workout Running Shorts Tummy Control Active Yoga Shorts

24 Aug, 2018
Great fit. Fabric is so soft. It does not cause itchiness in my skin like other fabrics. Overall, I love wearing this shorts. read more »

Sleep Mask Headphones

04 Aug, 2018
Sound is of acceptable quality to me. Material is well made. I like that it can be used as an eye mask on top of it being a headset. The headset is also thin enough so it’s comfortable ... read more »

Silicone Basting Brush

25 Jul, 2018
I like this silicone brush because the handle & bristles are one continuous design. It’s guaranteed that the bristles does not fall out of the handle. Clean up is also a breeze due to its si... read more »

Alarm Clock, Digital LED Wake Up Light Clock

25 Jul, 2018
I love this clock. I’m amazed by its multiple features. I love that it has an fm radio, 6 nature sounds and 7 color switchness with 10 brightness level. read more »

Hair Cutting Scissors

25 Jul, 2018
Great product. Very sharp. It’s perfect size. Not too big & not too small. It’s a bonus that it comes with a case. read more »

Iphone 7 headphones, DPKIKOLightning iphone earbuds With Microphone Earphones Stereo Headphones and Noise Isolating headset for Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus/8/8Plus/X

13 Jun, 2018
Good headset & a better replacement for the adapter because it works on FaceTime. My only issue is it sounded a bit staticky that’s why I took off a star. read more »

Adjustable 360° Rotating Makeup Organizer Holder, Transparent Spinning Cosmetic Storage Tower With Large Capacity for Bathroom Tray / Bedroom Dresser

13 Jun, 2018
It’s a wonderful invention. It holds quite a bit of toiletries. I placed it under the sink cabinet & it fits perfectly. I took a star off because 2 of the shelves hinges are broken. It... read more »

TopBine 3 Pairs Removable Bra Pads Insert

13 Jun, 2018
Well made. The seams are sewn & not just glued on. It’s not as thick as I thought but will do. It definitely won’t add a cup size if that’s what you’re looking for. read more »

USB C Hub for Mackbook Pro / HP / Dell XPS - Multiport 6 in 1 Type C Hub Adapter with 4k HDMI VGA Display, Gigabit Ethernet, 3 USB 3.0 Ports, Type C Charging Port

12 Jun, 2018
Works flawlessly. The USB C that sticks out a bit works so much better that the one that directly attaches to the USB C port of the MacBook Pro. read more »

Groot Pen Pot Tree Man Pens Container or Flowerpot

08 Jun, 2018
This is very cute. It looks exactly as photographed. If you’re looking for a bigger pot then this is not for you. I’d like to compare this to the size of a mug. read more »

iPhone Dongle iPhone 7 Adapter Headphone

08 Jun, 2018
The product works good but I can’t seem to make it work when I use FaceTime. read more »

Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight

25 May, 2018
I love that this flashlight is rechargeable. I don’t have to buy batteries for them. It’s also bright enough for its size. read more »

Silicone Spatula Kitchen Utensil

25 May, 2018
These spatulas are perfect for non stick pans. They don’t scratch the surface of non stick pans. read more »

Fairy String Lights Battery Operated

25 May, 2018
Beautiful light pastel colors. It’s nice that it’s battery operated so I can pretty much place it anywhere. read more »

Transparent Mushroom Umbrella

17 Mar, 2018
Very cute. It’s perfect for night time, gloomy & rainy days because it’s transparent. read more »

Ultra Low Cut Nylon Casual Socks

17 Mar, 2018
Very low cut socks. The lace pattern is beautiful. If you’re thinking of using these in pumps then you’ll be a little dissatisfied because it’ll show a little. read more »

Foldable detangling and massaging hair brush

17 Mar, 2018
massages the hair pretty good. I like that it’s foldable. Clean up is also a breeze. read more »

Slow Rising Jumbo Squishies 5 Pcs

10 Mar, 2018
Great stress relief. Indeed very squishy & slow rising. Each one is decent size. It smells delicious. Very colorful & life-like.  read more »

Kitchen scissors Stainless Steel Food Knife with Built-in Cutting Board

09 Mar, 2018
Works great. It’s nice that I can chop stuff without using a chopping board. The items that you can cut are limited depending on the size of what you’re cutting. When they’... read more »

Camera Viewer for Apple iPhone & iPad, View Photos and Videos on Smartphone Instantly

09 Mar, 2018
Device works great. I’m impressed that I can transfer photos from the iPad to a memory card using this device. I did notice that the device keeps going offline but I just unplug & plug it ba... read more »

Ladies Electric Shaver

23 Feb, 2018
Gives a decent shave. I’m using it to shave mainly my underarm. I don’t intend to use it in the shower so I can’t comment on its waterproof feature. I gave it a 4 star because it&rsq... read more »

Silicone Spatula

21 Feb, 2018
This spatulas work great for me. These are a bit smaller than I expected but the size is to my satisfaction. It’s even thin enough so it’s easy to dig into the food to flip it. I also love... read more »

Waterproof Rotating Facial & Body Brush

15 Feb, 2018
it works for me. I don’t intend to use it in the shower. As long as, I don’t press the brush too hard on my body, it rotates fine. read more »

Clip On Selfie Ring Light

15 Feb, 2018
This Light is bright even in its lowest setting. It takes great selfies. I like that it’s rechargeable using a USB. I also like that it’s a clip on so I can pretty much attach it to a... read more »

Wired In-Ear Headphones

13 Feb, 2018
Fits in the ear snuggly. Doesn’t fall even while running. Sound quality is good. read more »

Bluetooth Headphones

11 Feb, 2018
Love these headphones. It stays in my ear. Perfect for running. The sound quality is great. Pairing is a breeze. read more »

iPhone lightning & audio dongle

11 Feb, 2018
Works as described. A very reasonable replacement to the original iPhone dongle. It’s also a bit bulkier than the original but I don’t mind it read more »

Cell Phone Ring Holder with Magnetic Car Mount

11 Feb, 2018
This item works as described. Glue seems sticky enough. It does come with an extra one when it does wear out in the future. This prevents accidentally dropping the cellphone when u place the... read more »

DJ light Sound Activated Party Lights Disco Ball

02 Feb, 2018
It’s functioning as described. Great light effects. Perfect for parties. read more »

Home Party Lights Projector Water Ripples Wave Effect

02 Feb, 2018
Works great. Beautiful light effects. Perfect for parties.  read more »

Bluetooth Headset

02 Feb, 2018
The sound quality is good. However, the fit in my ear is uncomfortable. It refuses to stay in my ear. It keeps falling out. Maybe it’s the size of my ear but it should cater to all ear size... read more »

Power Strip with USB

02 Feb, 2018
Great working condition. The USB is a nice addition. read more »

Rechargeable Lighter

02 Feb, 2018
This lighter works great. It’s amazing that it’s rechargeable instead of having to refill it with butane. read more »

Lightning to HDMI Adapter

01 Feb, 2018
This is an amazing adapter. It’s very easy to use. Just plug and play & then whatever is in your iPad screen will get projected in your tv without using appleTV. Just make sure tha... read more »

Smart Watch Phone

01 Feb, 2018
Works great. It’s just too bad that some of the apps won’t work with iPhone. I don’t own an android phone so I can’t test it but the description says it’s more compatible... read more »

Mouse Pad

30 Jan, 2018
The size is very big. Perfect for serious gamers. Works well as a mouse pad. read more »

Handmade Mermaid Tail Blanket

30 Jan, 2018
Very soft and warm enough. Not so thick and heavy. The pattern is gorgeous. read more »

Smart Watch

24 Jan, 2018
I would’ve given it a 5 star because it’s a great inexpensive smart watch. It’s compatible with android phones but has quite a few limitations with iPhones. I also don’t think... read more »

Garden Solar Lights

24 Jan, 2018
I’m very impressed with the multi colors. It looks beautiful. It’s not very bright but bright enough for me. It charged pretty well even with just indoor lighting. It requires&nb... read more »

Bluetooth headphones

24 Jan, 2018
A good Bluetooth headset. I like that it’s magnetic so it can wrap around anywhere. The sound is great. It’s feels comfortable in my ears & it stays there. read more »

iPhone 7 screen protector

22 Jan, 2018
I highly recommend this type of screen protector. They don’t easily crack when you drop your iPhone accidentally compared to the other types. read more »

Silk pillow cases.

22 Jan, 2018
Soft & silky. I love how it feels in my skin. I just want to point out that the fabric is satin even though it says silk pillowcase. The seller do say that in the description that it’s... read more »

Dual USB port wall charger

22 Jan, 2018
The product is in good working condition. It charges as described. It’s a bonus that it has 2 USB ports so it can charge 2 devices at once. It’s also great that it has multi voltage so per... read more »

Ultra light packable backpack.

22 Jan, 2018
It’s a small packable backpack. The fabric is thin which makes it very light. Perfect for short hikes where you don’t have to carry a lot of stuff. It’s perfect size for me but if yo... read more »

USB C Hub, Type C Hup with SD/TF Card Reader and USB Ports

17 Jan, 2018
Works great. Very pleased with the purchase. A very useful gadget with the new MacBook pros that no longer has card readers & USB ports. read more »

Soil Tester

13 Jan, 2018
It measures the soil as described. Now I can easily tell if my indoor plants need watering. It’s a great gadget because it doesn’t require any batteries. read more »

Heel lift inserts

11 Jan, 2018
Feels very comfortable & definitely adds height. I like that it elevates the heels cuz sometimes the back of the heel of some pairs of shoes tend to be higher which causes me to get blisters.... read more »

Picture Hangers Frame Hooks Hanging Kit

10 Jan, 2018
Great frame hooks. They are very sturdy & can hold frames according to its appropriate weight suggestion. They don’t leave big holes in the wall & does not ruin the drywall. They&rs... read more »

3 in 1 Mini Displayport DP Thunderbolt to HDMI DVI VGA Adapter Converter Cable

10 Jan, 2018
Arrived as described. Unfortunately, I can’t test it if it works cuz the port is incompatible with our MacBook Pro. It’s completely my mistake for not reading the description thoroughly. read more »

Lightning Cable

03 Jan, 2018
works great. I love having a micro usb on top of the lightning. Cable seems sturdy. It’s great that the packaging also says MFI certified besides the product description on Amazon. read more »

Packable backpack

01 Jan, 2018
Seems very sturdy but lightweight. Perfect for hiking and during international travels where you might end up shopping in the airport & in need of an extra hand carry that u can just easily pack i... read more »

Anti-theft laptop backpack

31 Dec, 2017
Seems very sturdy fabric. Having a usb charging port is a great addition. read more »

Lightning cable

29 Dec, 2017
I would’ve given it a 5 star because it works as a lightning charger & the cord seems sturdy. It’s also great to have a micro usb & a type C as well in one cord but I don’t s... read more »

Gaming mouse

28 Dec, 2017
Works perfectly. I love that it lights up. Makes it more fun. The wired cord also looks sturdy. read more »

Packable Duffel Bag

26 Dec, 2017
Loved this duffel bag. Perfect to bring just about anywhere. I like that it’s not so big & bulky. Having it packable is a bonus. It’ll be perfect to bring in hand carries just in case... read more »

Christmas Projector Lights

07 Dec, 2017
Great product. Works perfectly. I love having the different slides. Great purchase for the price. read more »

Guitar Stand

07 Dec, 2017
Pretty standard guitar stand. Seems sturdy. Very reasonably priced. read more »

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